Death And Rebirth


The story like every tale had a beginning, but this beginning instead of new adventures or new lives being born; it was death and destruction, with disappearance and mystery filling it.

The tale begins with the Tracy family shutting down the rescue organisation better known as International Rescue; all of the rescue machine sealed away inside their hangers but what shocked them the most was the switching of Thunderbird Five, the geostationary orbital satellite of the fleet was switched to the automated system that was only activated once.

The closure of the rescue organisation brought the family back together but only because of the death of their matriarch, the Grandmother of the Tracy family had died peacefully in her sleep.

She lost the fight against the illnesses that plagued her ageing body, arthritis was just the beginning for her. Soon more illnesses appeared, mutated from original viruses of old.

Weeks flew by and the funeral was arranged, a private funeral for close family and friends with a memorial service soon after. The one mistake that they made during the arrangements, that mistake was setting up the memorial service being in the nearby restaurant with open bar.

The thing with alcohol is that it freed the tongues of the people that drank enough of it, it was a common fact amongst the Tracy family that the middle born son was a light weight when it came to the drinking of beer or such strong alcoholic drinks.

This is where the story begins...

Leaning heavily against the main bar, the middle born son stared down into the glass of whisky. His mind was going over the last conversation he had had with his grandmother, he didn't even get to say good bye to her as he was stuck up on the satellite while the spaceship was in need of repair after damage was sustained in the last space mission.

"Hey, want to talk?" A voice interrupted him from his thoughts, making him look to his right.

"Not really, just want to finish this drink then will head to the hotel... unless our father got something else planned" John replied seeing his oldest brother, Scott.

"Your leave starts today, so you can stay if you want... we were going to head back to the hotel then leave from there, we can't leave it locked down forever" Scott replied softly, ordering his own whisky.

"I'll take up that offer, anything to keep away from the island for a little while longer" John muttered and downed his drink.

"John take it easy, you know how you get on that stuff" Another voice said joining them.

"Virgil's right John, stick to the one OK?" Scott asked with a sigh.

"I don't see why I shouldn't, it's not your decision what I should and shouldn't do" John replied glaring at his brothers.

"You got to say goodbye to her and I didn't! I was stuck up there still on duty while you got compassionate leave, to shut down the organisation" He continued, "You know, sometimes I don't even feel like I'm a part of the family!"

"John! How can you say that? Here of all places and all times?" Jeff said, raising his voice above his son.

"Because it's the truth Dad! I never got to say goodbye to her, the last talk we had was planning a trip to Cornwall in the UK and then a few days later I get that call... I never got to say goodbye because I was up there, alone!" John said loudly, gaining attention.

"Get him out of here now!" Jeff ordered his sons, "Before anything else is said" He added and watched as Scott and Virgil take John out of the bar.

Scott sighed as he leaned against the closed door of his hotel room, he listened to the silence of the hotel rooms around him realising that the hotel walls were soundproofed.

"We're not staying are we?" The eldest Tracy sibling asked, hearing footsteps knowing that it could only be their father.

Jeff sighed, looking down at the ground before looking up to his son, "We're not, it's been closed down for long enough... we should get back before more lives are lost" He said to his eldest son, feeling tired from the emotional few days.

"OK Dad, I'll get everyone else up and then we'll go... this room is booked under one of the alias that we got, so no one will disturb him" Scott replied nodding his head to the closed door opposite him, a 'do not disturb' sign hanging off the door handle.

"Best if he did stay here, I would want to talk to him but I think I'll wait until John has a clearer head first" Jeff replied and left for his own hotel room, to pick up his over night bag.

Scott sighed and looked at the closed door once more before heading to the bedroom he had shared with Virgil that past night.

"Wait Joe, what was that? Circle around a minute!" The police officer ordered his pilot as they flew high above the swamps of Florida, they had been called out after reports of smoke drifting out of the Everglades.

"Think I saw it Kale, let's try" Joe replied and turned the helicopter around in a tight 180, turning around and saw black billowing smoke rising out of part of the deep marshlands.

"That's a private jet isn't it? Or what's left of one... oh man, we better call for ground support" Kale said as he used the binoculars to get a better look at the burning plane below them as Joe kept them out of the smoke as best as he could.

Joe nodded and radioed the authorities for backup, they had found what they were looking for. The remains of Tracy One, reported missing only three hours ago. It was said to contain all of the Tracy family on their way back to their private island after attending a private funeral.

"So what's going to happen now, guess that the bureaucrats will take over Tracy Industries" Kale said after a while as they watched over the burning craft.

"Have to wait and see won't we Kale, I guess they would take over... run it by the board of directors like other businesses" Joe replied as he kept the circling course high above the crash site.

"Wonder what brought her down like that" Kale muttered to himself.

"Shit happens Scott, we knew it was coming but even so it's not easy." John grumbled, helping his brother fly the private plane from the co-pilot seat. He couldn't stand being near the rest of his family as his head still hurt from the hangover, he wondered why he let his family push him around like this.

They now talked about the main topic that was on everyone's minds since John's drunken outburst, Grandmother Tracy's death.

"How the hell would you know you hadn't seen her in three years." Scott retorted, glancing over at his brother as they flew close to the Everglades.

"And that's my fault how? Any one of you could have taken over the reigns of Five for a few months allow me to stay down here for longer than a week but no each of you decided that you were too important to leave the island." The eldest blonde Tracy said loudly, making him wince and sink in the seat with the controls locked in front of him.

"We've had more rescues that time off John, you know that as much as anyone." Scott replied with a small sigh, feeling a headache of his own build up.

"I'm well aware I'm also more than capable of flying any of the Birds and using the equipment, just once I'd like to have the chance of being in the thick of it instead of watching from high orbit. I'm sick to death of sitting on my ass doing nothing." John retorted, turning to look at his brother before rubbing the bridge of his nose to fight off the headache.

"You are as necessary as anyone John." Scott tried to defuse the situation, his brother had let his feelings be known several times over the last year, since the close destruction of Thunderbird Two a year ago he had wanted to get back into the hands on rescues that the rest of the brothers did on a regular basis. "Sorry, I didn't mean what I said and I'm sorry you didn't get to say goodbye."

"Yeah me too." John grumbled, "We've got something on Radar, intermittent signals."

"It's small could be a bird or something." Scott replied, glancing at the radar himself while looking at the air around them from his view.

"No it's too fast for that, I can't pin it down." John said, trying his best to lock the signals.

The two were interrupted as the port wing of the Aircraft disappeared in a flash of light and the crash of a detonation, the entire vehicle bucked and twisted in the air as the powerful aircraft was physically pushed over onto its side. Black smoke and flames trailing from the remains of the wing the inboard engine trying to keep the cripple craft stable.

A second missile slammed into the rear fuselage, the explosive head blowing the port rudder from it's mounting and shredding reinforced structure. A dark blur spun passed the Tracy aircraft spinning in place to point its main guns directly at the cockpit.

"Fuck, get us out of here." John shouted to Scott, "Activating jamming systems." He added, his hands flying over the co-pilot controls trying to help his brother get them out of this attack.

"I'm taking us down, we need to get this fire out."

"Mayday Mayday this is Tracy Industries Flight One to anyone out there, we are under attack by an unknown aircraft. We have been damaged and are attempting evasive actions." John shouted into the radio.

"Repeat this is Tracy Industries Flight One under attack…"

"We're being jammed, nothing is getting out!" John replied, trying to hide the panic out of his voice.

"What about the IR frequencies?" Scott asked, as he battled to keep the plane in flight even with the alarm sounding around them.

"With the engines crippled there's not enough power left to punch through to the hyper bands." John replied, "We're losing systems all over the plane."

"John, Scott, what's going on up there?" Jeff's voice called from the passenger compartment behind them.

"Stay strapped in Dad." Scott replied, "We're under attack, get everyone to the rear, we're going to detach the drop pod. We'll try to get this bastard away from you, John's on his way down to join you."

"What? Like hell…" John began.

"John we need to get everyone off, we only need one pilot to keep this thing running. The pod's small enough and fast enough to get you all back to the island before whoever that is find you. Now get out…"

Scott Tracy never finished his demand, as the black craft banked across the sky it let rip with a barrage from its quadruple cannons, three quarter inch rounds pierced the reinforced glass and metal fuselage pounding through the Scott's body and showering the elder with the remains of his brother's internals.

With Scott's controls shattered by the barrage John was forced to use the secondary co-pilot's controls, the half destroyed systems made the once expensive and technologically advanced aircraft a dead weight as the engines began to power down their controls compromised.

"Mayday! This is Tracy Industries Flight One to anyone that can hear us, this is John Tracy we have been attacked and have experienced casualties." His voice sounding emotionally detached to his ears, from the crisis at hand.

The safety of the rest of his family had allowed him to push back the death of his brother and the imminent destruction of the aircraft either through combat or crashing into the ocean at a high Mach speed. "Dad, is everyone in the pod?"

"Not quite John, there's wreckage blocking the access way Gordon and Alan are working on it. Are you two OK?"

"Not as such Dad, but as well as can be expected." He lied, "We're going down and I don't think either of us can get to the pod in time, you'll have to go without us."

"John." Jeff's voice spoke quietly from the cabin behind him, the tone in his father's voice changed as he recognised exactly what the unsaid words meant. "I understand."

"Dad…" John muttered, hearing a soft sigh from his father.

"It's OK John I know, you tried it's not your fault. Who is it firing on us?" He asked, moving closer to the cockpit.

"I don't know his stealth is better then those on the Birds, no shape, no signature, no lock, but he should be as bad odd with our countermeasures. He hasn't hit us with missiles since and I think the gunfire was a reflex hit, we can't see him and he can't see us." John replied, feeling his arms shake from trying to keep control on the jet.

"He can track us through the smoke from the engines son, we need to get lower mix the smoke with some spray and cool down the wings." Jeff replied, holding onto the door between the cabin and the cockpit.

"That may not be a problem Dad, we're going down as it is, I can't get us any higher." John replied, seeing that they were loosing height quickly.

"How long?"

"Three minutes maybe less, you need to get out of there now." John called back, sounding urgent in his voice as his arms and shoulders started to scream in pain of cramps from fighting the controls of the crippled jet.

"We're trying, I don't think we're going to get everyone in before we go down John. I'm coming up to the cockpit...." Jeff started to say, his hand on the handle of the door.

Another flash of light slammed into the side of the Aircraft blowing a chunk out of the side, John lost all control of the Aircraft as the impact sending it into a spin.

Gravity crushed John into his chair throwing him to the side, he could only watch in despair as he saw the shredded bodies of three people drifting in the sea thrown out of the plane by the impact.

Kyrano, Tin-tin and Jeff Tracy all barely recognisable as their former selves as shrapnel and burst covered much of their bodies, entire limbs ripped from the body of his father. Tin-tin's head cleaved in half from a piece of plexiglass from a window, paradoxically Kyrano looked intact as if he were simply asleep floating a the seas, the bodies disappeared out of sight as the aircraft was thrown violently by a forth and final explosion as the fuel tanks within the wings erupted.

John could only watch in silence as the plane burnt around him, the ocean closing in at high speed. With the last of his possible strength he punch the control for the safety pod launching the lifeboat into the sea saving his brothers, closing his eyes a single tear was pushed from his eye and into his hair.

The Thunderbirds were hurt but they would go on, he wished his remaining brothers luck as he impacted on the surface of the water. A flash of light came from the side and he squeezed his eyes shut as the after image of the Pod's explosion embedded itself on his retinas.

Blackness engulfed him as he collided with the bright blue water only miles from home.

The Thunderbirds were dead.

The black aircraft watched the Tracy aircraft go down, the pilot smirked as he launched a final missile into the side.

It hadn't surprised him that the electronic countermeasures of the pride of Jeff Tracy's fleet had been so advanced, most other aircraft would have lost the speedy plane long beforehand the ECM would have all but made them invisible.

Unfortunately for the ex astronaut his attacker had been more than capable of taking them down, the missiles had been easily able to lock onto the Aircraft blowing holes out of the fuselage and igniting the engines.

The fact it had taken him so much ammunition to take down a passenger plane was a testament to Tracy's head designer Hackenbacker, whom was most likely dangling from his neck in an apparent suicide in London.

He watched as a trio of disfigured bodies were blown out of the side only to crash into the ocean below, one he could easily recognise on his HUD as Jeff Tracy his primary target. The IR scans had read multiple deaths both in and out of the plane, only four warm bodies still existed which meant he had also been able to take down one of the brothers.

The smirk transformed into a full grin as he watched the pilot eject a pod from the rear of the aircraft, one very much the same as that on the American president's own aircraft.

With a slight nudge he sent the last of his missiles into the pod as it landed, unable to see him and unable to evade the pod detonated killing those aboard. Satisfied with his actions he turned from the doomed Aircraft sending a final burst of fire into the forward sections before disappearing into the clouds.

"Mission Accomplished." He said aloud laughing.

The Thunderbirds were Dead

It was a good day.

With the destruction of Tracy One, informed to contain the Tracy family and their friends. The rescue organisation known as the Thunderbirds disappeared along with them, many speculation was gossiped around the planet but soon died down like gossip would once the sources ran dry.

But that was not the only thing happening around the planet, disaster after disaster caused many people their lives.

The fires spread across the forest heading straight for civilisation, but no matter how fierce the fire fighting teams fought it still took control and destroyed the evacuated town. They called back to the rocks and watched as their homes were destroyed in one of the worst fires in they had seen in their lifetime.

On the other side of the planet, a great destructive earthquake left thousands dead and hundreds trapped or injured with rescue teams working around the clock to try and save everyone that they could, putting their own lives at risk while rescue calls and appeals went out.

This continued around the world, terrible accidents or severe weather destroyed homes, families and lifestyles around the world and one thing kept going through their minds.

Where were their heroes? Where were the Thunderbirds?

Unknown to the world population, the Thunderbirds craft lay forgotten and abandoned on Tracy Island. Locked securely inside of their hangers, waiting for their pilots to come and let them free into the air once more but that was never to be.

They sat now, abandoned and forgotten to the world gathering dust with only the memories of the inhabitants of the island, echoing around like lost spirits with the only hope that they would discovered one day soon and help the suffering planet once more.