Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer

Chapter 9

Yuki and Hana arrived back to class a few minutes later as Mayuko started teaching them again.

"Yuki Sohma. Please report to the Student Counsel Room now," called a feminine voice over the intercom.

'She didn't make one of the teachers let her call me down again??' Yuki thought.

Yuki left the others then to see what Kimi and the others needed. When he arrived, he found the door opened.

"Machi? Kakeru? Nanito? Kimi?" He called out as he slowly entered the room to see Kimi standing by herself next to the window singing softly to herself.

'I'm an undercover agent and I'm
staking out your heart
You better run
'cuz when I'm done
You'll be giving me
your heart'

Kimi sighed and smiled softly to herself as she turned to see Yuki standing in the room.


"Where is everyone, Kimi?"

"They went to go talk to some teachers about getting some more supplies, and field trips for the students. They said they would be back later and for me to wait here for you," Kimi said walking over to the light switch turning on the lights and then sitting at the desk next to the door.

"Who were you singing that song to?" Yuki asked softly as he sat down next to her with papers in his hands.

Kimi turned to him. "You heard that?"

Yuki nodded as he started to check off what they needed for the dance not long from now.

"Ohh," she said staring at him, "You."

Yuki looked up at her like he thought she was joking, but she was serious. "Me?"

"Yes. Will you go to the dance with me?" Kimi asked hopefully.

"Uh?" He looked shocked at how straight-forward she was.

"You like Hanajima don't you?"

He looked startled at that, but he whispered a reply, "Well yes I do."

"But you can't tell her because you're afraid of what your fan club will do, right?" She said factually leaning closer to him.

"Yes that's right," as he saw hoe close she was to him.

"Well, then at least let me be your escort than you can be with her the rest of the dance after you dance with me once," she said as she gave him a quick kiss on the lips before backing away.

He couldn't believe she kissed him.

"Well I guess that's fair enough."


To be continued…