Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Spoilers: None
Ratings: T
Genre: Humor
Type: Drabble
Location: Trill's Diner, Balancoire, Mira
Background: Inside Trill's Diner are many treats you'd expect to find in a popular family restaurant: Spring Boiled Sea Bream, Bacon, Pow Milk Soup. All of them are decidedly delectable dishes, but as the group tours Trill's Diner, one item in particular seems to appeal to Kalas' adult tastes.

Storage Space

The barrels are filled with expensive wine. You think about it for a second. Nah... impossible to carry.

Kalas turned his back to the others, using one hand to draw his cape open and the other to adjust his grip on the thick bottle. He squeezed the neck nervously and looked around. No one seemed to be watching... so far so good.

Now to find a place to put the thing. This was becoming something of a problem — a bottle of wine wouldn't exactly clip onto his belt, and hidden under his crotch cape it'd be sure to attract attention. Maybe if he put it down his...

Uh oh.

"Hey kid! What are you doing, putting that there!?"

A/N: Haha... How I do love Kalas. Can't you just see him trying to smuggle himself a nice smooth bottle of wine, only to get his hands slapped away by some nosy adult? Bless his little malformed heart, he just wanted a swig or two...

...Anyway, I figured it was high time that I start a drabble collection and stop clogging up the Baten Kaitos section with drabbles and other nonsense. :P I'll post fics inspired by specific quotes from the games here, but if I get any AU ideas I'll post those separately. Hope you enjoy!