I am incredibly excited to announce that Turning Dust into Gold has been selected as Twilighted's iFic next production—it's fourth overall.

For those of you who are not familiar with iFic, they are a group that works out of Twilighted, turning complete Twilight fanfictions into audio recordings to listen to on your computer or iPod. These are incredibly professional productions with amazing voice talent and seamless editing.

To listen to TDIG, search iFic on iTunes and subscribe to their podcast, or you can also download the mp3 from a third party site. I'll have a link on my fanfiction profile to the threads on Twilighted, where there are complete instructions on how to download and listen.

There will be approximately 7 parts to TDIG and they will be released once a week, on Friday evenings.

Preview posted on: 7/25/09 (please see my profile for the link)
Part 1 (chapters 1-7) will be posted on: 7/31/09

The female parts are being read by the incomparable Hopeful Wager. The male parts are being read by The Other. I have been involved with this project from the beginning, and I am so thrilled at how it's turned out. I couldn't be happier and I hope that y'all can enjoy it as much as I am!