Comforting a Grieving Young Penguin

By: Terrell "J.T." James


Cody Maverick (Surf's Up): Alex Mosley

Ezekiel "Big Z" Topanga (Surf's Up): Sam Mosley

Chicken Joe (Surf's Up): Nick Alvarez-Mosley

Rory Nubbins (Surf's Up): Mike Allen-Mosley

Po (Kung Fu Panda): Zeke Parker-Mosley

JoJo McDodd (Horton Hears a Who!): Riley Swift-Mosley

Lani Allikai (Surf's Up): Bianca Montez-Mosley

Gloria (Happy Feet): Kelly, Alex's Mom

Ned McDodd (Horton Hears a Who!): Omar, Alex's Social Worker

Sifu (Kung Fu Panda): Kashi Amani

Boog (Open Season): Mickey Venturi

Crash & Eddie (Ice Age: The Meltdown): Zack & Troy Fitzpatrick-Mosley

The Madagascar Penguins (Madagascar): Police penguins

Summary: This story is a very heartfelt, angst, yet bittersweet story that you'll love! One 16-year old rockhopper penguin from Malibu lost his mother by a tragic accident and is living with his father, which he hasn't known all his life in Laguna Beach, California. His relationship with his father is building up, though he still grieves with the loss of his mother and in the end, his relationship with his father and his foster sibs relationship will grow faster. Hope you like this fanfic! It's my first story for the "Surf's Up" characters to meet some mixed characters in this fanfic and I hope you all will like it! Give me some good reviews!