Lady Isludis: Hello and welcome! As you may have guessed from the summary, this is a crossover with Cardcaptors, so naturally, Sakura's campus will be located in scenic Awayuki Town X3!

Sakura: But I still have to pay for my apartment! Where am I going to work?
Lady Isludis: I've yet to decide, but I'm narrowing it down to the following...

a) Bistro Blanche (Goh's Workplace, which is great! Remember, Sakura cooks for her Dad and brother all the time :3)
b) The Radio Station (Where Sasame Works)
c) Game Design Company (Where Kei Works... She could be an intern 0.o?)
d) I was saving this one for last... it's just too hilarious... She could be Hayate's Co-worker (Just one more person Himeno's Dad hires off the street X3)

Sakura: 0.0 You think he'd hire me?
Hayate: Why not? He hired me on the spot.
Himeno: And for no reason.
Sakura: 8D
Himeno: Is this going to cause some sort of love triangle?
Yayoi: Oh goodie! :3
Sasame: Or you could come and work with me :)
Sakura: Ooh, tempting 0.0
Goh: Or me X3
Mannen: Or me :3
Goh: You don't work... (Smacks)
Mannen: Oww! (Rubs head) XP
Mayune: Of course I'll hire you as my personal assistant!
Sakura: Really! 8D What does it pay?
Mayune: Pay? Pay what? I didn't hear anybody tell me I have to pay you! :(
Sakura: :( Boo!
Hayate: Kei? You're the only one who hasn't offered...
Kei: . And what would she do all day? Bring me my tea?
Sakura: 0.o I could do that...
Kei: I make it myself, it has to be done a certain way...
Sakura: So teach me 83!
Mayune: Desparate much? .
Sakura: Apartments don't pay their own rent.
Lady Isludis: But if the lawn was emo it'd cut itself XD
Himeno: T.T
Mayune: We have people that do that... Pest...
Mayune: I can have you fired T.T
Lady Isludis: I don't have a job 3 Suck on DAT!

Shin: Lady Isludis does not own Pretear, or Cardcaptors.
Hajime: Or else She'd be rich, and probably living in Japan
Lady Isludis: Good boys :3 You may each have cookies
S & H: 8D
Lady Isludis: And everybody gets cake
All: 8D!
Lady Isludis: Except Mayune...
Mayune: ...


All around, there is darkness.

Devoid of Color, Devoid of Life.

A Single Drop of Water shall create an Echo,

and Break the Unending Silence once more.

Only then may the Force of Life return to the world.

Lady Isludis: Okay! the reworked prologue is finished and has been uploaded! :D
Mayune: Took you long enough didn't it?
Lady Isludis: Shut up Mayonaise...
Mayune: ...May-MAYONAISE!
Lady Isludis: :3
Mannen: Mayonaise x3
Mayune: SHUT UP!
Lady Isludis: Kid's getting the hang of it...
Mannen: :3
Mayune: x(

Sorry for the delay everybody, it's been tough getting this far but here's a little something to start you off! (and let you know I'm not dead :3)