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Find Truth,

Kale Ride

Jay Scream went over the plan again in his head. It was perfect. There would be no possible way to stop him. Tomorrow was the first phase if all went well with this phase and the next then all would work out fine. He momentarily allowed a ghost of a smile to cross his lips. It was amusing how it all came down to a fourteen year old boy, that everything rested with one individual who didn't even want to be involved. Tomorrow that boy would once again be thrown into that world and in a most unpleasant way. He almost felt bad for Alex Rider. Almost. Emotion was a luxury he did not allow himself. Emotion was a weakness; emotion caused you to make mistakes. Scream rolled over in his king size four pestered bed. Tomorrow.


Alex groaned and rolled over in his bed to glare at his alarm clock.


He considered yanking the cord out of the wall or throwing it against the wall, or both. But that would be the third one this month.


Alex sat on the edge of his bed and looked at the clock it read 7:30 AM time to get ready for school. Alex sighed he didn't like school; people thought he was weird, and why not he had missed weeks with only the excuse "I was ill" now come on out for two weeks with the flu. He would give anything not to have to go to Brooklyn today only Tom would hang out with him; because only tom knew his secret. That he was not a sickly child but a sort of spy. Not that he had ever asked for this life, it had sort of been shoved into it. Alex shook his head they would not use him again, he would make sure of that.

Twenty minutes later Alex sat downstairs eating breakfast with Jack. This morning it consisted of scrambled eggs, OJ and instant bacon. It was simple but good; after breakfast he said good bye to Jack and headed off to school on his bike. He had arranged to meet Tom at the school gate in ten minutes; he pedaled hard and turned down an alley to avoid riding on the main roads. Half way down the alley his chain fell off his bike he cursed mildly. Fixing the chain was an easy fix but it was annoying all the same. Alex pulled the bike over to the side of the road and dismounted the seat. He kneeled down in front of the chain and started working.

A hand came from behind and covered Alex's nose and mouth with a rag. It was wet and smelled sickly sweet; Alex fought and struggled against the arms holding him but it did no good. He tried not to breath but eventually could hold his breathe no longer and breathed in.

Immediately he felt the drug starting to take effect he didn't want to get away any more all he wanted to do was sleep. No if he fell asleep he would be captured. No more struggling just peaceful and quiet sleep. Stay awake, you don't want sleep, just stay awake! Sleep is waiting no more pain no MI6 just peaceful oblivion.

Eventually Alex couldn't fight it any more, he surrendered to sleep.

Jay Scream smiled as he saw the boy fall into his man's arms completely asleep. Another man ran forward and helped the first man load the boy into the back of a police car. A third man was behind the wheel started the car and the siren and headed off towards Scream's headquarters. Still more men with leather gloves picked up the boy's bike and took it to a van they would plant it somewhere about half a mile from here. The operation had been smooth and exact. By moving the bike any evidence of the kidnapping would not be found. No one would notice that the boy was missing for at least another hour and by then it would be impossible to find Alex; Scream had made sure of it.

Tom was waiting for Alex at the gate of the school. Where was he? He might have been called on another mission but Tom didn't want to think of that. Every time he came back from one of those accursed things he got a little older. His eyes looked a little more like they had seen too much. Tom sighed why couldn't MI6 just leave the boy alone? The bell rang and tom headed into the building; where ever Alex was today Tom was sure it was not pleasant.

Alex groaned as woke up his head felt like it had been hit with a truck. His arms hurt though Alex was unsure why. Where was he? It took a second for Alex to remember what had happened. As soon as the memories returned to him his eyes snapped open; he had been kidnapped. Alex looked around the room where he was bring held it was lime green, a bright annoying shade of green that no one would ever want to paint a room. It took a second for Alex to realize that the room was made completely of green screen.

Ah Crap Alex thought no even if he was found by the feed of the camera staring at him the person looking would see only what his captor wanted them to see. There had to be more of a reason for all the effort made to capture him. Something else was going on here something much bigger than Alex alone.

Tell me it's going to be my job to save the world…again! For a second the thought amused Alex he didn't have super powers or any special "abilities". He wasn't a grown up with a full knowledge of "the force" or whatever the hell adults knew that teenagers didn't. He was fourteen and he'd already saved thousands of lives what was it six maybe seven times now; he'd lost count.

Alex looked up; his arms were suspended above him with lime green chains hung on a lime green hook. Alex sighed and looked around again he was sitting in the middle of the room, the hook was close to a loop, giving just enough room between the end of it and the ceiling to fit a chain at just the right angle. Whoever had kidnapped Alex clearly knew what they were doing and who they were dealing with. They had thought of everything to keep Alex were he was. There it was again. That sense that something else was going on here.

He could reach nothing with his out stretched feet and he could not get his hands free. Unable to find a way to escape Alex resigned to glare at the walls.

Hours passed and Alex still sat in the ugly lime green room finally a man entered the room from a door with a handle only on the outside. Before he closed the door Alex glimpsed a cream wall just outside the door and a portrait of a family. The man approached Alex warily. He showed no emotion his face blank as if he had taken an eraser and erased everything that made him human leaving behind an empty shell. The man's face was pale almost sheet white he wore black jeans and a black polo that looked like they had seen better days as well as old ratty converse, also black. His black clothing only made him look even paler, if that was possible. He hade blue eyes that would have been described as bright had it not looked like all the life had left them long ago. Alex thought that if he ever saw a zombie they would look close to this.

"Good morning Alex." The man said his voice as emotionless as his face, Alex said nothing.

"I am Jay Scream." Though he obviously already knew Alex's name he waited for Alex to say his own; Alex again said nothing. Usually this technique angered the people who captured him and then they made mistakes. Jay Scream didn't even seem phased by his rudeness.

"Well Alex since you will not speak I will inform you of what will happen to you. You have made a great number of enemies Mr. Rider. Enemies who, I assure you want revenge. I, as you can probably see, am not rich and to complete my plan I need money or allies, or both. You will be the source of one or both."

"And how do you expect me to do that? I'm a single fourteen year old boy with no job." Alex feared he already knew the answer to this question but still asked.

"As I said before, Alex, you have made many enemies. Your enemies will pay greatly for me to hand you over to them. You see Alex I will hold an auction inviting only two parties to come. One I'm sure will want you back quite much, they are MI6." Alex said nothing but fought back the urge to lash out at the man, not that his bonds would let him, Scream continued.

"The other I'm sure wants you as much if not more than MI6. I'm sure you remember them, they are Scorpia." Alex felt his insides go cold; Scorpia would certainly want him back, and this time they would ensure that he did not survive.

"The auction will begin in two minutes" With that Scream left the room leaving Alex to fume alone.

Jay scream left the boy alone he would not see the auction. Jay walked to the room directly to the right of Alex's; inside there were two laptop computers each with a webcam. Neither was lit yet the auction would begin in two minutes."

One hour earlier.

Alan Blunt sat at his computer at seven o'clock AM he arrived there every day a precisely the same time. This morning was no exception. As his computer started up an alert came up that he had a new email. Nothing unusual. Blunt clicked on his inbox; the new email appeared in bold Auction, one item-person for sale. You don't want to miss this Blunt. Mr. Blunt stared at the subject usually he would have thrown this in the spam pile of his inbox but two things grabbed his attention; one they had used his name and the other was that it said it "item-person" something wasn't right of that Blunt was sure. Blunt clicked on the email and read.

Good Morning Mr. Blunt,

As you may have guessed I am the auctioneer, I have invited two parties to partake in this single item auction today, yourself at MI6 and the association of Scorpia. If you wish to partake in this Auction click here.

If Scorpia was involved this couldn't be something that Blunt could afford to lose. He clicked and another message appeared on the screen.


If you are reading this it means you are now part of an auction set to begin in exactly 52 minutes. The item on sale is something that I believe you both want and I have gone to great lengths to procure. As I said before you are now in the auction whether you choose to bid is your choice.


Blunt clicked; another window popped up it was a video. In the corner of the screen was a small word that said "LIVE" this was the first thing Blunt noticed about the video. The second was the color of the room. It was bright pink, almost neon, like the color of a highlighter. Lastly Blunt noticed the boy chained with black chains to the ceiling. There was a button on the bottom of the screen that said "ZOOM IN" Blunt dragged the button and zoomed in on the boys face. Blunt caught his breath, he recognized the boy immediately, it was Alex Rider. Blunt punched his intercom. "Get Mrs. Jones in here, NOW!" Blunt looked at the bottom of the screen again.

50 minutes to auction.

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Find Truth,

Kale Ride