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"“So, tell me more about this suit of yours, Mr. Stark... or is it Iron Man now?”" Pepper loved to tease Tony whenever she had the chance, "“How many times have you even used this thing? You know you're going to get yourself hurt.”"

"“Now how are you so sure about that Miss Potts?"” Tony couldn't help but grin as he continued to flirt with his loyal assistant.

"“Well?...You're not responsible, you're not reasonable when making decisions, and you've never been the best with coordination.”"

"“Well, that's why I have you Pepper...”"

And just as he was about to praise Pepper on her grace, she slipped on the last stair leading to his room and found herself falling into his arms, and all she could mutter out was, “"Oh crap.”"

Tony lead her to a chair, and couldn't help but laugh as he continued, “"...that's why I have you. You're always so graceful.”"

"“Thank you Mr. Stark...”" Pepper snickered as she got back up on her feet.

Pepper laughed but winced as she stood up, she hoped that Tony wouldn't notice, he noticed before she could finish her thought.

"“Whoa, are you all right? Here, sit down."” Tony said, completely changing the tone of their conversation.

Pepper, in the way that only Pepper could, protested, "“I'm just fine Mr. Stark...”"

"“Pepper, you need to give yourself a break every once in a while! Here, let me check your ankle out, do you know what's wrong with it yet?”"

"“What's wrong with it? What are you talking about Mr. Stark?”"

"“You've been limping on it for a couple of days."” Tony said, as her rolled up her pants, “"I hope you don't mind.”"

"“No, it's all right... I had no idea you knew...”"

"“Oh, and one more thing,"” Tony interrupted, "“If you call me Mr. Stark one more time, I think I'm going to have a brain aneurism."”

Pepper laughed, and she nodded with a smile, “"Fine, Mr. S... Fine Tony.”"

“"God, it sounds nice when you call me Tony,"” he said smiling, "“but maybe... Iron Man.”"

"“Iron Man?"” Pepper laughed.

“"Yeah, try it!"” he joked.

“"Fine... Iron Man!”"

Pepper laughed, and Tony smiled as he continued, "“Okay, never mind, Tony is fine!”"

They were both laughing as Tony was finishing the bandaging on Pepper's ankle, and both Tony and Pepper couldn't help but love this feeling.

Pepper loved the feeling of Tony taking care of her and of them being together. She loved how his rough hands felt on her skin, and she loved how gentle he was with her. Tony Stark has never been one to be gentle, but when he touched her, she could feel how distinct he was with every movement.

Tony, as well as Pepper, loved the VERY seldom moments in which he was able to take care of her, although they didn't usually last long. He loved the moments that he had when he could sweep Pepper off her feet (sometimes literally), and give her the chance to relax, for if there is anything that Pepper needs, it is more time to relax.

"“There.”" Tony said, and as he finished up bandaging her ankle, he kissed her foot and smiled, “"All better... I hope.”"

"“It's perfect.”" Pepper replied, then leaned over and gave Tony a kiss on the cheek, “"Thank you Tony.”"

“"God, I love it when you say Tony.”" he growled into her ear.

"“Then I guess I'll have to say it again.”"

"“Not yet.”" Tony said with a grin climbing up the right side of his mouth.

"“What am I waiting for?”"

And, as if someone had planned it, that phone had to ring.

"“...I have to get it.”" Pepper said with a disappointed smile.

"“No,"” was all that Tony was able to groan out as Pepper turned away.

"“Will that be all, Mr. Stark?"” Pepper chuckled as she turned back to see a very disappointed Tony.

"“Yes,”" he sighed, "“That will be all Miss Potts.”"

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