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ORGASM! 2: The Legend of Kira


"Oh! A puppy! Oh, look, Raito, a puppy!"

"Look, Sayu-"


"We're not-"

"I said PUPPY-"


The young girl stopped in her tracks and turned around, eyes watering at the awful tone her big brother was using. Raito was breathing harshly, having had to scream at the top of his lungs just to get her to stop going on. Unfortunately, his scream had sounded like that you would hear from an abusive, drunk father and everyone on the street that day in downtown Tokyo stopped and glared at the brunet.

Raito sighed and tried to ignore Ryuuk's "hyuk"ing beside him. "Hey, Raito," he said, "your Kira is showing."

"Shut it," Raito grumbled.

Sayu pouted. "Raito, you yelled at me…"

"… I'm sorry, you know, but you're just being unreasonable." Raito walked up, closing the few feet of distance between the two. "Puppies are a lot of work."

"Mom said you have to be nice to me today."

"That's right, she said that," Ryuuk commented.

Raito ignored him. "Since when does 'nice' constitute buying small animals?"

"It'll be my birthday present, okay, Raito?"

"Your birthday's in June."


"It's February."

"… Yeah, but… look yonder!" she shouted and pointed down the street where there was a man standing in a strange, sordid attire in front of a large cardboard box. There was a messily drawn sign that read: 'Puppys 4 SaLE.'

Raito squinted his eyes, shielding his eyes from the sun with his hand. "Oh, Sayu, that's some shady dealer who probably has flea-ridden - did you just say yonder?"

Sayu whirled around, clasping her hands together. "Please, big brother?"


Ryuuk laughed heartily.

Raito sighed and looked at his sister levelly. "We will go check it out. Nothing else, all right?"

"Okay!" she yipped and skipped down the sidewalk.

Raito and Ryuuk walked at length behind her. Ryuuk said idly, "You're going to cave and give her one of those pups, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not. I'll let her pet them and once they fall dead from disease, she'll be disgusted and want something else. I know my sister," he said.

"… You're kind of weird."

"Yeah, yeah. Hush." Raito quieted when he approached the stand and his sister. He and Ryuuk looked into the box where there were about five puppies, all spotted and running around on a dirty towel placed on the bottom of the box.

"How much?" Sayu asked, excitedly bouncing up and down on her toes.

"Five dollars a pop," the man said proudly. His outfit was even stranger up close; his long, blond hair was all over his shoulders with twigs and leaves caught up in it and his purple, silky cape was in tatters. He stopped smiling when he noticed Raito looking at him with such contempt and then turned his head to him, trying to fake a smile. "Um… would you like one?"

"Just where did you get these puppies?" Raito asked.

"Oh, I found them."

"… Found them?"

"Yes, they're orphans. I found them on the street," he explained.

Raito paused for a second. "You stole these puppies out of random people's yards, didn't you?"

The man blushed. "Uh, uh… why, no, I-"

"Raito, look at this one!" Sayu exclaimed, reaching in and picking up one of the smaller ones. She smiled at him and planted a kiss on his forehead. "I love him!"

"Sayu, that's dirty!" Raito groaned.

"No, really," the man said, "I washed them."

"With what?" Raito asked sharply.

"… saliva…"

Raito gasped.

"Big brother!"

"NO!" he wailed and took Sayu by the hand, leading her away and forcing her to leave the puppies behind. Ryuuk floated behind them, laughing to himself at how Sayu threatened to yell rape if Raito wouldn't let her go. He told her that wouldn't work three times in a row.

"… Hm? Hey, Raito, company," Ryuuk said, looking behind them.

Raito perked up and let go of Sayu's wrist, turning around to see that strange man abandoning his puppy stand and running after them. "Wait, wait," he called.

Raito looked at him shrewdly. "What do you want?"

"L-Listen," he panted, clearly an out of shape individual, "it would really help me out if you could buy one, sir… see, well, my name is Bon Bon and-"

"Good Lord, a stripper!" Raito announced, disgusted.

"No, no! A magician! I'm an out of work magician…"

Sayu whirled around. "Oh, a magician, really? Can you do tricks?"

"Yeah, I can."

Raito raised an eyebrow. "If you can do tricks, why are you out of work?"

Bon Bon sighed. "Truthfully, I don't know. Things just haven't gone well for me in the past year… And the last job I had… well, I didn't even get paid! They just used me," he sobbed. "So I decided to come to Japan where people might appreciate my talent more. But people have only shunned me and now I'm trying to raise money to go to the States. I've heard they have people like me there. So… please… buy my puppies."

Sayu had fallen asleep during Bon Bon's tales of misery and woe and was then leaning her head tenderly on her brother's hip. Raito sighed and looked from her to Bon Bon's watery eyes.

"Look," Raito whispered, so as not to wake up Sayu, "I'll give you ten bucks. Just keep the dogs, all right?"

"Oh… Oh, thank you, kind sir!" Bon Bon wailed.

"Shut up," Raito grumbled, digging around in his back pocket. He fished out a ten and handed it over.

Bon Bon held the bill as if it were a sacred jewel. "Your kindness…" he whispered, "you'll never know how much it means…"

"… It's ten dollars."

"It's a symbol to me of the rarity of goodness in human hearts…"

"Are you crying?"

"No one's ever been so kind to me!"

"I can see why."

Bon Bon lunged forward and grasped Raito's hands in his. "You're God to me!"

Ryuuk was on the floor in laughter. "How's that ego doin', Raito?" he asked through chuckles.

Raito frowned. "Just what're you doing to my hands?"

"I can't just leave with your money - please, take this gift I have to offer." Bon Bon closed his eyes and chanted, "To this man from me, I give him some fun. The power to pleasure - the ability to come!"

There was a small flash of blue glowing from their hands and then - nothing.

"… What did you just say to me?"

"Now, you have a completely special gift! Really fun at parties. Just wiggle your fingers and say 'orgasm!' and whoever you aim it at will be putty in your hands!"

"… Jesus…"

Bon Bon stood up and gave a curt bow. He smiled and then ran back to his puppy stand which was currently being graffitied by local punks.

Raito looked around. "Are we on candid camera?"

"Hey, Mom! Mooooooooom! Look at what Raito bought for me!"

Sayu had burst into the door when Raito had barely unlocked it and went sandstorming into the house with her brand new prepaid cell phone that Raito had purchased at one of the shops on the way home. When she had woken up, she had screamed and whined and accused Raito of sending the nice "puppy-man" away. She didn't at all believe his story about him being a desperate pervert and after the third time of trying to explain, Raito just gave up.

He heard his mother vaguely congratulate Sayu on getting her way with older men in the kitchen and he himself headed upstairs with Ryuuk casually floating behind.

"Well, that was pretty interesting," Ryuuk commented.

"Interesting? Going out with Sayu is a huge pain."

"No, no, I meant that guy, the magician."

Raito opened his bedroom door and went inside, watching as Ryuuk went through the wall. "Aw, come on, you don't seriously believe that, do you? He wasn't a magician, he was a con-artist."

"But you gave him money."

"… So?"

"So doesn't that mean you got conned?"

"… No. I gave it to him so he'd leave us alone. Obviously, he wasn't very good at it so I gave him a few bucks, what's the big deal?"

Ryuuk sat down on Raito's bed and looked at him as if he was withholding laughter.

Raito turned a little pink. "Look, just shut up!"

"Rai-tooo got coooonned," the shinigami sang.

The brunet plopped down at his computer chair, more than a little embarrassed at the situation. Had he really been conned? This was completely inexcusable and Raito was suddenly appalled that magic-puppy-perverts were on the loose in Tokyo.

He reached into his desk drawer and whipped out the Death Note onto his desk, taking out a pen at the same time.

Ryuuk perked up. "Oh? You're going to kill that magician?"

"How many times do I have to tell you, he was not a magician."

"You don't know that."

"I do know that."

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and both males in the room looked up. Raito hurried and stuffed the Death Note back into the drawer upon saying, "Who is it?"

"Raito, darling, it's me," squealed a voice.

Raito groaned. "Come in, Misa."

Ryuuk said, "You should really tell your mom to censor which scantily-clad blondes she allows in your room."

The door opened with a flourish and Misa was there in her gothic-Lolita attire with Rem floating dourly behind her. "What's that about blondes?" she asked.

"Hey, hey," Ryuuk whispered. "Try out your new power now, Raito. Come on."

"I don't have-"

"Just for fun!"

Raito groaned wearily and raised his hands to the blonde standing there without a clue of what was going on. He wiggled his fingers and said, "Orgasm."

Misa blushed furiously and giggled. "Oh, Raito, you naughty - Ahhhhhh!" she squeaked and fell to the floor in a fit of convulsions.

Rem gasped. "Misa!"

Raito blinked.

To be continued!

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