This takes place in season two. But I added a few characters in to make it more interesting like Hon, Callie, and Mark. PS, George+Callie not together, Derek+Addison married, and Cristina+Burke are together. (I do not own Grey's Anantomy, but I wish I did.)

Chapter 1

There was an akward silence in the elevator. Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, George, Alex, Bailey, Derek, Burke, Mark, Callie, Addison, and Hon were all in the elevator waiting for it to get to their floor.

Then suddenly the elevator stops and everybody groans. Bailey walks over to press the emergency exit button and a voice says over the that they would eventually get out in about 4-5 hours. Another groan escaped the group as they sat down.

All the interns sat on one side while the residents and attendings sat on the other side of the elevator. George sat closest to the elevator door, Cristina sat next to him and then Meredith then Izzie and then Alex.

On the oppisite side Callie sat across from George and Addison sat next to her. Derek sat across from Meredith and next to him was Burke and the Hon then Bailey and Mark sat across from the double doors.

"I'm bored." Izzie said resting her head on Meredith's lap and streching her legs onto Alex's lap.

"I'm not a footrest." Alex said pushing her feet off.

"And I'm not a pillow." Meredith said pushing Izzie's head off her lap.

"Now I'm not comfortable anymore."Izzie whined sitting back up and leaning her back against the elevator wall.

"Okay let's play a game seeing as we're going to be stuck in here for 4-5 hours." George piped up after a moment of silence.

"Yeah, how about truth or dare." Cristina suggested.

"No you can't actually dare anyone to do anything in here it's to cramped." Izzie said.

"Well then what do you suggest we do Barbie?" Cristina said shooting her a dirty look.

"How about we talk about the people we were in high school and college and all our childhood dreams." Izzie said wearily.

"Are you on some kinda drug or sick or something Izzie." Meredith said reaching up to feal her forehead.

"I am not sick and not on drugs. I'm just really bored and I thought if I heard about about your pasts I could get a laugh outta of that." Izzie said smacking her hand away.

"Barbie's right let's talk about peoples embarrising pasts."Cristina said agreeing.

"Okay. Who wants to start?" Izzie asked looking around the elevator at everybody's faces.

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