So In love With Two

Rating: Pg-13

Genre: Romance/comedy/action

Couples: SaiNaruko, SasuNaruko, and other couples

Warning: Female Naruto, love triangle, and bad grammar skills.

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It was a Summer day in which seven ninjas were searching desperately for friend of theirs, whom had run away from the village, inside a dark forest. The seven ninjas were Naruko, Sai, Sakura, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, and Kakashi; and they were in search of Sasuke. Dogs, that Kakashi had summoned, had caught Sasuke's smell. Sixteen year old Naruko had one by her side and was running ahead of everyone including the dogs behind her.

Sai and the others were trying to get her to slow down because Naruko had just fought an Akatsuki member, and had lots of bruises and other injuries. So she was not in the best shape of running like a maniac. But she couldn't hear the people calling for her and she ignored the pain all over her. All she could pay attention to was finding Sasuke, and since one of the dogs told them that Sasuke was dead ahead she couldn't stop now. "Sasuke stay put or I'll give you a piece of my mind when I find you!" Naruko thought desperately.

Naruko then tripped on a branch and fell down, face down. She tried to get up but the foot she tripped on hurt like crazy now so she couldn't. Naruko had twisted her ankle and now had to wait for the others to help he. It made her miserable having to wait for even a second for them.

But that left Sai, who was the second person ahead of the group, time to catch up with Naruko. Naruko was on her knees when Sai got to her. He quickly bent down beside her and asked, "What happened, Naruko-chan?"

"I tripped and sprang my ankle!" Naruko exclaimed, "Now go ahead of me and find Sasuke! I'll wait for Sakura to heal it!"

Sai looked at Naruko and saw Naruko's hurt face. It looked hurt because she wanted to be the first person to see Sasuke. Sai didn't know this but he had a feeling that might be it. So he picked Naruko up bridle-style, and started running forward toward the direction Sasuke should be. "What the heck are you doing?" Naruko exclaimed shocked.

"I'm bringing you with me to find Sasuke," Sai answered, "So hang on tight!"

Naruko wanted to argue but she really wanted to see Sasuke. So she wrapped her arms around Sai's neck tightly as Sai continue to speed off. While Sai was carrying Naruko, she couldn't help but see that Sai was having trouble carrying her. Which he was because she was awfully heavy. She was grateful that he was carrying her even though he was obviously having trouble! So she loosened her grip on Sai's neck and relaxed down a bit, hoping that would lessen her weight.

That only helped with the tightness around Sai's neck but the weight remained the same. Sai took a glance at Naruko's face which looked really eager and pretty. Her blonde hair which was tied into two separate pigtails softly tickled Sai's arm and that made him blush a bit. Naruko didn't notice that Sai was going a little slower then earlier though.

Then Sai and Naruko noticed that there was a body on the ground ahead of them. So when they reached that area Sai stopped and stood on a branch. Then there on that ground laid Sasuke beaten up senseless. Naruko panicked because she thought he was dead and hopped out of Sai's arms to Sasuke's body side. Of course she fell back on the ground due to her ankle, but she was still beside Sasuke. "Sasuke?" Naruko asked, giving him a light shake.

Sasuke gave no answer and Naruko traced her hand to his heart. Sai came to Naruko side, and she looked at him with her blue eyes filled with tears. "His heart… it's not beating…" Naruko said painfully.

Sai, not knowing what else to do, placed his hand on Naruko's back, and she burst into tears. She slammed her head onto Sasuke's chest and exclaimed, "You idiot! Why did you have to go off and die like this?!"

Inside Sasuke's head he was in total darkness. "Crap, did I die this time for real?" Sasuke thought, "Did Itachi win again?"

He began to hear a soft crying noise and weight on his chest. The crying noise was soft, and it started to whimper Sasuke's name over and over (also the word 'stupid' a couple times too). "Naruko?!" Sasuke thought when he realized who's voice was crying.

"I can't die yet!" Sasuke thought, "I want to see her and Ms. Soup-bowl-hair-cut again… at least one last time… before I…"

Sasuke's eyes opened slowly and when his eyes adjusted he saw Naruko sobbing on his chest. Naruko didn't realize that Sasuke was alive because she was too busy crying her eyes out. So that let Sasuke realize that Naruko had grown her hair longer then the last time they met, she was prettier, and there was something else. Sasuke felt as if he really had to tell her that something so he did. "Naruko have you gained 100 pounds or more from the last time we met?" Sasuke asked.

Sai was surprised that Sasuke was alive. Naruko was too pissed to realize that Sasuke was alive. So She slammed her fist into his face and yelled, "Go to hell already!"

Sasuke almost fell into a coma and Sai's eyes just widened. "Well, Sasuke-san is right about her weight…" Sai thought sighing.

Naruko then realized Sasuke was alive, blushed, and said while looking away, "Thanks for returning to Earth… bastard…"

Sasuke slowly sat up and seeing Naruko's face made him feel better already. "Good to be back," Sasuke said softly wiping Naruko's tears away, "I see you're still the villages number one knuckle-headed ninja."

Naruko began to get angry again but she tried to keep her cool. "Good because you can't die yet," Naruko retorted, "Until I kill you fair and square."

Sasuke smirked and said, "That's so like you Naru-chan."

Sasuke then pulled Naruko's head over to his lips and kissed the top of her forehead. Naruko began to blush and she was going to slap Sasuke. But Sai took that job and punched Sasuke in the face. Sai didn't know why but seeing Sasuke kiss Naruko really pissed him off. Sasuke landed face down on the grown, as Naruko exclaimed, "Sai what are you doing? I wanted to do that!"

Sasuke sat back up and Sasuke and Sai began to glare at each other. All of a sudden the other Hinata, Sakura, Kiba, Shino, and Kakashi caught up and were standing in a group behind Naruko. "Sasuke-kun!" Sakura and Hinata exclaimed.

Sasuke broke the glare and said to Hinata, "Hey Ms. Soup-bowl-hair-cut. Good to see you again."

"Stop calling me that!" Hinata exclaimed, prepared to beat Sasuke into a pulp.

But Kakashi stopped her from that. Hinata and Sasuke were childhood friends but they seemed to often argue with one another. "What about me Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked, "Aren't you glad to see me?"

"Yeah, next thing you know you'd want me to have a yaoi moment with Sai!" Sasuke said sarcastically.

"You're going to have a yaoi moment with Sai?" Sakura squealed, "Let me get my camera!"

"I was kidding!" Sasuke yelled angrily.

Naruko couldn't help but laugh. "Sakura, do you think you could heal Sasuke?" Kakashi asked.

"No, I don't have much chakra left for even the easiest healing jutsu," Sakura answered, disappointed by Sasuke's joke.

"I see then Hinata carry him," Kakashi ordered, "We're going to have to take him back to Konoha to get healed by Tsunade-sama."

Hinata grudgingly bent over beside Sasuke, put his arm over her shoulder, and helped him up. Sai then got up and said to Naruko, "We better get you back too."

He then picked Naruko up bridle style and Sakura squealed again by the cuteness of the scene. Naruko just blushed as she covered her face with her hands to hide it. Sai then smirked and said, "You're so cute Naruko."

"Whatever!" Naruko exclaimed embarrassed and flattered at the same time.

Sasuke got really pissed at the scene but he couldn't do anything in his condition except talk. So he said, "He's right, Naruko you're cuter then before!"

"Thanks very much Sasuke," Naruko said more flattered that it came from Sasuke.

Sasuke looked behind him and smirked at Sai. Sai couldn't understand why but he was really starting to hate Sasuke. Although Sai still hadn't grasped the concept of emotions yet, but he was sure that how he felt toward Sasuke was most definitely hate. So as they walked off to the village Sasuke and Sai continued to bring about a bad atmosphere.

Of course everyone sensed the bad atmosphere except Naruko. "I'm gonna get Iruka to order ramen for me when I get home!" Naruko said excitedly.

Sai and Sasuke said in unison, "I'll go with you!"

"You two will shut up," Kiba said annoyed.

Kakashi just smiled underneath the mask. Then most of them walked off happily home and Naruko said high in spiritedly, "I can't wait to get home! I have a feeling that we're all going to have more fun adventures together!"

So did everyone else, and two people who wanted to murder each other as soon as they got back. Yes, they were going to have adventures again, but 'fun' isn't exactly the word to describe it.

End of Prologue

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