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Tears of Gods


Fai's POV

"We've been here before?" he finished. I looked at him and he simply stared back, as unreadable as ever. A wave of strong magic made me stop dead in my tracks and use a nearby column for support. "Hey!"

"Magic." I simply said.

"Where?" He didn't even ask and while normally I would analyze his response I decided to do if when my head stopped throbbing. I pointed ahead and Kuro-san ran ahead. I felt myself slide down to the floor, panting and trying not to black out from the overwhelming strength of magic. This place also feels like death. A short while later the magic stopped and soon after Kuro-papa came with Selena in hand, fainted.

"Guess we're not going to the festival huh?" I asked, still feeling a bit woozy as I stood up.

"Apparently not."

"Six months…" I muttered to myself. Ever since we'd gotten here, I'd taken the liberty to place a hash mark on a piece of paper for every day that passed. Day by day the tally had steadily increased. Now, I have 6 perfectly marked sets of 30 days. I was running on the assumption that a month was 30 days and at this point, it felt almost like we'd never see Syaoran, Sakura or Mokona ever again. Though I still couldn't understand neither Fai nor Kurogane well, I was used to the sound of their languages. Interpretation through tone was the key. I tried to busy myself with chores; shopping, cleaning, cooking, drying herbs and making medicine. In my dreams I continued to practice magic. In fact, King Ashura was quite surprised and pleased with my progress; I could create basic barriers, shields and crate as well as manipulate ice. It all helped me feel as if I was improving. A few times a week Kurogane and I would continue to practice fighting. Even though he was teaching me, the techniques he showed me felt too ridged and dependent on brute force. But for now, it would have to do.

It was another night, another day of fighting. Kurogane and Fai were due any moment for dinner. Kotori was humming as she set the table while I placed all the food in the over on its lowest setting to keep warm. Will we EVER see them again? I miss understanding what others say. I miss traveling. It's almost maddening. I'll never find my shards or any of Sakura's feathers staying like this. The door opened with a loud bang and Fair burst in, Kurogane following quickly behind.

"Tooka suh! Neimse veshdalei!" Fair exclaimed, practically jumping up and down.

"Fai, I can't understand what you're saying!" I protested and Kotori looked between Fair and Kurogane, startled and afraid. However, Kurogane quickly cleared up what the excitement was about;

"Nokodomo kokodeha; ookamito, Sakura-hime." I understood only the last bit. I felt my mouth drop as Fair grinned from ear to ear.

Syaoran's POV

The battle that had been raging around the Princess and I seemed to dissolve into nothing, leaving only the fighters in white and red. But the brief moment had been enough; I had seen Kurogane-san and Fai-san. I was very relieved that they were here, though I didn't know where 'here' was. I also hadn't seen Selena-san and was a bit worried about that.

"Huh? Huh? Something happened that changed everything!" Mokona exclaimed in Sakura-hime's arms. It seemed he… she… it?... wasn't aware that we had just shifted dimensions.

"One can only exist in that place until the Moon reaches its zenith. " the woman on the reptilian horse stated, coming forward. Her long black hair flowed behind her elegantly, the white clothing decorated in red and orange flames like the armor of the other soldiers. "Once that moment is past, we are evicted." The woman looked up, towards the sky. I saw the full moon as well as a large, black, crystalline structure floating near it. "He is there. That is certain. It is only between the time the Moon appears and the moment it reaches its zenith that we are invited to that place…"

"Was that where we just were!?" Sakura-hime cried in shock, looking up in disbelief.

"But why is there a war up there?!" I asked the regal figure, confused about everything; what was so important about that castle? A man in armor, riding a reptile-horse like the woman rode up in front of her, glaring down at us.

"How much rubbish do you expect us to believe?! Why do you pretend to be ignorant of the war at the Moon Castle?! Are you minions of the Yasha Clan?!" The man reached back to pull his weapon out as he shouted at us. I pulled Sakura-hime closer, ready to defend her form the possible attack.

"Those of the Yasha clan have jet-black eyes. These children do not." the regal woman stated simply, her voice calm and slightly amused. The man hesitated as the woman continued. "His eyes are amber. Hers are jade green." Despite the female disguise I was in, this woman could tell I was male. She's very powerful and influential. Maybe a noblewoman of this world?

"That may be but-!"

"Kumara, bring these children to our castle." the woman interrupted.

"I understand. Take charge of the prisoners!" the man, Kumara, commanded. I felt my body stiffen, ready to fight. I looked around, knowing we were outnumbered. But I refused to let Sakura-hime, Mokona and myself to be captured.

"No!" the woman cut off, angry. "They are invited guests!"

"Ashura-ou!" Kumara cried out, scandalized. The woman, Ashura-ou, had her back to her officer.

"Must you hear the order twice?" Ashura-ou said, her voice like ice. Kumara blanched, knowing he was stepping too far out of line. I felt myself relax; we were safe. I couldn't help but notice the suffix the man used. So she is the ruler of this world?

"A-as you wish." Kumara bowed. Ashura-ou then turned to us.

"We extend out welcome, children, to Castle Ashura."

"I HAVE to come with you! If it's really them, we can freaking LEAVE!" I yelled at Kurogane. Even though he couldn't understand me, I was pretty sure he understood by my tone that I was pissed.

"Ni iru yo watashitachi ha koko ni modotte watashi tachito sorera no womotarasu desho. Sore ha senjiyou anata hajissaino sentouno kekien." Kurogane glared at me as I glared at him. If Syaoran and Sakura really WERE at the Mood Castle, they probably had Mokona. We could go home. And I was being driven into madness by being forced to play the "good, obedient Princess."

"I'm going and you can't stop me." I growled before standing up and storming off into my room, fuming. Who did he think he was anyway, my mother!? I ran my hands through my hair, which had grown quite a bit over the last half a year. When the journey had started, it had been just to my shoulder blades. Now it was halfway down my back. I flopped back onto my bed, knowing I needed to calm down. I'm going tomorrow. No matter what. I'll just follow them tomorrow form the shadows when they go out and when I'm right there, in front of King Yasha, they'll HAVE to let me go! It was a stupid plan, childish even, but I was desperate. I turned to my side moodily and closed my eyes to sleep.

Syaoran's POV

"Were they really Kurogane-san and Fai-san?" Sakura asked, her face full of concern. Servents were bringing in large platters of all different sorts of food I didn't recognize.

"I don't know." I replied honestly.

"And what about Selene-san? Wouldn't she be with them? Unless she's all by herself!?" I could see Sakura was close to tears now. Selene was the only other female in our group and she had become good friends with Sakura-hime. I didn't blame her for being upset.

"I'm not sure. but if she was with Kurogane-san and Fai-san, I don't think they would let her on a battlefield."

"I suppose not…" Sakura-hime looked down at her hands, a frown on her face.

"Look at all the food!" Mokona exclaimed, pulling us from our thoughts. It began to tuck in heartily, despite our host not being present. I could feel myself going red from embarrassment.


"Don't worry; there's nothing bad inside~. Nothing but delicious food~!" Mokona continued to eat, as if there was nothing wrong. I wasn't sure if Mokona knew it was being rude and didn't care or if it didn't genuinely know.

"I-if you find out that there's something wrong with the food after you eat it, it's too late." I muttered. I could feel Kumara's angry gaze boring into my back. I glanced at him, glancing back, sending the message that if he tried to harm Sakura-hime or Mokona that he would answer to me.

"Pardon the wait." Ashura-ou emerged from behind an entranceway covered in blood-red curtains. She was dressed just as a ruler would, in fine fabrics and jewelry. I couldn't help but notice the flame pattern was still present. "Have our guests found the meal to their liking?"

"Yeah, it's really delicious!" Mokona chirped.

"Excelent." Ashura-ou smiled, petting Mokona's head affectionately. Behind the king, a servant girl was bringing a large, familiar, stringed instrument. Sakura let out a noise of surprise. "Has that caught your interest?" Ashura-ou asked as she sat across from us.

"It… we have instruments like it in my country!" Sakura exclaimed in awe. I could feel a smile forming on my lips. She's remembering! but at the same time there was a slight stab in my chest; though she remembered the instrument she was trained to play, she would never remember me.

"Oh?" Ashura-ou nodded to the girl holding the instrument, who bowed to her before walking over to Sakura-hime and offering the instrument to her. She laid it on her lap and a smile filled with nostalgia graced her lips.

"It's the same! How amazing to find this in a different country."

"Sakura, can you play?" Mokona asked as she idly plucked a string or two.

"Yes, a little…" she murmured. Ashura-ou leaned foreward.

"We'd love to hear you play." She smiled in encouragement.

"Eh?! B-but…but… I don't play very well!" Sakura-hime balked. "Um… our High Priest plays it so much better than I do!" Ashura-ou simply kept smiling at her in anticipation. She looked at me, unsure and embarrassed.

"I'd love to hear you too." I encouraged, feeling my heart ache.

"Uh…." Sakura-hime's face was becoming a brilliant shade of pink. "Well, if you don't like what you hear, stop me! Okay?!" She plucked a few of the starting notes, hesitant and afraid. But as she relaxed, Sakura-hime began to play, the notes spilling out from her fingertips and floating in the air.

"What a wonderful sound~!" Mokona cooed, eyes closed in enjoyment. I noticed Ashura-ou stand up and suddenly open the fan she had been holding ad she began to dance. I heard some of the servents gasp in awe while she dances, the silks of her clothes fluttering around, the bagles on her wrists and ankles chiming together to join the Hime's playing. The whole effect was like moving art. I stared at the scene, burning the memory deep into my mind so I would not forget. As Sakura finished her playing, Ashura-ou did one final turn, causing her robes to fan out behind her. Silence descended onto the group for a moment, before it was filled with a sharp 'snap' of the Ruler's fan closing.

"A delightful sound." she smiled, "And in appreciation of a Koto well played, there is sake prepared. Tonight, we shall drink the night away with our small guests."

"Eh?!" Sakura's face was pink with embarrassment as the servants came forward with the alcohol. All I could think about was the mess that was about to ensue.

I walked confidently to the castle, Kotori following me, nervous. I was dressed in a kimono so dark blue it was almost black. Crystals adorned my hair from the pins and combs placed in it with Kotori's help. I was determined to gain King Yasha's support so that I could come to the battle to see Syaoran, Sakura and Mokona for myself. I guards of the castle recognized me and led me quickly to a receiving room where I waited. I had been in the country for so long that I didn't even need to announce myself anymore; the visiting "Princess" of another, strange land. If only they knew I'm nothing but a fraud going both ways; a normal girl in my dimension but apparently a Goddess everywhere else.

"I apologize for the wait Princess." King Yasha entered and I rose, doing a respectful bow.

"There is no for apologies." The King sat opposite me and I took my seat once more. Kotori stood slightly behind me to my right. "What can I do for you? Is there something not to your liking?"

"No my King. You have been a most generous host. " I was glad that within these 6 months the King had somehow learned my language. I couldn't help but wonder if there was another kingdom that spoke English like I did. It wasn't out of the realm of possibility. The King's speech was moderately accented, however. "I came with a request that my guards would be very unhappy to comply with. I was hoping to garner your support." King Yasha nodded.

"If it is within my power to grant it, I will allow your request." I took a calming breath, my nerves buzzing in anticipation.

"I wish to join the battle at the Moon Castle tonight." He raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"It is quite dangerous there. I would not be able to guarantee your safety."

"I understand Your Highness. However, I am not as helpless as I seem; I can create basic magical barriers and know how to defend with a sword as well."

"I see; you are a Lady of many hidden talents." King Yasha smiled. "I have a counter-offer for you; I will gladly grant your request on the condition that you ride with Fai-kun. As an archer, he can be just as effective towards the outskirts of the battle and keep you out of harm's way."

"I agree to your terms. Thank you King Yasha."

"Now! Why don't you stay for lunch. Now that we can communicate, I would love to hear stories of your travels; Kurogane-san is usually reluctant to tell me any."

Syaoran's POV

I walked over to the edge of Sakura's bed. The mid-day sunlight came through the semi-transparent curtains that covered the large window. Mokona was on the bed's covers and looked to me when I entered. "It's already past noon, but Sakura's not waking up." it said in a worried tone.

"Yeah…" I muttered, worried as well. She had had a lot of energy the night before, but between hopping dimensions suddenly and all the… well, partying… she was probably exhausted. She also still doesn't have all her feathers yet.

"It might be that she's just very tired." Mokona supplied, trying to be helpful and positive. "Before Sakura's feathers were scattered, was she an early riser?" I shook my head.

"No, she slept in quite often." I reached over and lightly brushed aside a bit of her bangs from her face, the chestnut locks feeling like fine silk on my skin. "But…I think that this time it's because she doesn't have enough feathers back yet. If there's a feather in this world, I'm going to find it." Mokona nodded to me in encouragement. The sound of footsteps forced me to look away from my sleeping princess.

"Sakura is still in the midst of dreams?" It was Ashura-ou. The servants that had followed her bowed as she entered the room fully, dressed in elaborate layers and jewels once more. This time they we all shades of pink and green. "Soon the sun will have climbed to its heights. Aren't our guests feeling hunger yet?" she gently probed.

"Yes! Mokona's stomach is growling!" Mokona called as it hopped up onto my head. I felt myself redden form embarrassment once more.

"Then just this way…" she stepped aside, pulling back the fabric that hung in the doorframe and serving as a door. I couldn't help but look back worriedly as Sakura-hime's sleeping form on the bed behind me. "If Sakura awakens, guide her." I turned back to see Ashura-ou instructing one of the servant.

"As you wish." The servant bowed deeply.

"E-excuse me…!" I began, wanting to tell her that this wasn't needed, that I would be all right without someone watching her, though I knew in my heart that was a lie. Sakura was very vulnerable, still not remembering or being able to really defend herself if something was to happen. Though Ashura-ou was being a wonderful host, I didn't want another repeat of Recourt.

"Are you uneasy?" She turned to me and I stopped speaking. "At last evening's banquet, you displayed great care for Sakura's well-being. You two are our invited guests; no one in this country will lay a finger on you." Ashura-ou smiled in reassurance. "Now, will you join us for lunch?"

"Of course." Because it was not wise to anger not just your host but the ruler of the country.

"Is Mokona a guest too?" Mokona asked, jumping from the top of my head to Ashura-ou's hand.

"Without a doubt." she smiled. Mokona cheered happily as our host led the way. I took one last look at Sakura-hime and pulled the covers up a bit more to keep her shoulders warm.

"I'm going to ask Ashura-ou all about this country." I told her sleeping form, "You just get some rest."

The spread of food was less than the banquet last night but still quite substantial and lavish. It was quite delicious and I could feel myself relaxing. The sun was warm, the sky blue and cloudless. Brightly plumed birds chirped and flitted around as we ate and drank on the balcony.

"This still if great~!" Mokona exclaimed in utter joy. I couldn't help but wonder if eating did anything for Mokona or if it was simply a pleasurable thing for it to do. It WAS a magical being after all. Mokona suddenly grabbed a black bottle that had a thin, curved handle and a flame-decorated topper. "Hey, can Mokona have this one too?!"

"It's yours." Ashura-ou answered amicably.

"Right, I'm gonna send it to Yuko!" And just like that, Mokona swallowed the bottle whole, sending it to the Dimensional Witch. All I could do was stare in shock for a moment or two before my host pulled my attention away.

"Have you eaten your fill Syaoran?"

"Y-yes, thank you." I was a bit flustered. Even when I said I was just fine or full, my host insisted I have a little more. In all honesty, I'm about to burst! " You called this the 'Country of Shura', didn't you?" I asked.

"Indeed." I took a sip of my drink as she continued. "This is the country where the Ashura Clan reign."

"And the Yasha Clan…?"

"Those are the ones who we battle. As we have for quite a long time." She took a sip of her own drink as I reflected. Two powers divided and battling each other. It's almost exactly like the Country of Shara. And the guardian of God that protects Suzuran-san's family is the Ashura Statue… the very image of this person. A few birds had come down to Ashura-ou and were nibbling at some soft bread she offered them. They said that the shrine that opposes them has a Yasha statue. Does that mean there's some kind of connection between the Countries of Shara and Shura?

"Where did the Yasha clan come from before they were in that castle?"

"Good question." she smiled.

"E-eh?" I was stunned at her answer.

"It seems that from the appearance of the moon until it reaches its zenith the Yasha clan is also invited to that place form somewhere else." Ashura-ou gazed up into the sky where you could still see the black crystal structure floating in the air, almost as if taunting us. "At least we can be certain it isn't form anywhere nearby; no one has ever seen a Yasha clansmen but in that place."

"So you're fighting a group of people and you don't even know where they're coming from?"

"Yes. We've done it for ages. Why do you ask?" the calm, matter-of-fact smile on her face unnerved me. "To the one who is able to take control of that castle…" she looked up into the sky as the birds who had been eating flew off and scattered. "…all wishes will be granted. Or so the legend says."

"Wishes are granted?"

"And for the sake of that legend, generation after generation of Ashura and Yasha clansmen has shed each other's blood. There at that castle. There is no being who does not have a wish. If there are those who claim to have none, they do not know the depth of their own heart." Silence blanketed after this somber and deep statement.

"What is your wish?" I asked, curious but hesitant. Ashura-ou stayed silent. Instead, she reached down and began to softly scratch Mokona's cheeks with an elegant finger.

"You mentioned that you were traveling Syaoran."


"Just you, Sakura and Mokona?"

"There are three more."

"Why do you travel?" I had noticed how adeptly she had avoided the question. Meanwhile, Mokona was cooing and giggling with utter ecstasy in her hand crying out for more scratches and petting.

"We're looking for something."

"Is it here in this country?"

"I don't know but… it's a possibility." I glace at Mokona who nods in confirmation; Sakura-hime's feather was somewhere here. "I have a request."

"What?" Ashura-ou began to bring her cup to her lips to take another drink.

"I'd like to go with you to the Moon Castle tonight." She paused and looked at me seriously.

"It is a battlefield; you may lose your life."

"I won't die. I have things I need to do." Mokona hopped over to me and settled on my shoulder.

"Impossible." was the curt reply.

"Ashura-ou!" Then she smiled suddenly, chuckling a bit.

"At least, not in those clothes."

King Yasha had been kind enough to supply me with more battle-appropriate clothes and I quickly changed into them in my room as Kurogane and Fai got ready for another battle themselves. I had a dress that reached my ankles and was a pretty silver-grey with black and blue moons scatted on the hem. There were two long slits up the side to make it easy for riding the horse-reptiles and underneath I had black shorts. The sleeves were long and billowed but underneath I had a long-sleeves black shirt. In essence, the dress was more for style then anything. I summoned my staff and took a deep breath; by doing this I would be revealing that I could fight, could do magic. But if Sakura and Syaoran really were here, I needed to see them. I took my long, black boots with my other hand and walked out of my room, boldly walking to the front door where Fai and Kurogane were double-checking their armor and putting on shoes. I cleared me throat to get their attention. As soon as Kurogane saw me he scowled deeply.


"Don't you start!" I snapped back angrily. Kotori looked between us, not knowing what to do. I started at Kurogane's blood-red eyes as he glared into mine; a test of wills. "Syaoran and Sakura." I said simply, hoping he'd get the message. Fai placed a hand on his shoulder, breaking the glaring contest. Kurogane growled in frustration but gestured between me and Fai and I got the message; I was to stick with him. I let myself relax a little as Kurogane walked out the door angrily. Fai simply shrugged good-naturedly. I quickly put on my boots and let as Kotori waved us off.

I could see looks of confusion, anger and distress when I came to the gathering warriors with Fai and Kurogane.

"Hakoko de nani woshite masuka?" a warrior asked of Kurogane.

"Jigokuno watashi ha shitte iru baai. Imaimashii batoru gia woe kanoji yoto ha shiranai. he replied.

"Watashi fukuwoki te kanoji yowotei ki youshimashi." King Yasha walked forward, dressed in black, silver and blue, looking regal and imposing. "Kanoji yoha kanoji yono youki yuu watashini chiyoku setsuke satsukuttayou ni anata woyasunda."

"Yasha-ou, kanoji yoha kodomo! Kanoji yoha tore eningu, gakanoji yoha kesshite sentouji yunbi fuoomu."

"Sore hasou kamoshirenai ga, kanoji yoha watashino gesuto to jiyuubunni gouritekina gatoki kanoji yono youki yuuwokoto warukoto gadeki masen. Watashiha sudeni kanoji yohaji youshouwo youki yuushite iru saa nohogotoshite. Kanoji yoha matakanoji yonoma hounou ryokuno watashiwo shirase." I watched King Yasha then smile pleasantly at Kurogane, as if the matter was settled. "Kanoji yogami womamoru, sore kanoji yoha konyano tatakaini jiyuuyouna nanika womitsukeur you de aru node koto woshinjiru." Kurogane shot me a glare that would have killed me if it had that power. I flinched, involuntarily hiding behind Fai a little. However, he sighed, obviously defeated. Kurogane went over and took two of the reptilian horses that were already fitted with battle armor and handed one over to Fai before getting on his own.

"Dai du pomogum tebe." I still wasn't used to riding a horse though despite our time in Recourt. Fai offered me a hand and after a bit I was on. Fai followed soon after, effortlessly climbing onto the creature as if he had his whole life. I wonder if Fai has experience riding horses in his dimension. Once everyone was mounted and ready, the group rode forward and I tightened my grip on my staff. I wondered if Fai recognized it as his own, but if he did he showed no reaction. As we rode through the gate to the empty fields in front of us, the few people who were staying behind – I guessed were medical staff – were cheering us on. This is it; a real war. It wasn't as if I hadn't battle before at this point thanks to Outo Country. However, I was still afraid. There were fellow human beings. I understood that King Yasha had a wish he wanted to be granted but still… did it have to be paid in blood?

I shook my head, pushing these thoughts aside. A moment later the area changed, seeming to shred and melt away into the barren, war-torn landscape Kurogane, Fai and myself had first landed in. Kurogane rushed forward, drawing his blade with no hesitation and cut down a man in in white and red armor from the army that had just appeared opposite of us. As the man fell, there was another soldier behind him; a boy with very familiar amber eyes and messy brown hair.

"Fai-san?! Kurogane-san?! Selena-san?!"

It was Syaoran. So it's true; they landed here last night! But it seems they're on the opposite side of the war as us. The battle began a split second later and Fair was drawing arrows from his quiver, sending them flying into the joints of the opposing warriors as Kurogane continued to hack and slash with a speed that was absolutely terrifying. He looked as if he was completely in his element, not caring to five mercy; every strike was for the kill.

"Don't fucking stare like a moron!" I heard him yell at me over the din. But, unlike before, I could understand him.

"R-right!" I focused on creating a barrier spell around myself and Fai, just as King Ashura had been showing me. A circular glyph formed beneath the horse-reptile and cast a silver light over us. I let out a shakey breath, happy that it had worked.

"Fai-san! Kurogane-san! Selena-san!" I heard Syaoran scream through the din, riding his own reptile-horse towards us. Kurogane spun around like a whip and stopped Syaoran dead in his tracks, his sword pointed at the boy.

"If the Ashura Clan has to start sending children out to fight their battles, I'd say they've finally run out of warriors!" Kurogane sneered, his red eyes almost glowing.

"K-Kurogane-san…?!" Syaoran looked in shock at his former teacher, utterly baffled.

"Senryu-Hikogeki!" Kurogane slashed at Syaoran, sending an attack with his sword. The reptile-horse was killed instantly, falling to the ground. However, Syaoran had jumped and landed a few feet away, avoiding the near-death blow but not without injury; his left shoulder had been hit.

"What the hell is Kurogane doing!?" I asked Fai in alarm.

"Testing him I think. That's definatly Syaoran-kun but… since our eye color's been slowly changing he can't tell it's us. So, my guess is Kuro-pun is using this as a learning experience."

"Are you serious!?" I hissed in disbelief. Fair quickly pulled some arrows and let them fly, pinning Syaoran to a piece of rubble via his clothes.

"Hikogeki!" Kurogane attacked again with vigor. I sighed. Well, I might as well help, right? Syaoran blocked the attack with his sword. "You managed to avoid the worst of it." Though his voice was arrogant, I could hear an undercurrent of pride. "But this time you won't be so lucky." Kurogane charged up for another attack. "Hama Ryuu-ou-Jin!"

Crap! That's his signature attack! If Syaoran gets hit with that he's a dead man, lesson or not! Without thinking, I pointed my staff at Syaoran, casted a reflection spell. Syaoran managed to get away by cutting his cloths and rolling away but the spell was still cast and Kurogane's attack was reflected back at him, forcing him to doge and several men both of Yasha's army and the Ashura army to get hit.

"Oi, Hime! Mind your own damn business and don't protect the enemy!" Kurogane yelled angrily. Syaoran turned to me and Fai.

"I… I only thought you would prefer to battle one-on-one, not with a trapped mouse." was my scrambled reply.

"Tch!" Kurogane threw his reins to Fai as he jumped off and charged at Syaoran off to the side.

"I think Syaoran-kun is capable to defending Selena-chan. Kuro-daddy wouldn't do this otherwise."

"I know but…." … but lately he's been more aggressive and agitated. As time had ticked by, Kurogane seemed to be getting more and more aggressive and blood-thirsty, continually coming back with more and more blood on his clothes. It worried me; something was off. However, he wasn't the only one keeping secrets. "Wait, how come we can understand one another?" I asked Fai. He continued to shoot the opposing army but I noticed it was only to disable, not to kill.

"Well, apparently this is the only place the Ashura Clan is ever seen. So, the two groups probably speak different languages. My guess is that this place can translate like Mokona and the fairgrounds; there must be a spell on this castle. Kurogane continued to cut a swath of destruction after Syaoran, who was keeping up quite well. However, in Kurogane's reckless pursuit, many form both sides were being injured or close to death.

"Hey, have you noticed-"

"Kuro-sama is being quite aggressive? Yes, I have. It's been like this for a few weeks actually." Fai let lose another shot before charging after Kurogane, keeping the other horse in tow. I simply clung to him from behind, feeling his warmth.

"Did something happen?"

"I'm not sure honestly. I've been chalking it up to the thrill of battle but… even for Kuro-daddy this is excessive. Much too sloppy; as if he's drawing it out for thrills." I nodded. Syaoran was sent flying by an attack and landed on a shallow pile of rubble, cornered. Kurogane went forward, aiming to kill and for a moment, his red-black eyes became glittering blood-red like before but with silted pupils. I gasped as was about to interfere when suddenly Kurogane changed course and jumped away, avoiding a large blast of fire. He landed back on this steed, by Fai and I.

"You're helping a minion. That's new for you Ashura-ou." Kurogane smirked. As the flames dispersed I saw an elegant woman with long black hair, pointed ears and dressed in white, red and gold, pointing an ornate sword in the exact path the fire had gone. She looked at me briefly and an eyebrow rose before flames gathered at her sword, charging a massive fire attack. I raised my staff and re-created the barrier which had dispersed when Fai and followed Kurogane's fighting. The flames engulfed us and I could feel the searing heat. I gritted my teeth, feeling her magic pushing on mine, trying to break through. I let out a scream of defiance as I closed my eyes and felt a jolt of pain wash over me. However, the pressure of opposing magic stopped. I opened my eyes again and saw a large wall of glittering ice in front of us. The ground was covered with frost and the battle around us has briefly paused.

"How did you do that…" Fai asked, his voice a whisper, eyes wide in shock. However, Kurogane took this opportunity to charge at the woman who had attacked and was quickly at her throat with his sword. Syaoran gasped in shock.

"Impressive." the woman smiled calmly. A large object hurdled towards Kurogane, which he dodged, forcing himself away from the woman.

"Your Majesty!" A man called as he re-captured his weapon; a large boomerang decorated in flames. Then that must be Ashura-ou; the leader of the Ashura Clan. The man turned to Kurogane, anger written all over him "Damn you!" I screamed and tried to attack Kurogane, however his was stopped with a quick arrow to the shoulder joint that Fai let lose.

"I'm fighting him. You stay out of it." Kurogane said in annoyance. Fai just smiled, playing dumb. Suddenly, all round, rising from the ground, black orbs seemed to appear, surrounding the Ashura clan's warriors. Then, a quiet, calm voice called out;

"Yama-Tenrouken!" The orbs seemed to explode, tearing everything in its path asunder. I gasped, recognizing King Yasha's voice. He…he's so strong!

"Damn you King Yasha!" the bommerang-weilding man cursed. I turned to see King Yasha on top of a nearby hill, observing the battlefield.

"I said I was fighting them King Yasha." Kurogane growled in annoyance to our host. However, he ignored him and was staring at Ashura-ou as she stared back. I could feel the tension between them; a strong mix of anger and bittersweet something.

They… know each other. Somehow… not just as enemies. The scenery around us began to dissolve and tear once more; tonight's battle was over. I turned to Ashura-ou and saw her open her mouth, as if to say something. But the world tore away before I could hear the words. But her eyes seemed to say it all; it looked as if she wanted to cry.

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