Title: InuSess Drabbles
Author: Silver Twilight
Fandom: Inuyasha
Pairing: InuxSess
Beta: Ltn. Barbie
Summary: A look into the relationship of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru in drabble form. Set in Kagome's time unless stated otherwise. InuSess. Yaoi.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.
Drabble 1: Contentment 1 of?

Early morning sunlight trickled through the window illuminating the two figures on the bed. The two lay twined together among black silk sheets as the sun rose higher in the sky and tried to coax them awake.

The younger of the two, a hanyou with silver-white hair, lightly tanned skin, and twin puppy ears in his head, turned over and buried his face in his companion's chest ignoring the sun's call. The companion, a full youkai with silver hair, pale skin, and magenta demon markings chuckled, pulling his mate closer.

Inuyasha was not a morning person.

"Shut up an go back to sleep." Inuyasha growled, sleepily.

Hiding his face in his mate's hair Sesshomaru smirked. It wouldn't do to have the hanyou think he was being mocked after all. He could and would kick Sesshomaru out of bed for such an insult. Though it wasn't Sesshomaru's fault Inuyasha was so cute in the morning.

Inhaling, the former daiyoukai gave a small smile of content as he drowned in his mate's sent. Letting out a little happy sigh he closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift back to sleep. It was too early in the morning, damn it.

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