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Chapter 2

Mockingbird sat beside Negaduck and tore off his cape, then wrapped it around his chest to slow the bleeding "Boss, we have to get you out of here," Mockingbird said staring at him worriedly.

"I KNOW THAT! Gah..Owww..." Negaduck groaned clutching his bleeding chest, his eyes full of pain.

"I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the doctor who gives you an overpriced bill. I am DARKWING DUCK!" The masked Mallard appeared in his puff of blue smoke. "Gee Negs, I've never known you to play the victim," He stared at his enemy with sympathy.

Negaduck glared at him hatefully a murderous gleam in his eyes. He stood up ready to pounce on him then gasped in pain, falling over.

Darkwing sighed and gently lifted up his arch rival who fought and struggled to get away. "Calm down! I need to get you to a hospital and you little girl shouldn't you be at home with your parents?"

Mockingbird growled and kicked him in the shin. "Just shut up and get boss to the hospital."

Darkwing frowned rubbing his shin and suddenly a bunch of bullets went sailing at them. "Ack! Get behind me kid, it's too dangerous," He pushed Mockingbird behind him and took out his gun. He shot at Barson and Larry who got covered in pudding! "What? I'm not letting Morgana borrow this anymore," Darkwing frowned.

"YOU IDIOT! You're going to get us killed, "Mockingbird glared at him then took out a moltov coctail. She lit it and threw it at the scientists.

Darkwing eyes widened and he grabbed her with one arm, while holding Negaduck with the other, and fled the area. Panting he placed Mockingbird down. "How the heck did you get something so dangerous!? What are your parents teaching you? You could have been hurt!" He frowned at her seeming concern.

"Hah! Like the give a damn about me. I was abandoned at the age of three at a stupid orphanage," Mockingbird whacked him. "Now, get boss to the hospital," She ordered.

"Abandoned? I'm sorry to hear that," Darkwing placed Negaduck in the ratcatcher sidekick seat. He stared at Mockingbird looking sympathetic and worried. "It's not safe for you to come with me. Launchpad, will have to take you back to the orphanage. When Negaducks better, I'll come back for you," He said and drove off.

Launchpad smiled at Mockingbird who kicked him in the shin and glared angrily. "I'm not going back to the dumb orphanage and you can't make me," She ran off.

Launchpad frowned and chased her into an alley where Megavolt and Quackerjack were playing cards. "Ack! Supervillians...Psst little girl, run over to me hurry." He ordered, worried.

"NEVER!" Mockingbird transformed into a rat and went into the trashcan.

"Got any threes Quacky?" Megavolt asked.

Quackerjack was staring at his cards that all said three and he grinned. "Go fish."

Launchpad walked to the trashcan, opened the lid and grabbed Mockingbird who snarled and tried biting him. "Now quit that! I have to get you someplace safe," He ran off. When the arrived at the orphange it was consumed in flames. "Oh no! How did this happen?" He frowned, scratching his head.

Mockingbird transformed back to normal and grinned,"Well..Well guess I can't stay here huh? See ya!" She ran off again. As she wandered through town Mockingbird entered a bakery and went into the secret room.

"Ahh! What are you doing here?" Bushroot frowned.

"Me? What are you doing here? You sure one ugly freak," Mockingbird said cruelly.

"Yeah I know what I am," Bushroot sighed sadly. "Anyway I'm late for a meeting in the negaverse. It's a meeting to join the good guys club," He said as he started climbing into the cake.

"Well that's stupid. Good guys are worthless scumbags and what the heck are you doing?" Mockingbird stared at him, thinking he was crazy.

"Goodbye little girl," Bushroot waved and vanished inside the cake.

Mockingbird stared and sighed. "I better not meet a stupid rabbit in this negaverse place," She entered the cake. The little girl fell, and fell, and fell, and fell some more until she landed on her head now having a headache.

"Late! I'm late oh so very late!" Bushroot ran past her.

In Saint Canard in a hideout well hidden in the woods , Taurus Bulba was pacing the floor in thought and he grinned. "I now know how to get rid of Darkwing Duck. Yes it's all so simple and it all will be just an accident. Yes an accident just like the Waddlymyers," He chuckled evilly.