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Authors Note: I got this idea when I was driving back from vacation, and I thought it would be perfect to see what Anakin would be like when he got his drivers permit. Now, I realize that Jedi don't need driver's documentation and that I said he hadn't piloted anything for six years. Although according to the Jedi Quest series, by Jude Watson, Anakin had piloted many different starships, I had to change that to make this story realistic. Please read and review! Reviews are appreciated greatly!

After a prolonged night of vain sleep, Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker could not feel more exuberant than he did this particular morning. It had been nearly six years since he could remember being behind the wheel of a vehicle, and now, on his fifteenth birthday, he was about to take his pilot permit test. To Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi's chagrin, the boy's driving experiences would be his responsibility. From past incidents with his Padawan, Obi-Wan knew that sounded easier said than done. The boy's Master trusted Anakin, to a point, but he was not prepared to allow those limits to be tested. Unfortunately, even with all of his Jedi training, Obi-Wan Kenobi had good reason to be afraid. He almost felt guilty for secretly wishing for Anakin to fail the exam, although he chided himself with the knowledge that his apprentice had been ready for this test since he was younger than nine.

Without even taking pause for breakfast, Anakin rushed past his master who had his feet propped on the kitchen table sipping on a cup of Java. Obi-Wan raised his eyebrows to his Padawan's antics as the boy rushed around their living space, gathering every document he would need. To his astonishment, Anakin appeared to be ready nearly an hour before they even needed to leave. Before today, Obi-Wan had never been able to get his Padawan out of bed even ten minutes before a scheduled appointment. Obi-Wan set down his cup before regarding his apprentice.

"Good morning Padawan."

"Have you seen my cloak Master?"

"It's on your bedroom floor, as alw…" Obi-Wan couldn't even finish his sentence before the boy rushed back into his room.

Within less than a minute, Anakin ran back into the room and grabbed some fruit from a bowl on the counter.


"Yes Master?" Anakin asked before shaking his head, "Oh… good morning Master."

"Have you even looked at a chronometer lately?"

"Of course…"

One raised eyebrow from his master caught him before he could finish his response, "Well no. Why? Are we going to be late?"

"No Anakin… we have plenty of time. Why don't you sit down and finish your fruit. Just relax for a moment."

"Yes Master."

Anakin sat down at the table and continued to nibble on his morning snack with great restraint. Across the table, Obi-Wan could see the strain in the boys' eyes as Anakin tried to obey his Master's request with great difficulty. A smile came to Obi-Wan's face as Anakin looked up to him for appraisal. Once the piece of fruit had been nibbled down to the core, Anakin tossed it into the disposal bin from across the room as Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. Everything had to be a competition with that boy.

It wasn't until Obi-Wan had started reading a report from the Council on his datapad that he began to notice a tapping noise accompanied by a thrumming table. He raised his eyes just enough to see his Padawan's fingernails drumming on the table top incessantly. Obi-Wan couldn't help but to notice that Anakin was also biting his lower lip as he tried to sit patiently as another minute eased by. He laid down his datapad as Anakin continued to be oblivious to his Master. The sight could have been amusing to anyone else, but Obi-Wan felt almost ashamed to see his Padawan struggle with the task of sitting still.

"Anakin? I left my cloak lying on my bed, and I was wondering…"

The Padawan fled from the table so quickly that his chair was knocked over in his wake. With what seemed to be the speed of light, Anakin speed to Obi-Wan's room, retrieved the cloak and presented it to his master before noticing the upturned chair.

"Sorry Master… let me get that."

Swiftly, Anakin righted the chair and sat down before he began to fidget again. A deep sigh escaped his Master's lips before Obi-Wan stood and pushed his chair in.

"I don't think that Master Tiin would mind if we arrived 50 minutes early, do you Padawan?"

The glint in Anakin's eyes was un-mistaken, "No Master."

Anakin stood up and managed to keep his chair in its place as the apprentice rushed in front of his Mentor to open the door. The familiar swishing noise of an accessed door alerted Obi-Wan of how far his apprentice was as the door swished shut. Anakin's long quick footsteps began to fade away until they began to resound in the hallway as he picked up his pace and accessed the door again. An impish smile crossed Anakin's face as he paused directly in front of Obi-Wan.

"Sorry Master. I thought you were behind me."

"I was until you started running down the hallways. I thought I told you not to do that."

"You did Master… recently… I'm sorry."

Obi-Wan laughed as he brushed past his Padawan and headed for the Temples hanger bay with Anakin not far behind.