Secret Admirer

Pairings: Tohru/Kyo, Saki/Yuki

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket. I do not own any songs by Heather Wells. Meg Cabot owns Heather Wells and her songs.

Chapter One

Kyo woke up dreading the day ahead of him. Why you may ask? It was February 14th Valentine's Day at school.

At school there were two main fan clubs for the two most popular boys Kyo Sohma and "Prince" Yuki Sohma. On Valentine's Day every fan club member made it their goal to give their candy one of the Sohma boys.

Kyo walked downstairs to get breakfast and see Tohru. "I don't have to worry abut Kagura anymore." Sighs "But I still have to worry about all those fan girls at school though."

Tohru was already cooking breakfast when Kyo walked into the kitchen for some milk.

"Good Morning Kyo. Ready for school today," she said cheerfully with her usual grin on her face when she sensed him in the room.

"Morning. I guess so at least we get to go to a dance later on," he replied as he drank his milk out of the carton.

"True. Are you going to the dance with anyone Kyo?"

"Nope. You?"

"No, but I am hoping 'he' will go with me to the dance if I ask him," she mumbled as she finished breakfast turning to look at Kyo.

Kyo's cat ears perked up. "Who is this 'he'? Do I know him?" asked curiously looking into Tohru's cheerful clear blue eyes.

Tohru looked into Kyo's so red eyes before coming up with a reply, "Yes, you do-"

"Good morning my beautiful flower," Shigure singed as Yuki and him appeared in the kitchen doorway.

"Good morning Shigure. Yuki, it seems you are having a difficult time waking up this morning," Tohru said happily giggling turning towards them before picking up their breakfast heading for the dining room.

"Morning Miss Honda," Yuki said sleepily as he followed Shigure and Tohru into the other room.

Kyo sighed wondering what Tohru was about to say before they interrupted our moment. "Our moment? What am I thinking?" as he sat down next to Tohru at the table.

To be continued….