Kim Possible sat at her favorite booth in the newly rebuilt Bueno Nacho, nursing a slowly melting smoothie. She kept glancing nervously at the entrance. Then her eyes would return to her cup.

Finally, the one she was desperately waiting on arrived. She waved frantically in an unneeded gesture to attract the newcomer's attention. The arrival's eyes locked on the corner booth, rapidly advancing to take a seat.

"Baby girl, what's got you so frantic you'd ask me to meet you here at this time of the morning?"

Kim glanced around, then leaned close. "You didn't see Ron on your way over here, did you?"

Monique jerked back. "No, why?" She drew close, "Is there trouble in paradise? Did the boy do something?"

"Yes...ah...no...that is, maybe." Kim told her cup.

Monique began to grin wickedly. "Let me guess. You two were out last night, and somebody we won't name, but who has blond hair and freckles, developed a case of Roman hands."

Emerald eyes raised in wonder. "Wha...How did you...are you spying on us?"

Monique's grin grew, "Nope, don't have to. So what happened?"

Kim's blush dimmed the sun.'

"Oh, boy! Don't tell me you..."

"NO!" Kim looked around nervously, "It's just that he...and then I..."

Monique leaned forward, "Our boy went exploring and you were HTGATTS?"


"Having too good a time to stop." Monique translated. "Someday I'm going to get a friend who understands me." She muttered under her breath.

"I was not!" Kim spat indignantly before dropping her eyes back to her smoothie. "Well, not that I didn't...I mean it felt...and then he...and it's not like I haven't dropped a few hints...it's just..."

Monique glanced at her watch, "Ok, Baby Girl, sooner or later I have to go to work. So I have a question. You and Ron both enjoyed yourselves, right?"

"Well, yes." Kim spoke hesitantly.

"And with you all sixteen kung fu, don't even tell me you couldn't handle a couple of wandering hands. Especially Ron's."

"Of course I can."

"Then what's the problem?"

Kim half stood, looking over the booth backs. She glanced carefully around the restaurant, making sure no one was close. She leaned toward her BGF. "Promise you won't tell?"


"I mean it, swear you won't tell anyone else."

Monique decided to humor her naive, if famous, friend. "I promise."


Monique sighed, "I swear. May I never have fashion first again if I tell."

Kim eyed her suspiciously, but finally began. "Ok," she whispered, "I can take care of hands. So not a problem. It was, it was..." She took a long drink from her smoothie.

"What? What? It was what?" Monique leaned forward eagerly.

Kim's voice barely covered the eight inches between them. "It was his tail."

Monique blinked, "His what?"

"His tail, all right? His tail." Kim growled.

Monique's smile grew, her lips twitched. Finally she collapsed in laughter.

"It's not funny!"

Wiping her streaming eyes, Monique gasped. "Oh, Kim, I knew you were a little naive, but I was sure you knew..."

"Not that." Kim interrupted, blushing furiously. "Of course I knew about that." She leaned forward in confidence, "It wasn't that, it was his tail."

"Wait, you mean his tail, tail? As in..."

"Yes. Furry and limber, and too dang curious for it's own good."

Monique sat stunned. "Whoa, whoa, TO. Ron has a tail? A for real... How come I never heard this before? After all, the boy does go to gym, surely someone would have noticed."

Kim just watched her.

"You said it was furry and limber?"

Kim nodded.

"And you also said," A sly smile began to grow on Monique's lips, "that 'it was too curious for it's own good'."

Kim blushed, but nodded vigorously.

Monique looked left, then right. She leaned forward confidentially, "You, ah, wanna tell me what "the tail" was curious about?"


Monique sat back, crossing her arms on her chest. "Well, if that's all, I gotta get to work and..." Her eyes stared challenging into the dismayed emerald orbs in front of her.

Kim's gaze dropped first. "O..ok. I'll tell. But you have to..."

"I know, I know, zipped lips." Monique interrupted, "Now, give."

"We...ah...we were in the tree house, on the couch. I was kissing Ron, or we were kissing each other, or..." Kim got a wicked grin on her face. "I'm telling you, Mo, that boy really knows how to kiss. He does this thing with his tongue that..."

"Hold it. TMI." Monique gestured with one open palm.."I'll go with he's a good..,"

"Great!" Kim insisted.

"OK,ok, great kisser. Don't need to know the particulars. Just get on with the main action."


Kim lifted her head, her breathing rapid and heavy. With one last peck on Ron's nose, she raised enough to look her BFBF in the eyes. "Ok, mister," she whispered, "I have two questions."

Ron reached up to nibble under her chin.

"Ummm, stop that, Ronnie, I'm trying to be serious here."

"Listening KP, all attention." Ron mumbled between tiny licks at her neck.

"Ahhhhh, yeah, ah...,Ron?" Kim tried to focus. "First question, where did you get the mink glove, and second, how long do you want to go without the use of that hand if that glove moves any lower?"

Ron eased lower, savoring the hollow at the base of his GF's neck. "Ah, KP, what glove? And what lower. Lower than your shoulders?"

Kim felt his fingers tap one shoulder, then another set of fingers tap the other shoulder. Her head snapped up. "What...aaaaaaaaaaaa..."

Kim's voice trailed off.

Monique leaned forward, "Yeah? Yeah? And then? Come on, girlfriend, you can't stop there."

Kim talked to her smoothie.

"Girlfriend, you are going to have to look at me and speak up. What happened?"

"I...ah...realized that if Ron had one hand on one shoulder and the other hand on my other shoulder, something was seriously wrong." She looked around the area, avoiding Monique's eyes. "I mean it had really felt good, but when I... I...I just...I..." Kim hid her face in her hands.

"You freaked." Monique said matter of factly.

Kim peeked between her fingers. "Totally."


Kim's fingers closed. "It was bad enough that somebody besides Ron had been rubbing my back, but that's when it...it...got curious."


"I freaked because it went down my cargoes and rubbed my butt, OK." Kim spit out.

"Yes, yes, I can understand that." Monique nodded, "Now if Ron had..."

"Monique! We have so not gone there." Kim blushed.

Monique grinned unrepentantly, "Well, finish the story." She urged.

"Like I said, I freaked. When I came off the couch, since Ron had hold of me, he came with me. But, he lost hold when I scrambled up. He landed on his stomach. I looked around, but there was nobody there. Ron was moaning, I think he hit something when he hit the floor, and that's when I saw it."

"Ronald Dean Stoppable! What is that? And what was it doing in my pants?"

Ron raised his head, for some reason he had a pale green tint to his face, "Wh...what? What's what, KP?"

"That that!" Kim pointed furiously at the furred appendage waving from Ron's pants.

Ron eased his head around, "Oh, that. That's my tail. Has a mind of it's own, never does what I tell it to."

"Is that like 'I washed it and can't do a thing with it?'" Kim growled.

Ron managed to sit up, leaning back against the couch with a groan. "More like it does it's own thing. Kind of like the monkey mojo, KP, it comes and goes."

Kim's mouth opened and closed, attempting to express her disbelief. She finally shook her head and leaped down the ladder, followed by a pained and plaintive, "KP!"

Monique spoke around the fist she was trying to stuff in her mouth to halt the erupting giggles, "Down...down your pants, huh?"

"Yeah," Kim circled her smoothie broodingly. "Right down the middle and then cupped..." Kim's head jerked up. "I did not say that and you did not hear that. Understand?" She glared.

Monique nodded behind her snorts of half held back laughter. "R-right."

Kim sighed, looking at her melted smoothie, "So, what do I do?"

"Well," Monique got out, "you said it felt good, right?"

"Like the finest, softest mink coat you ever touched."

"Maybe...maybe you should think about training." Mo' managed before she collapsed in laughter.

Kim, however, did not laugh. Her eyes opened wide as inspiration struck. "Mo', you're a genius!" She squealed."

"I am? I mean, of course I am." Monique looked up at her standing friend. "Ah, Kim, what are you going to do?"

Kim had a manic gleam in her eye as she stepped out of the booth. "I'm going to find a cattle prod and a book on snake training. Later, Mo'." She walked rapidly out the door.

Monique looked at the slowly closing entrance. "Oh, god, what have I done?" She moaned softly.