A/N: Okay… Personally, I really do not want to have to rewrite every single one of Bleach's episodes. I know they're all great, but I would rather write all the more exciting parts. I'm not going to explain everything, so I'm skipping most of the 'minor' parts like Orihime's brother, some Hollow run-ins, explaining Ichigo's mother, the shinigami run-in in episodes 8 and 9 of Bleach, Don Kan'onji, and some other things. I'm assuming you're a Bleach fan from here on out, so I'm hoping that you know all the 'background information.' All of those events did happen, I want to make that clear. I am just simply not re-writing all of those. The outcomes were all the same. I hope you'll continue reading and reviewing! Now, on with the story!

Rukia was in the hallways idly chatting with some friends in her class. Ichigo was hanging out with some of the guys in the class; even though he was 'new,' he made 'friends' pretty quickly with some of the students.

"Did you hear?" Mahana asked. "Ishida-san came in first in the boys' assessments!"

"Uh…who?" Rukia asked awkwardly.

Orihime answered, "Ishida Uryu! He's in our class."

"He…he is?" Rukia mumbled. She thought to herself hard, trying to recall someone named Ishida Uryu in her homeroom. Much to her dismay and embarrassment, Rukia couldn't remember him.

Ichigo's cell phone started beeping; a Hollow! Ichigo sprinted over to Rukia, quick on his feet, and snatched her arm roughly, tearing her away from her friends. "Ah!" Rukia yelped in surprise as she got tugged along. Oh, it must be a Hollow…she thought to herself in realization.

Two girls in the hallway giggled and whispered to each other as they eyed Ichigo and Rukia, "They must be dating! How cute!"

Rukia shrugged Ichigo's arm off her own arm and ran along next to him. In her rush, she bumped into somebody. "Sorry! Gomen nasai!" Rukia called over her shoulder as she continuing running. The person she collided with did not say a word, and seemed eerily calm and nonchalant as he brushed off his shoulder with one hand. He continues walking, his black hair ruffled a bit as some people stride past him. He was Ishida Uryu; the same person that Rukia could not remember earlier. He knew who she was, even if she didn't know who he was…

"What a stupid phone!" Rukia yelled in exasperation as she pointed at Ichigo's cell phone. "There's no Hollow here!" She waved her arm around eloquently. The street was empty and void of any danger whatsoever. "You should get the thing fixed!"

Ichigo glared at the Substitute Shinigami before him. "It's my phone!" he hollers back at Rukia. "And it's working fine! Damn it…"

Suddenly, someone clad in stark white stepped out from hiding. He wore rectangular glasses, and carried himself with a sense of pride and class. His white outfit had bright blue cross markings over it, and he wore a shiny silver cross bracelet on his right wrist. He greeted politely, "Hello, Kuchiki-san. And Kurosaki-kun." Even though he was being polite, his eyes glowed with contempt of some sort. Toward both of them.

"Who are you…?" Rukia asked slowly. "And how do you know us?"

The mysterious teenager ignored the questions and pushed his glasses with two fingers. He inquired, "Kuchiki-san, you can see ghosts, can't you?" He knew the answer already, but asked it anyways.

Both Rukia's and Ichigo's faces displayed their utter shock. H-how does he know that?! they both thought in unison. But, they had no time to ponder that thought, for Ichigo's cell phone started beeping loudly once more. A Hollow?!

The stranger in white who was unknown to Rukia and Ichigo was actually Ishida Uryu. And, he had spiritual powers, just like Rukia did. He could sense the Hollow's presence; there was no need of a petty cell phone for him. The silver cross that Uryu wore on his wrist suddenly released glowing blue energy! The energy fluctuated quickly, and was fashioned into the stunning form of a cerulean-colored archer's bow. Uryu pulled back the bowstring and released a single arrow, made out of spirit particles, and it whizzed through the air at expert speed, hitting a Hollow far in the distance. Uryu's eyes glittered smugly.

"Who are you?!" Rukia demanded with a stunned look slapped on her face.

"Ishida Uryu, a Quincy," Uryu replied. "And I hate Shinigami. That means, Kuchiki Rukia, that I hate you."

Rukia stared at Ishida Uryu in shock.

The following day, Rukia was frustrated and annoyed while in class. I can't even remember his name! Argh… Rukia thought in regard to the Quincy she met the day before.

Orihime reminded Rukia softly, "Ishida Uryu…"

"Yeah! That's it!" Rukia said.

"Ishida-kun is in the Handicraft Club with me!" Orihime added perkily. "He's very talented!"

"Really…?" Rukia's face displayed her skepticism.

"Mmhmm!" Orihime confirmed, pulling Rukia with her to go to the Handicraft Club. They walked down the hallway, and then peeked into the club's classroom together.

Rukia watched in amazement as Ishida threaded his needle with expertise and mended a ripped and torn stuffed animal quickly and perfectly. His hands and arms were swift and elegant as he made the repairing stitches to the stuffed toy. Ishida returns the toy to its owner, and she squeals merrily, "Thank you! Arigato! Arigato!"

Rukia stopped watching Ishida, and started to walk away from the Handicraft Club's classroom. "Are you okay, Kuchiki-san? Did something happen with Ishida-kun?" Orihime asked.

"It's nothing, nothing," Rukia replied with a jaunty wave of her hand without bothering to look over her shoulder.

Rukia walked down the hall, and stopped by a corner, hiding against the opposite wall. She waited for Ishida Uryu to walk by, and then started tailing him, keeping several yards away as to remain inconspicuous. Soon, Ishida was out of the school, and Rukia followed him quietly.

Uryu walked down a pathway, and then got to a flight of stairs. He started climbing the flight of stairs with no expression on his face. As he reached the top step, he halted his pace abruptly. "Are you going to keep following me, Kuchiki Rukia?" He asked out loud, his voice as clear as a professional announcer.

Rukia revealed herself, quickly climbing the stairs to stand next to Ishida. He knew I was following him? Rukia thought, impressed.

"I was aware of your presence ever since you were watching me at the Handicraft Club," Ishida stated frankly. "You are foolish to let your spirit power leak out. And, you do not have the ability to sense those with high spirit power, do you? I have known all along that you have a massive amount of spirit power. I also know that you gained Shinigami powers around the month of May. Rukia is a Shinigami, not a regular human." Without warning, long strips of what looked like ribbons started floating and waving vertically around Ishida. Rukia realized that they were spirit threads, condensed and visual spirit power. Ishida reached out and seized a red spirit thread.

Rukia was taken aback, and a bit startled. "Wh-what?!" she stuttered.

"Shinigamis' spirit threads are a different color," Ishida explained as he let go of Rukia's red spirit thread. "Kuchiki Rukia, I challenge you to a duel! The duel will prove which is superior: the Quincy or the Shinigami." Ishida told himself, This will prove once and for all that Shinigami are unnecessary.