Getting Ready:

Getting Ready:

Living Room: Asking the Parentals:

"Hey dad, Nora!" Derek said coming down the stairs with Casey.

"What do you want Derek?" George asked.

"Nothing that can't be settled with a simple yes or no."

"Fine, NO!"

"But you haven't even heard what we were going to ask, George."

"Wiat, both of you have the same question? And you are getting along?" Nora asked.
"Well yes, besides, Reckley really wants us to go."

"Go where?" Nora & George asked. I came downstairs at that moment.

"First to Philly then to Russia of course. But I told Mark to pick us up at 6:00pm tomorrow so that Derek & Casey had time to ask."

"Why would we let them go to Russia? And with whom by the way?"

"So that we can get some cultural sightings in this summer & with Lou, Mark, me & my whole dance troupe. So is it okay?"

"Because you only have till tonight to make a decision." Derek & Casey said together.

"Do you two really want to go?" George asked.

"Yes! Besides, like Reckley said, it'll be a cultural change to see. She's got this World Wide Dance Competition she & her dance troupe are entering in Russia. They travel the world every year to go to this competition. So can we go?" Casey finished.

"Who's going to be supervising? Because if it's just Lou, then the answer is still NO!" Nora said.

"Lou's not the only adult that's going to be there. There's going to be Lana the secretary, the other doctors, Kayla, Dylan & his daughter Araya; Peter the nurse & a couple other parents of the dancers. And besides, we'll have the time to get to know each other better. And they'll get to know my family. And yes, I consider the whole staff at Ritten House Hospital to be my family. So can they come?"

"I don't see why not. What do you think George?"

"Only if they somehow don't fight with each other the whole trip, unless you're teasing each other, then you can go.'

"YES!!" Casey & Derek shouted together. They thanked their parents & went upstairs to pack. I stayed downstairs.

"Will you make sure they don't fight with each other Reckley? I know you're new to the family and all, but they like to fight with each other a lot." Nora said.

"Don't worry, if they fight, we'll leave them in Russia. We'll be getting their Passports before we leave, unless they already have Passports."

"Actually they do. Derek needed a Passport to go the US for a Hockey Tournament. And Casey needed a Passport when the three of us traveled to New York for a gamily vacation before I married George. So we'll go get them & you show Derek & Casey what to pack/not to pack."

"Got'cha." They left to get Derek & Casey's Passports & I went upstairs to show them what they could and couldn't pack.

Packing: Reckley's Room:

I packed my CD's into a carry on bag we would be taking on the plane with us. I put my laptop, video camera, digital camera, portable printer, cribbage set, cards & diary into my backpack, another carry on bag. I grabbed one suitcase & two duffel bags. In the top of my large suitcase, I put my partying clothes, boots, shoes & hair accessories. In the bottom of the suitcase, I packed four pairs of jeans, four t-shirts, four tank tops, underwear & bras, & two sweatshirts. I closed & zipped the suitcase up and put it by the door.

In the first duffel bag, I packed all of my dance clothes & accessories. In the second duffel bag, I packed a blanket, a small pillow, two stuffed animals (that I could never sleep without), a couple notebooks to write in, a few of my books & a few of my movies. I put a couple really good movies in my backpack for the carry on so that I wouldn't get bored on the fourteen hour or so flight. Next I grabbed my purse & put my wallet, cell phone, IPod, Passport & a small Russian pocket dictionary. When I was done packing, I moved all my stuff to the entrance hall downstairs. Casey had seen a little of what I packed & so had Derek, so some of their bags were already downstairs as well.

Packing: Derek's Room:

Derek had a suitcase downstairs as well & had told me what he put in it. He had put the essential carry-on bag downstairs & was working on what to bring with him to wear. He told me he had packed hi IPod, laptop & a video camera in his backpack. His wallet, Passport would go in Casey's purse for the time being along with his cell phone & money. I helped him pack his clothes & told him that he may want to have some spending money on him to get some souvenirs for the younger kids. He would ask George & Casey would ask Nora. When all his packing was done, we moved all his stuff to the entrance hall next to my stuff & went back upstairs to help Casey.

Packing: Casey's Room:

Casey had a suitcase downstairs like Derek did, but it was her clothes. She was trying to decide on what to put in her carry-on bags. Derek handed Casey his cell phone, Passport & wallet to put in her purse. She had also put her purse her cell phone, Passport, wallet & a small pocket Russian dictionary, something Derek didn't have. I grabbed one of her old backpacks to carry on her back and put her laptop, IPod, video camera, cards & some books into it & handed it to her. Her carry-on bag was packed and we went downstairs to see what the parentals were up to.

Living Room:

Lizzie, Edwin, Marty, George & Nora were all sitting on the sofa, watching TV when we came downstairs. Casey set her carry-on bag with the rest of our stuff and set her purse on her suitcase. Then the three of us went into the living room, Derek sitting in his chair, Casey sitting on one arm of the chair and me on the other. We both leaned back at the same time & the chair flipped over, sending Derek, Casey & me flying backwards as well. We were laughing, like we had meant to flip the chair. We uprighted the chair and sat down again, this time not leaning backwards.

Marty, Lizzie & Edwin handed Casey & Derek each a piece of paper with a list of stuff they wanted.

"Thanks guys, but we need to get money from the parents before we can actually buy you stuff."

"Don't worry, Canadian money in Russia, is a lot more then what you spend now. So for any two things you could spend at least 20 dollars. As you can tell, we like to keep ourselves well informed before we go to a country so that we can get what we want & stay in the loop about what people are talking about. Besides, I'm sure Lou will let me dip into my savings account that I have down in Philly. As of before the hospitalization, I had over 600,000 dollars put away. I'd been saving every penny I got from my grandmother & parents when they thought about me, which was very rarely."

"Well aren't you just a bundle of information now that you've settled in, which has only been a couple hours. Are you always this talkative?" Lizzie asked.

"When I was around people that I considered friends, yes. When I was around my parents, never. They didn't care what I had to say."

"So this WWDC, is it only for dancing?" Edwin asked.

"No, my dance troupe is also a full blown choir group. If you guys want to watch it, it'll be on the Canadian channel, which is usually on 99 in America. I don't know what channel it would be here, you could always look it up."

"I think we might just do that. And Casey, Derek, here you go." George & Nora said. They handed each kid 1,000 so spend in Russia & Philly.