Hypothetically Speaking
By: Manna


The Microfic/Drabble Meme
Requested by: Ribbon Scythe (Livejournal), Forced Simile (FFN)

Prompt: "Hypothetically speaking, how would you kiss a girl?"
Pairing/Characters: Serra/Lucius
Fandom: Fire Emblem 7: Rekka no Ken


Lucius had, in his entire life, never expected to come face to face with a fate worse than death. It wasn't that he didn't care about Serra, because he did, but… some of the questions he'd found directed at him left his mouth hanging open in disbelief. Honestly, some of those queries she had, he could not manage to think of an answer to. Did she really have to look so…so

"Brother Lucius!" Her voice washed over him like the tide in the middle of a storm, and he turned his head slightly to acknowledge that she had spoken to him, a small smile on his face as he did so.

"Yes?" he asked politely, inclining his head. "Did you need something, Sister Serra?"

It was exactly one moment too late when he realized that they were alone in the corner of the camp, him sitting underneath a tree and her standing just to the side of him.

She sat down next to him, neatly tucking the skirts of her dress beneath her, still loathe to get herself dirty but accepting of the fact that, after such a long period of time enduring it, once more certainly couldn't hurt. "Hypothetically speaking, how would you kiss a girl?"

If he had been drinking something, he'd have spit it all the way over to where Merlinus tended to his horses, and if he'd been eating, he'd certainly have choked on it. Instead, his eyes widened and he blinked at her, his cheeks heating up as he tried to form a response.

"I, ah, S-Serra, what…what kind of…of question is that?" He realized that he sounded like an idiot, especially when he saw the cute smile on her face (that was obviously a façade, but he'd be damned if he didn't admit it looked innocent).

…Well, he supposed, she probably really was innocent. But didn't she know that the slight curve of her lips was just a little too enticing, and that one piece of hair that had fallen out of her pigtails was just begging to be brushed out of her eyes?

"It's just a question," she said, shrugging her thin shoulders, still smiling that oh-so innocent and sweet smile of hers that he disliked seeing…though only because he found himself drawn to it, and really, he had no business being drawn to her like that…

"Ahh, well…I'm afraid I don't know… I've never thought of it." His eyebrows pushed downward slightly as he tucked some of his blond hair behind his ear, his fingers trembling almost nervously. "I am a monk in the service of St. Elimine," he finally said, his tone slightly confused but mostly just worried. "I am not supposed to dwell on thoughts such as that."

"…You mean you've never kissed…?"


She pouted, slightly, and turned almost sad eyes towards him, eyelashes fluttering, "What if…the right woman came along, and she was so gorgeous and talented that you couldn't help but feel as if Saint Elimine herself had pushed the two of you together?"

He stared, and blinked again, his face reddening. "Ah, I…"

She smirked and leaned close to him, her slightly upturned nose almost touching his. He wanted to back away and stay away, because, well, she was admittedly pretty and he was admittedly attracted to her and he had admittedly taken vows of chastity, and—

"How about I show you how I would…hypothetically kiss a man," she whispered, and his brain seemed to shut down at her words, his mouth gaping slightly just before she pressed her lips against his.


Author Notes:

I won't pretend like I can write these two. But I tried? Yes… Serra's so amusing. And Lucius…haha, he's epic. Thanks for reading! Feedback is always appreciated!