Midnight Moon

The low howl of a distant wolf broke the silence of the quiet night. A loud crack of thunder soon came after shaking the small town of konoha. Lightning lit up the

dark and angry sky while water that the clouds had been carrying downpoured heavily into the empty streets. A few people who had not yet found shelter

scampered along looking for cover from the pouring rain. Among them Sakura Haruno struggled to get her appartment door open. She had moved to the small town

a few weeks back and had found that her apartment door often got jammed. Kicking it with a powerful force the door flew open letting her in. Her cherry blossom

pink hair was completely soaked, along with her clothing and shoes. Stripping down her clothes she went to the bath room stepping into the warm stream of water

coming from her shower. It felt very relaxing after experiencing the cold freezing rain. After showering she quikly through on her night gown and settled down on the

couch to watch a movie. Horror of coarse. She always loved a good scare on a dark stormy night. The movie was about some small town and mysterious murders

that turned about to be victims of vampires that sucked their victims blood dry. The movie was pretty scary and gave her the chills. Going to bed that night she

wondered what could happen if there really were vampires. But that was noncense vampires didn't exist, right?

The next day was her first day at school in Konoha High. A new begining she thought. New people, new friends, and new teachers. She was still only a freshman in

high school even though she lived alone. After her parents passed away she sold their house and moved out here. Her apartments rent was cheap and affordable.

She worked over the weekends to pay her bills even though her family was quite wealthy and left their frotune behind. But she didn't want to end up spending all

the money and having nothing to back her up.

Her school day went well and she made a few friends on the way. Now was her lunch period and she had sat down at a table with her new friends Tenten, Hinata,

and Ino. "Hey Sakura!" Tenten greeted. "Come on lets get on line before it gets too crouded." She said sprinting into action. Sakura followed but on her way there

bumped into somone. "Sorry." She apologized. "Hn." The boy mumbled walking away. "Who was that?" She wondered aloud. "Only the cutest boy in school." Ino

shrieked. "But don't get your hopes up, Sasuke doesn't like anyone, the only person he really talks to is that freako loud mouth Naruto Uzumaki." "Oh" Sakura

sighed. "Why is he like that?" She asked. "Who knows?" Ino shrugged. "I heard that his older brother went physcho and murdered his family." "Thats horrible."

Sakura said. "I don't have any family either." She admitted. "They passed away this summer and thats why I moved here." "Oh, I didn't know." Ino said sadly. "So

you live alone?" "Pretty much." Sakura said bluntly. "Just me and the floor boards. " "U-uh guys?" Hinata stuttered. The bells gonna ring soon we should hurry to

class." "Oh" They said in unison. "Anyone have algebra next period?" Sakura asked. "Nope." They replied. " Well then I'll see you later." She said scooping up her

books and heading out the door.

In algebra she sat in the back row of class. Everyone was starting to pour into the classroom getting ready for class. Then she noticed the boy from earlier.

Sasuke, was it? Yeah. To her suprise he was seated in the desk directlty in front of her. Next to him was a boy with blonde spiky hair. Sasuke sat there completely

emotionless staring at the blackboard, while the blonde seemed to be talking to him. Then the blonde turned and looked at Sakura. "Hi!" He suddenly outburst. This

must be the kid Ino was talking about, Naruto. She thought. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, believe it! Whats your name?" "Sakura" She answered. "You new around here,

I've never seen you." He said. "I just moved here this summer." She informed. "Oh, well this quiet guy next to me is Sasuke." Naruto introduced him. "We've met."

She told him. "Eh?" Naruto looked confused then smirked loking at Sasuke. "Do you LIKE Sakura-chan? Naruto asked slyly. With that said, Naruto made quik contact

with Sasuke's fist and the floor. Harsh. Sakura thought. The teacher walked in and saw Naruto on the floor. "Taking a nap, are we?" Kakashi sensei asked. "No

sensei." Naruto said sitting back in his chair badly bruised. "Okay class open your books to page 176." Kakashi sensei ordered begining the days class.

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