I woke up and found that I'd gone blind.

Wait—was blindness brightness, or darkness? I'd thought it was darkness. I turned my head and saw a long green ocean. I was floating in it. This was better.

Wait—since when did the ocean tickle? It didn't. I sat up and realized I was on a plain of grass. A big plain, but a plain.

I got up and looked all around. the plain stretched on forever and ever in all directions except one. That one was where a small town lay.

"Hm," I said. "Well, that little town seems to be the best place to go. Golly, it seems like the only place to go." So I set off through the gently waving grass towards the place.

After a few hours of walking, I still hadn't reached the town, and it sure didn't seem much closer either. The sun was very hot and kept hammering down on me. I was in a very bad temper by about three. On top of that, I was hungry, which didn't help.

After another hour or two, I still seemed no closer to the town, and I was very sick of walking. The grass was itchy, I was hot and sticky, and there were bugs everywhere. Gross. "I am so sick of this dumb plain!" I shouted at the top of my voice. "I'm hot and sticky and itchy and buggy and tired and I want to get somewhere!" I couldn't help but start crying. I sat down in the grass, trying and failing to fight tears. "An I'm lost and lonely and scared and I want someone to help me, please, please, somebody come get me out of here..."

"Hey—little girl—little girl, are you alright?"

I looked up. I was no longer sitting in the middle of that dumb plain. A lady was kneeling down by me. I jumped up and hugged her. "I'm super!" I told her. "How about you?"

She blinked at me in confusion. "I'm in desperate need of assistance."

I giggled and curtseyed. "How may I be an assistance?"

"Well, I work at the inn, and I need more people to help me."

"Things like washing dishes and sewing and stuff?"

She looked at me and nodded slowly.

I thought. "Will I get paid?"

She laughed. "Of course!"

"I guess I could do that," I said, and followed her down the street.

She led me through the kitchen to the back rooms of the inn. "This is where my workers can sleep. If you want your room clean, you have to clean it yourself. There's two to four beds in each room, and palettes under them. However, I think you'll have to take the one empty room. The good thing is you'll have plenty of privacy, but you won't have company."

"That's okay," I said. She showed me the room. It wasn't anything fancy, but it wasn't bad. "It's super," I said honestly. It was somewhere to stay, it was cool, it had a window and smelled nice. It was everything I could have asked for right then. Except just one more thing...

"Is there anything to eat?" I asked the innkeeper. "I'm starving."

She laughed. "Of course there is. Dinner should just be finishing up; we'll get you something left over to eat."

I smiled. This would be work, but it was going to be super.

I quickly became acquainted with the other girls. Yes, shocking, I know the word acquainted. There was Sammy, a short girl with long silvery-gold hair; Tabby, who was taller than Sammy but still very small; Jemma, almost exactly my age and with red hair she wore in pigtails; and Mandy, who was quite tall and talked very fast. She reminded me of someone else when she talked...but no, I wasn't going to think about that.

The other girls were less welcoming, though they were kind enough. Rema, Rashel, and Ronnie were the other three I remembered, and only because their names all started with the same letter. There were boys, too, but I was more interested in making friends than flirting right now.

I did make friends with Sammy, Tabby, Jemma, and Mandy very quickly. But all the time I knew I had to find something else. None of these people seemed to know anything about the universe ending. If I didn't find someone who remembered what the worlds had been like before, I was going to go insane.

So, I would work at the inn for a while. Free food and lodging, getting some money, and when I had enough to get me to the next place, I'd leave. So I couldn't make too close friends—I wasn't that dumb.

I just had to work here until I got enough to get by in the real world. Then I'd be out of this dumb place, out to find one of my old friends and hope that they remembered me...and everything else.

Until then, I'd just have to wait.

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