So In love With Two

Rating: Pg-13

Genre: Romance/comedy/action

Couples: SaiNaruko, SasuNaruko, and other couples

Warning: Female Naruto, love triangle, grammar mistakes are possible, and a lot of story twisting.

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Chapter 3

Naruko, Sai, and Yashiro were now done eating ramen and had left Iruka to head to Naruko's apartment. Naruko was of course sulking and whining a lot. "What am I gonna do now?! There is no way I'm going to able to go!" Naruko said.

Yashiro was becoming really annoyed. "Wait, your mom was the fourth hokage's wife, right?" Sai asked.

Yashiro twitched a bit but she said nothing. "Yeah," Naruko said, Jiraiya had told her already when they left on the training trip for three years.

"Then maybe Tsunade-sama knows where to get some of your mom's former party gowns and maybe we could use one," Sai said.

"Great idea, Sai!" Naruko said, "But what about the dance classes?"

"Well, I took them so maybe I can teach you a thing or two," Sai said happily.

Then the three were off to the hokage's office immediately. When they arrived Naruko ran ahead and opened Tsunade's office door so hard that it left a dent in the wall. "What the hell is it, Naruko?!" Tsunade yelled annoyed.

"Do you know where I can get dresses my mother used to wear to parties and stuff?" Naruko asked.

"Of course! All the hokage's and their wives belongings are kept in their own certain room! Why do you ask?" Tsunade responded.

"I don't have the money to by a dress for the party!" Naruko panicked, "So I won't be able to go unless I bring one!"

"What?! Then let's go to the 4th hokage's storage room right now!" Tsunade exclaimed in equal panic. She was panicked too because she had bet a lot of money that Sasuke would dance with Naruko.

Then they rushed off to the room two stairs down from the hokage's office as soon as Sai and Yashiro caught up to them. There they found a whole lot of things that the 4th hokage and his wife once possessed. As soon as they got there though Naruko lost track of why she was there in the first place, and began to look at all her parents previous belongings in awe. Tsunade on the other hand went digging into a box for Naruko's dress.

Tsunade found that the clothing that belonged to the 4th hokage's wife were extremely tomboy-ish. So Naruko probably got her tomboy attitude from her mother. Tsunade then found the last outfit that Naruko's mother had which was luckily a dress for parties. Tsunade pulled the dress out, found that it should fit Naruko, and that she found it very pretty. So Tsunade then tossed it to Naruko. It smacked Naruko right into the face because she wasn't paying attention again. Sai noticed the dress and walked over to Naruko to look at it too. Yashiro was just leaning at the wall of the room and was spacing out a whole lot.

The dress was of snow white linen and needed some washing, but Naruko could just toss it into the laundry then. It was also long enough to reach Naruko's toes, and the sleeves were pretty long too. The top was skinny but the but the bottom of the dress was sort of fluffy. "It's too plain for me... I need something ten thousand times better then this!" Naruko complained.

"Well, it seems to be the only decent outfit your mother had for parties so you're going to have to wear it to the party!" Tsunade retorted.

"Fine, then I won't go! It'll save me a lot of money if I don't!" Naruko responded stubbornly.

Tsunade stomped over to Naruko and pulled her up by the collar. "You have to go you little rat! I'm betting a whole lot of money on you!" Tsunade said angrily.

"You can bet ten million dollars on me and I wouldn't go in that thing!" Naruko yelled, grabbing Tsunade's hand.

"You better go or else you're in trouble!" Tsunade exclaimed, yanking Naruko higher and tightening her grip on Naruko's shirt collar.

"Are you threatening me to go?" Naruko asked, squeezing Tsunade's hand.

"No, I'm telling you to go!" Tsunade answered.

"Oh really? Then bring it on ya' old hag!" Naruko yelled.

"Are you calling me old?!" Tsunade asked.

"Well, I ain't saying you young or skinny!" Naruko responded.

"Why you little!" Tsunade raged.

Yashiro hated the sound of the two arguing and yelled, "Shut up! Tsunade-san put Naruko down and Naruko hand me the damn dress!"

Tsunade and Naruko were so surprised by Yashiro's sudden outburst they did exactly as she said. When Naruko tossed the dress to Yashiro she skimmed through it and had a good picture of what would get the dress to really stand out. "I need sewing material, a really long fake or real pearl necklace, and a large and wide ribbon," Yashiro demanded.

"You're going to fix this mess?" Naruko asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, I did it for a living at one time," Yashiro answered.

"Perfect! I'll have this dress cleaned for you guys and send the materials you need with it in three hours," Tsunade said satisfied.

Yashiro tossed the dress to Tsunade, then followed after Naruko and Sai to Naruko's apartment after Tsunade caught the dress. As soon as they reached the apartment they all sat down on Naruko's kitchen table and had tea. "Man, at first I thought you were a waste of money, Yashiro!" Naruko exclaimed happily, "But you proved me wrong!"

Yashiro just nodded in response, because she was a little ticked off that Naruko thought that she was a waste of money. But then again she thought that Naruko was a waste human life so she thought they were on pretty even ground. "Now all I need is for you to help me with dance lessons and everything will perfect!" Naruko said to Sai happily.

Naruko then smiled happily and gratefully to Sai. It was a smile that made Sai's heart beat really fast and hard. Sai then grabbed Naruko's arm and pulled her over to the middle of Naruko's living room. Then Sai held her in his arms tightly making her jump in surprise and blush. It all happened so fast that Naruko had no idea what she was supposed to do or how to react to this, since her mind was now spinning so fast she was dizzy. When her head settled a bit she asked Sai, "Wh-what are you doing?"

"Teaching you to waltz Naruko," Sai answered. He then placed his right hand on her waist and grabbed her other hand.

Naruko blushed and turned the other way. Naruko saw that back at kitchen table Yashiro was still sitting in her seat like before, but she had a perverted smirk on her face. Yashiro really liked romance moments, especially ones that were unraveling right before her eyes. Naruko was going to yell at her, but Sai instructed, "face your partner when you're dancing with them, Naruko."

Naruko turned her head to Sai but didn't look him in the eyes. Sai thought she was worried about something and said softly, "It's okay... you'll be fine..."

Naruko looked up at Sai's smiling face and her heart began to beat really hard. She didn't know what to do but she smiled at him back. "Well, at least I'm getting a head start on my dance lessons! But I wonder what Sasuke would think of this..." Naruko thought.

Anyway the lessons went as they should have gone with Sai instructing Naruko and Naruko trying to learn. Although Naruko made (an unbelievable amount of) mistakes. She would blush and look down whenever she made a mistake, and Sai would comfort her after making a mistake. Even though his two feet were actually starting to hurt due to the hundreds of times that Naruko had stepped on his foot. But forgetting that, he really loved dancing with Naruko and Naruko did too.

The dress and all the materials that Yashiro needed for Naruko's dress were then delivered. Unfortunately Naruko had only gotten two fourths of the dance down but that's still a big accomplishment when you think about it. Naruko stopped the dance practice because one: Sai had to lay down on her sofa with ice packs on both feet, two: Naruko wanted to help Yashiro on the dress (mainly reason number one). Though after pricking her fingers a billion times and almost getting her blood on the white linen of the dress, Yashiro decided that Naruko's help would just give her even more work.

So Naruko went off to the sofa where Sai was laying and said, "I'm sorry... for injuring you Sai..."

Sai looked at Naruko and smiled. She blushed, smiled, and looked down. Sai noticed all this and had a strange urge to kiss her. So he sat up, reached his hand out to her chin, and raised her head up. Then he kissed her on the forehead causing her to blush even more. Naruko pushed Sai away and asked, "What are you doing and why?!"

"Well, I obviously kissed you on the forehead and I did it because I wanted to," Sai answered.

"Why did you want to kiss me?" Naruko asked shyly.

"I don't really know," Sai said, without really thinking about it.

Naruko then got pissed off and punched Sai in the head really hard. Sai fell back into the sofa in pain, as Naruko yelled, "Don't just say 'I don't know' without even deeply thinking about it!"

"I really don't know," Sai said honestly.

Naruko sighed and called for Yashiro to toss her an ice pack. Yashiro looked through the freezer, got an ice pack, and tossed it to Naruko. Naruko then took Sai's hand that was on his bruise, and placed the ice pack onto the bruise. Sai looked her and she said blushing, "This is the least I can do… to thank you right now..."

Sai smiled, grabbed her hand that was holding his, and brushed her hand to his lips. Naruko jumped slightly in surprise and Sai said in a slightly seductive and kind voice, "Thank you."

"Wh-whatever!" Naruko yelled, pulling her hand away from his.

"I better take a bath now!" Naruko exclaimed, when she noticed how sweaty she was, "So hold this ice pack to your head now!"

Sai swapped hands with Naruko on the ice pack. She was going to leave to her room to get some clothes but Sai said, "can I take a bath with you?"

"Of course not, stop kidding around!" Naruko yelled, while running to her room.

Yashiro, who was cutting off the right sleeve of Naruko's dress, asked Sai, "Are you two going out or something?"

"No," Sai answered sighing.

"Then are you in love with her?" Yashiro asked curiously, as the right sleeve came off and she began to work on the one on the left.

"I don't know really," Sai said sadly, "You see I was trained to not have emotions for a long time. Now all these emotions are coming to me and I really don't understand them at all."

Yashiro stopped cutting and whispered to herself, "Trained to have no emotions, huh? That remind me of my father's…."

"Did you say something?" Sai asked.

"No," Yashiro answered.

As soon as that was said Naruko came out of her room and was going to her bathroom. "I'm going home, okay?" Sai said, while putting the two ice packs on his feet away since they were better now.

"Okay, bye! And don't forget to come over for dance practice tomorrow!" Naruko called, after she shut the bathroom door behind her.

Truth be told Sai was going home so he could try to figure out his feelings for Naruko better. But the injury on his head was beginning to throb while he thought about it on his way out of Naruko's apartment. So when he left the apartment, he decided he was going to need to rest a bit at home first.

Now Yashiro was hard at work on Naruko's dress and Naruko was in the bath tub taking a bath, of course. Naruko was washing her hair as she thought, "The nerve of that Sai! Why is he acting so strange anyway?!"

Then she remembered that Sasuke had asked her to kiss him and ducked her head into the water out of embarrassment. "Sasuke and Sai are so weird! But so are all guys!" Naruko complained in her head.

She began to scrub her head with shampoo out of frustration. All of a sudden images of Sasuke and Sai (each appearing separately) began to appear in her head. "But then again they are very different to a lot of guys… maybe even interesting…" Naruko thought.

Naruko smiled and blushed. She liked the funny feeling she was getting from the thought of those two. She was starting to get really excited about seeing them again.

--three days later--

Saturday (the day of the party) came up very quickly in Naruko's opinion. Luckily Yashiro was able to stay up late on Friday to finish the dress and Naruko actually got the hang of waltzing in time. Sai was lucky he was still alive to go to the dance after training Naruko how to dance…

But anyway, now that it was Saturday Naruko was waiting for Yashiro to be finished with the last minute decorations. Naruko was starting to get really excited, since there was only an hour left to go to the party and she wanted to see her new dress A.S.A.P! As soon as Yashiro brought out the dress for Naruko, Naruko's mouth fell to the floor.

The dress was beautiful now, it was hard for Naruko to believe it was the same dress. Now the sleeves and collar of the white dress were both cut off. They were replaced by two red ribbon which was both sewn into the back and front very stylishly, creating two pairs of very short sleeves. The dress's end was still fluffy but the white part now reached to Naruko's knees and there was a red linen, that was also part of the dresses end, that would reach five inches down Naruko's knees. Another red ribbon was tied around the dress from the top of the fluff of the dress and ran down the to the white part of the dress. It was tied in a ribbon at the front of the dress. The pearls were hanging in threes down from the top left side of the dress. One of the pearls were drooped and tied shortly from the front to the back, second one a little lower, and the third almost all the way down. (Author's note: The dress seemed a lot prettier in my head but it's a lot harder to describe it but oh well…)

Naruko grabbed onto the dress and admired it a little more. She was going to head to the bathroom to change but then she stopped when she thought about how hard Yashiro had worked on it for her. She turned to Yashiro, who was just staring at her bored. "Thank you, Yashiro! You're the best!" Naruko exclaimed smiling brightly.

Yashiro then realized that Naruko's smile was very beautiful and blushed hard. "Are you okay?" Naruko asked panicked, "You're all red!"

Y-yes! I just thought that I would need to fix that mess of a hair of yours and put some make up on you!" Yashiro yelled embarrassed.

Naruko smiled again gratefully and said, "I'll find a way to repay you later for all you're doing for me!"

Yashiro blushed even harder and turned the other way. Naruko headed inside the bathroom while Yashiro thought in panic, "She is so cute! Wait… what am I thinking?!"

After thirty minutes Naruko had now gotten the dress on and Yashiro had gotten on the make up and her hair done. Naruko's make up was done on lightly so that it would still seem like natural beauty. Her hair was then done with her hair pulled with some of her hair tied to the back with a large rose hair tie, some hair in the back was pulled to the front, and her bangs were in front of her face but was pulled nicely to the left.

Then right after all of that was done Sai came knocking at Naruko's apartment door. Naruko answered the door and saw Sai handsomely dressed in a black suit with a red rose inside his right shirt pocket. He was holding a gift for Naruko behind his back but he almost dropped it when he saw how beautiful Naruko looked. "Wow, you look so handsome, Sai!" Naruko said blushing.

"You're very beautiful yourself, Naruko…" Sai said.

They just stood there blushing and said nothing for a long time. Until Konohamaru yelled, "Naruko, we're here!"

Naruko turned to Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi and yelled, "Great, Yashiro get out here and meet your babysitters!"

Yashiro came out and Moegi exclaimed, "wow, she's so pretty!"

"Yes, we get to baby-sit a total babe!" Konohamaru thought pervertedly.

"Okay, then we should get going!" Naruko said walking away, "Take good care of her!"

Naruko and Sai were then off while Konohamaru and the other two kids followed Yashiro inside Naruko's apartment. Naruko and Sai were walking side by side in silence for awhile. Fifteen minutes later of walking in silence they began to see the building where the party was being held. Naruko then noticed that Sai was holding a box behind his back. "What's that box for, Sai?" Naruko asked curiously.

Sai took a look at the rectangular and small box for a second that he was holding and remembered it's purpose. He handed it to Naruko and said, "It's for you."

"For me?" Naruko asked.

When Sai nodded she carefully took it and opened the box. The box had inside a beautiful silver necklace with a rose. She looked at it in awe and said, "Thank you so much, Sai! But I can't wear it…"

"Why?" Sai asked.

"Well, I would have liked to wear this if there were roses on my dress… but unfortunately Yashiro couldn't get any roses because the flower shops were out of them…" Naruko said sadly.

They both stopped walking and Sai took a look at the dress Naruko was wearing. He was prepared for Naruko to say something like that. He grabbed a scroll out from his pocket and grabbed a red marker and a black one. He then drew three bouquets of realistic looking roses onto the scroll. Then he did some hand signs, the roses became real, and attached themselves onto Naruko's dress. Two of the bouquets of roses went to both Naruko's dress hips and the third was on top of the tied ribbon on Naruko's dress. Therefore making the dress even prettier.

Naruko looked at Sai and he said, "Your welcome."

She smiled and said, "So do I have to put this necklace on myself?"

She gave Sai the necklace and then turned her back to him. Sai then put the necklace onto Naruko, she turned around, and there eyes met in a very romantic and somehow corny fashion. They stayed like that until Sasuke snuck up behind them and gave Sai's shoulder a tight squeeze. "Hello Naruko!… and Sai…" Sasuke said glaring at Sai.

Sai turned around and glared at Sasuke back. Naruko jumped back away from Sai and said hello to Sasuke and Hinata, who was behind him. Sasuke saw how beautiful looked, walked over to her, and grabbed a strand of her hair. Then pressed it to his lips and said in a very seductive voice, "Your so beautiful…"

Naruko blushed when she looked into Sasuke dreamy black eyes. Naruko then realized that Sasuke was also very good looking in the navy blue suit he was wearing. Sasuke smiled as Naruko mumbled, "You're pretty handsome too… for a jerk…"

"I-I think we should hurry and go to the p-p-party!" Hinata said embarrassed that she was standing beside Sai.

Then they were off to the building where the party was being held. There they had Kotetsu and Izumo greet them at the entrance of the building. Inside there was a woman who was sitting outside a room that had a sign that said "Bet on who Sasuke Uchiha will dance with!"

Sai and Hinata went to bet on who Sasuke with dance with, while Sasuke and Naruko looked around the room. The whole building was filled with people from almost all the villages and there was a DJ on the stage. There was a lot of round tables, food tables, and a gambling table where Tsunade was. The center of the room was filled with people dancing.

Naruko was staring in awe at the lighting in the building but Sasuke was staring at her. "What are you looking at?!" Naruko asked when she saw that Sasuke staring at her.

"You of course," Sasuke said a little annoyed that she was being so dense.

Naruko blushed and asked, "Why?"

"Because I think you look very pretty…" Sasuke said happily.

"You shouldn't say lame stuff that! I'm not your girlfriend!" Naruko complained blushing.

"Well, you should be..." Sasuke mumbled.

"Wh-what?" Naruko asked.

It was silent for a moment and Sasuke decided he needed to change that. So he was going to say something until a speaker said, "Okay, now it's time for everyone to clear the dance floor for a second! So that we can see who Sasuke Uchiha will dance with! You all can join in when he starts dancing!"

All of a sudden the room got dark and a light was directed at Sasuke. A bunch of girls ran toward Sasuke and crowded around him. "What a pain…." Sasuke murmured.

Sai and Hinata were just standing in at the sides watching the girls crowd Sasuke by the dozens. All of a sudden a girl shoved Naruko away causing her to fall to the floor really hard. Sai and Sasuke saw this and exclaimed, "Naruko!"

Sasuke pushed the girls out of the way and ran to her side. He helped her up and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Naruko said standing up.

Naruko sky blue eyes then looked into Sasuke's dark ones. "Good, because may I have this dance?" he asked.

"What?" Naruko asked.

Sasuke bowed and then extended his hand to her. She blushed and then took it. "Thank you," he said, then he dragged her to the middle of the dance floor.

As soon as they reached the middle of the dance floor Sasuke switched there position to a waltzing position. Then a really slow song started and they began to dance to it. Naruko saw that a lot of girls were glaring at her in jealousy. Then after the first four steps Naruko stepped on Sasuke's foot, and she thought, "F--, I still suck at this!"

She blushed and looked down embarrassed. "Take your time, take your time…" Sasuke said smiling softly.

Naruko looked up and Sasuke's smile reassured her confidence. Soon Hinata asked Sai to dance with her and began dance together too. Soon a lot more people began to join into the dance floor after them. There was still a crowd of girls glaring at Naruko but she ignored them and enjoyed being in Sasuke's arms.

By the end of the song Naruko had made fifteen mistakes and was still in Sasuke's arms. "Sasuke, you do realize that the songs over, right?" Naruko asked, uncomfortable that they were still waltzing when there was rock & roll song on.

"Are you that eager to get away from me?" Sasuke asked sadly, "Can't we stay like this forever at least?"

Naruko got confused, blushed, and pushed Sasuke subconsciously. "Wh-what are you saying all of a sudden?" Naruko asked embarrassed.

"What?! You don't like me anymore?!" Sasuke asked angrily.

"It's not that! It's just that I'm not used to you treating me like this!" Naruko yelled.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at Naruko and Sasuke. "Well, what's wrong with the way I'm treating you?!" Sasuke asked confused.

"Nothings wrong! I'm just confused!" Naruko exclaimed.

"Anything confuses you because you're an idiot!" Sasuke yelled pissed off.

"What?! Why are you treating me like this?!" Naruko asked.

"You idiot, don't you get it?" Sasuke yelled annoyed.

"What don't I get?!" Naruko asked.

"It's because I really-!" Sasuke began.

But then all of a sudden one of Sasuke's fan girls, angered by the way Naruko was yelling at Sasuke, purposely spilled her water onto Naruko's dress. Sai, who was watching with Hinata Naruko's and Sasuke's argument, eyes widened, because the water got on the roses he drew onto Naruko's dress. The roses began to turn into a red and black smear of ink because the marker Sai used to draw the roses onto Naruko's dress wasn't water proof.

The girl's in the Sasuke fan club began to laugh and make nasty remarks about Naruko out loud. Then even more people began join into the laughter. Naruko turned red and ran out of the building crying. "Naruko!" Sasuke called as he ran after her.

Sai was going to run after her too, but Hinata grabbed his hand before he could. "D-d-don't go… Sa-Sasuke will take care of Naruko for you," Hinata said desperately.

"But he started the argument with her!" Sai argued.

"They'll m-m-make up b-b-better this way!" Hinata explained.

"Then shouldn't we just make sure that they do?" Sai asked confused.

Sai was going to run out of the building after them when Hinata said nothing. But she grabbed his hand and exclaimed, "No, don't go!"

"Why are you stopping me? Is there something important you need to tell me right now?" Sai asked.

Hinata nodded, blushed, and Sai just stood there waiting for her to tell him what he needed to know. Hinata looked up at him, took a deep breath, and said, "I-I-I like you Sai… I love you…"

Sai stared at Hinata for a second while she stared at him embarrassed, hopeful, and desperate. But an image of Naruko calling him appeared in his head. Then he realized the answer to his question. He was madly in love with Naruko.

So he bowed in front of Hinata, and said, "I'm sorry but I can't return your feelings. You see I can't see you as anything but a friend and there's someone else I really like."

Tears began to well up in Hinata's eyes but she shook them off. "It's-it's okay… I understand…" Hinata said, "I wish you the best of luck with that person."

Sai didn't know what to say so he turned around and said, "Thank you, Hinata-chan…"

Hinata blushed and looked the other way while Sai ran off to search for Naruko. She sighed, Hinata knew that it was inevitable that she was going to cry but she didn't want to embarrass herself by doing so. So she began walk to the exit of the building, and thought looking up at the ceiling, "I knew this would happen… but I'm even more hurt then I thought…"

Meanwhile, in the rose garden behind the dance building Sasuke had caught up with Naruko. He grabbed Naruko by the arm and she turned to look at him with tear filled eyes. "You shouldn't run like that… you could ruin your make up, hair, and dress," Sasuke said.

"I don't care… because I've never been so humiliated in my life…" Naruko said falling to her knees.

"Worse then that time you stepped in dog poop about four times? Or the time you got an autographed picture of you in the ugliest position ever?" Sasuke asked.

"No, that's still worse…" Naruko replied, "But I still hate being humiliated like that."

"Well, like you said," Sasuke said kneeling in front of her, "You're going to be hokage someday so they'll all regret laughing at you someday."

Naruko looked at him surprise; not once had Sasuke ever said that she was ever going to be hokage. So she asked, "Do y-you really think so?"

Sasuke looked at her surprised and some what red face. He took a deep breath and said, "No, not really."

Naruko snapped and yelled, "Then what the hell?!"

"I'm sort of kidding," Sasuke replied.

"What do you mean 'sort of'?!" Naruko asked ticked off even more.

"Well… I don't seriously believe an idiot like you could be hokage," Sasuke replied.

Naruko hung her head down and she began to feel disappointed in herself. Sasuke then grabbed her chin and lifted it so that she would be looking at him. "Let me finish," Sasuke said, "I also think that you've got enough stupidity to be hokage. Plus I think you'd look good in the hokage's outfit (not really but sort of)."

Naruko looked at Sasuke again while blushing. Sasuke blushed and looked down. While Naruko thought that Sasuke looked cute, Sasuke was thinking, "I can't believe I said that."

"why are you being so nice to me? You know we're rivals, right?" Naruko asked.

"Well, after the training with Orochimaru I'm too strong for you now. So we are no longer rivals," Sasuke replied.

Naruko felt herself get angry again but then she calmed herself down. She then realized that Sasuke hadn't answered her first question. "Wait, then why are you so kind to me now? I mean you used to be so mean to me," Naruko asked confused.

Sasuke blushed, crossed his arms, and looked the other way. "Because I realized something when I got back," Sasuke replied.

"What….did you realize?" Naruko asked hesitantly.

"Uh… I think you're prettier, a little more mature, and I think I…." Sasuke said, and then his voice began to fade off at the end.

"And what?" Naruko asked zooming her face closer to his.

Sasuke pushed her face away by an inch and said, "I realized that I'm in love with you, dobe."

"What?" Naruko asked surprised.

"I am in love with you. Do you have knotholes for ears or what?" Sasuke said irritated.

"Oh…" Naruko said.

Then the two were quiet for about three whole minutes. Naruko decided to break the silence and ask, "So what do we do now?"

"Well, first is first," Sasuke said, "How do you feel about me?"

Naruko thought about her feelings toward Sasuke for a minute. Like how he had been so kind to her lately and how he was before. While she was thinking about that Sai, who was looking for Naruko now, was walking toward the two. Sai was only a couple feet away from Naruko, in fact he was almost he was almost right behind her. Naruko didn't noticed because she had just realized her feeling, but Sasuke did.

"I love you too, Sasuke," Naruko said, stopping Sai dead in his tracks.

Sasuke got turned on and also wanted to make Sai upset. So he grabbed both of Naruko's hands and pinned her to the ground. Naruko looked up at him surprised. "Then will you go out with me?" Sasuke asked seductively.

Naruko gulped and said looking the other way, "Yes…"

Sasuke looked up at Sai and smirked. Sai gulped, he didn't know what to say. But he knew that something was beginning to jab at his heart inflicting an aurora of pain on him. Sasuke then looked back at Naruko, who still had no idea Sai was watching. Then Sasuke face lowered to Naruko's and they kissed a sweet kiss; while Sai ran away right after seeing it.

The end of chapter 4

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