Summary: One boy, one summer, and suddenly... her life just wasn't the same...

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Dana's P.O.V:

I woke up to someone kicking my bedroom door harshly. I jumped up into a sitting position. I growled and threw the covers off. I scratched my head and walked over to the door. I opened it to see my best friends about to bang on my door again, but rushed in insted after they saw me.

"Finally. Dana your family sleeps forever! We were at the front door for almost 15 hole minutes, then we get here and you take 5 more minutes to open your door. That's almost 25 minutes of my life wasted on you." Nikki said.

Well Nikki is one of my best friends here in Florida. She's really loud, crazy and pretty blonde. She's about 5'4, she's 15 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice tan. Well, all of us pretty much have perfect tans now that I think about it.

"Calm down Nikki, it wasnt that long. It was only like 10 minutes. Stop being such a drama queen." Lexi said.

That one's Lexi. She's about 5'6 and 16 years old. She has brown hair and green eyes, they change from green to blue depending on the light or what she was wearing. She was the one that was down to earth, the mellow one of us. We nicknamed her Mel because of it.

"Well it felt that long." Nikki defended. I rolled my eyes and went back over to my bed. The girls followed and layed down on it when I got back under the covers.

"Now why the hell did you guys wake me up at... 9 in the morning on our second day of the summer? Your both lucky I dont kill you." I said with a glare.

"Oh well since you asked so nicely," Nikki retorted. "The guys wanted us to go to the beach with them, you up for it?"

"Well now that I'm literally up, lets do this." I said and got back out of bed. I went over to my messy dresser and found my favorite bikini to wear. "5 minutes."

I went into the bathroom to change. I put on my black and white string bikini and fixed my hair. I put all of my curls up into a messy bun with my bangs still in my face. I got my anklet of pooka shells on and put back on the shorts I was sleeping in on. I grabbed a towel and went out of the bathroom.

I was really pretty in my opinion. I was about 5'6 just like Lexi, but I always had a perfect tan, partly because I was Spanish. I had blonde and carmel streaks in my hair all the time. I rarely brushed my hair, only because the curls always made it look perfect. I had a really nice body, a flat stomach, nice legs, and a C-cup. I was happy with the way I looked, unlike most teenage girls.

"Lets go." Lexi said after she saw the door open. I put on my reef sandles and we went down stairs. We walked through my living room and into the kitchen. My maid, Sasha was cooking breakfast for us.

"Hey Sash. What's for breakfast?" I asked.

"We dont have time for breakfast Dana, lets go to the beach." Nikki whined.

"What's your rush, dude? It's not like we have a time limit." Lexi asked.

"I want to get to the beach, thats all." Nikki said nervously. I rolled my eyes.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Who's who?" Nikki asked playing dumb. Or at least I think she was playing.

"You totally like someone! Who is it? I bet its Conner." Lexi said with a huge smile.

"Ew. I do not like Conner. I dont like anyone. Just drop it, okay?" She said, mumbling the last part.

"Tell us. We're your best friends. You have to tell us. It's like the law." Lexi said. Sasha put 3 plates on the island in the middle of the kitchen. I sat down in the middle chair and the girls sat on the sides. They leaned forward so they could still talk through me, so I leaned back and let them have there space.

"I agree with Lexi. You need to tell us. You know who Lexi likes, so it has to be mutual." I added.

"But thats not fair. Everyone knows who Lexi likes, except the one who actually matters. When are you gonna tell Christian that you like him?" Nikki said.

"Yeah, when are you gonna tell him?" I asked. It's been a while since we talked about that. Lexi has liked this kid named Christian since he moved here almost 3 years ago. Everyone does know that she likes him, because of her little sister reading her diary. Lexi's little sister Tisha is going to be the worst person ever.

"Dont even try and change the subject. Who do you like? Tell me or I'm going to tell everyone who still sleeps with the light on because of the monsters under her bed." Lexi threatened. I started to laugh really hard as Sasha put some toast and eggs on my plate. I smiled and thanked her as Nikki and Lexi kept fighting. I just ate my breakfast and watched them like a tennis match. When I was finally done with my breakfast I chugged down my orange juice.

"It's Kent!" Nikki randomly yelled out. I almost choked on my OJ.

"Kent!?" Lexi and I asked at the same time.

"Yeah, I like Kent." That was pretty un-expected. You see, Kent is the local bad boy, he's been arrested and put in juvie almost 4 times in the last 2 years. He hangs out with most of the boys we chill with. He's about 5'9, brown medium lenght hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. I would have never thought that Nikki would have ever gone for him. He wasnt her type, or at least thats what I thought. Nikki normally went for the good boys.

"Woah. I dont believe it. He's so not your type." Lexi said what I was thinking.

"Hun. Boy is my type. Plus, he's a major hottie. You have said so in the past, so dont controdict me." Nikki defended.

"Woah, two things I wasnt expecting today. Nikki used a big word." I joked. She punched me in the arm and stuck her tounge out at me.

"Fight nice girls." Sasha said. I smiled at her.

"Well seeing is how your done, lets go see Nikki's dream guy." Lexi said with a laugh. I smirked and followed Lexi out the door.

"He's not my dream guy. He's just my summer crush. It always happens this time of year." Nikki said following us out onto my back pourch. We had a house right next to the beach, it was the best place to live, we had a pool and a hot tub right in our back yard. It was about a quarter mile from the peir, where we always went to meet the guys.

On the long walk, we talked about basically nothing but boys. We've made it a tradition to guess on who we were going to try and get with for the summer. Of course, Nikki picked Kent, and Lexi picked Christian. Those were obvious. I was really glad that we found the boy's when it was my turn to pick. I really wasnt sure. I've dated a lot of the guys we hang out with, well only the decent ones. We all walked over to where we saw the familiar surf boards.

"Hey girls." Christian said with a smile. Christian is your normal good boy. He has dirty blonde hair that's shoulder lenght, a nice tan and a little bit of freckels on and around his nose. He's about 5'8-ish. He always has a smile on his face, definetly the happiest person around these parts. I can tell why Lexi likes him so much. I dated Christian for almost 8 months 2 years ago. He was the first guy that I dated who was apart of our little group. Lexi told me how much she liked him, so I did the friendly thing and broke it off, telling him that he really was missing someone else who was better for him. Plus, he's to much of a goodie goodie for me. I like my bad boys.

"Hey Chris." We all said as he got up to give us hugs.

"What, I dont get a hug?" Danny asked as he got up.

"You didnt say hi." I retorted with a smile as I hugged him. Danny was about 5'10 and was the funniest black guy I have ever known. He's also one of the only one's who know's just what shade of lipstick will match your purse, but he's not gay. At least I don't think he is, according to rumors he likes Nikki. Like a lot. I can get almost any gossip from Lexi, she's the magnet for all these things.

"Wheres Julian?" I asked.

"And Kent." Nikki added. I smirked at her.

"Julian's still at his house, they got new neighbors today and his mom made him stay to greet them. I guess they have a son our age or something. Kent is um... not here?" Danny said. Nikki got the dissapointed look on her face, I felt kinda bad for her. She was really excited about seeing him. Kent was probly the worst person to ever like, sure he was hot but he was also trouble. He couldn't ever stick to one girl, he's never had an official girlfriend, just fuck buddies. I really dont want Nikki to just be another one of his fuck buddie. I actually want to do anything in my power to make that not happen.

"There's Julian now." Christian said pointing behind us. I turned around to see Julian walking over with another boy.

Julian was your basic insane hottie. He was about 5'10 and He had jet black hair, because he always dyed it. He had the emo hair style. His hair all pushed over to one side of his face, not the total surfer style, but he could pull if off. His hair was normally gelled up in the back. He had an amazing body, he had muscles from Kickboxing. His abs we're amazing. He had the style I liked in any boy, Scene. He was definetly one of the coolest people I've ever met. I've been dating him on and off since I broke up with Christian. He's the closest thing I have ever been to loving someone. That's probly why I can't seem to let him go.

The boy he was with was pretty hot himself. He had brown-ish blonde hair, that was really curly, but it was really cute on him. He didn't have his shirt on so I got a better look of how he was built, he had a lot of muscles kinda like Julian. He seemed a little shorter then Julian, he was probly 5'9. He had a pretty nice tan to match. They walked over to us and put both there boards down. Julian smiled at me, I smiled back and went to hug him. He picked me up in the hug and I laughed.

"Glad to see you missed me, what was that... 4 days?" I played.

"3 days to long. Hey everyone, this is Logan Reese, he's my new neighbor." Julian introduced to us. "Logan, that's Lexi but we call her Mel most of the tim, that's Nikki, that's Danny and Christian and last but not least this is Dana."

"Sup you guys." Logan greeted. He looked at me and I felt my cheeks get warmer. What was happening, was I seriously blushing? Hell no, Dana Cruz dose NOT blush under any circumstances. Julian's the only one to make me blush, ever.

"Logan Reese? Like Reese as in Malcom Reese?" Lexi asked.

"Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that part?" Julian asked. He shrugged as everyone started to talk to Logan, asking shit about his Dad and his family. The news is really popular around here, especially the celebrity news. I heard them asking him about the rumors about his dad having an affair with some random other movie star.

"Guys! Seriously, leave the kid alone. Don't answer them, unless you want to that is." I said defending Logan. He smirked at me.

"It's cool, I don't mind." He said. I shrugged.

"What about the rumors about you and Miley Cyrus? Did you really date?" Christian asked. I huffed and everyone else groaned. Christian had the biggest crush on her ever. Sometimes you just wanted to smack him for talking about her so much.

"No, we hung out at a Hollywood party once, I made out with her, but that was it." Logan confessed.

"So that means she's not taken?" Christian said raising an eyebrow at Logan.

"Christian, you have no chance what so fucking ever." Lexi said, clearly annoyed. She hated it the most out of all of us. I think I was a close second, just because I really didn't like Miley Cyrus that much. She needs to pick a personality. Hannah Montana, Destiny Cyrus, Miley Cyrus. Why can't people just be happy with one name? Oh well, whatever floats her boat.

"One can dream cant we?" Christian said. I rolled my eyes. Lexi and Christian got into another fight about his obsession, I've heard it many times before, so I didn't have to pay attention. I looked sideways just using my eyes to check Logan out more. He was really hot. He looked over at me and I quickly went back to the fight. I felt someone move closer to me.

"I saw that ya know." Logan whispered to me. His arm was touching mine and I smelt his body spray. Axe. I love Axe.

"Who said I didn't want you to see it?" I said with a smirk, I didn't look at him, but I could feel him looking at me.

"No one, but if you did in fact, want me to catch you, wouldn't you have kept staring, and not look away as soon as I looked at you?" Logan said.

"Well I-I-I uh.."

"Dana, let's go surf, hurry up." Nice save Danny. I walked away from Logan and grabbed the extra board that the guys brought for us. As I was going to the water, I stopped and turned around.

"You coming Logan?" I called back.

"Yeah." Logan said grabbing his board off the floor and following me. I wonder what he was looking at. I waited for him to catch up. "Nice ass."

I stopped dead in my tracks. Gah! He was staring at my ass!? He's so dead.

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