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Kel walked out of the big room with no feelings showing on her face. I am Stone. She got to the door, and turned and glared at her -now old- training master, Lord Wyldon. She packed as much ice as she could into it. She tried to put all of her anger in that one expression, and tried not to look triumphant when she saw how it unsettled him. She wasn't used to being mean, but it had to be done. It wasn't fair. She did everything as well if not better than the other pages. Why must he treat her differently? Because she was a The Girl? I'll show him. I don't know how, but I will show him. I will come back and earn my shield. She replaced the glare with a strong look of determination, and then wiped it clean of all emotions. She turned and went back to her room, trying not to cry with the overwhelming emotion she felt.

Lord Wyldon shivered. That glare was the most intimidating expression he's ever seen, especially on the face of a young girl. He's faced Scanrans before, why should this scare him at all? Surely someone of his experience of war and life of a field knight wouldn't be frightened of that.

Neal walked into Kel's room to see the girl he had some to respect and regard as a best friend, crying. He gasped, and rushed into her room. He embraced her, worried about this strange show of emotion. Did the stump kick her out? He felt her stiffen, and try to make the tears stop. Then after a moment, relax and let it out. He rubbed her back, and rocked back and forth. He got over his shock by thinking of ways to get back at The Stump. But he didn't tell Kel that, she would just scold him. She'd probably say he was doing it to make her a better person. She couldn't say knight anymore. This was just wrong.

Kel mentally slapped herself. How dare she cry! And it was even worse when Neal came in. What a disgrace! Then he hugged her, and she automatically stiffened and tried to stop crying. Then she remembered she wasn't in the Yamani Islands anymore, and melted into her best friends arms. She sat like that, waiting for the flood of tears to stop.