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What Happened After the "Vs"

The Loft, noon

Holly slammed the door behind her as she walked into Val's loft. She had just gotten into a squabble with Tina. She walked in to find Vic sitting at the table reading the newspaper, even thought it was the afternoon.

"Hmfph," Holly groaned as she sat down next to Vic. Vic merely gave Holly a slight glance as he sipped his coffee.

"HMFPH," Holly whimpered again, louder this time.

"What?" Vic asked with no hint of annoyance in his voice, he was used to this.

"Tina and I had a argument." Holly said with no humor in her voice.

"What was it about this time?" Vic said questioningly.

"What?" Holly said with a hurt look on her face.

"Nothing, what happened?" Vic said.

"Tina talks about Gary all the time…. we were in the bakery and she talked for what felt like hours about Gary…Gary this, Gary that, I can't stand it! Ever since they hooked up all I hear about is Gary," Holly said allowing her annoyance to show.

"Well, sometime when people are new to a relationship they like to talk about it…it'll pass soon," Vic said reassuringly.

"I hope you are right because Tina and I had an argument over it and I really hope she gets over it so we can talk again…. about normal things," Holly said, her anger level clearly decreasing.

"She will, but if you remember you did the same thing about Vince," Vic said, trying to nicely tell her the truth.

"Holly!" Val excitedly screeched as she walked in the door, it appeared, as Val hadn't seen Holly in ages.

"Hey, Val!" Holly screamed with excitement.

Val and Holly began a heated conversation about Holly's day at work as the scene fads out.

Bakery, evening

Holly and Vince are sitting close together on the couch in the bakery, while Lauren looks on with envy; till her computer beeps with a message from someone.

"Yay! My online friend!!" Lauren shrieked.

Holly and Vince look over with disappointment dripping off of their facial expressions.

"Ah, Hol...she is such a loon," Vince said for the millionth time.

"I know, but she means well," Holly said looking into Vince's eyes. Vince leans towards Holly and kisses her sweetly. They share a passionate kiss, and Holly slants herself till she is leaning on Vince's chest. They sit there leaning against each other in total peace till Gary and Tina walk in hand-in-hand. "Ugh, look what the cat has dragged in," Holly said with disgust.

"Holly, Tina is not talking to you because of your outrage towards her earlier," Gary said seriously. He had no hint of sarcasm or humor in his voice.

"Yeah, well tell Tina, that she can go talk to someone else about her new found love," Holly said as she stood to face Gary, "and I don't want to hear about it anymore, we both have great guys, no need to talk about it"

"Well, tell Holly, I didn't obsess over every guy like she did, let's review, Henry, Ben, Vince, Ben, Vince! At least Gary and I are committed." Tina spat with rage.

"Ah, how sweet of you," Gary replied to Tina only to get a cold look, "Um, Tina says…"

"I don't care what you say! We both have good guys, let's not fight," Holly interrupted.

"Ah, okay…hug?" Tina asked.

Holly and Tina hugged. Vince and Gary gave each other confused looks, but then shrugged their shoulders and proceeded to do their handshake, which consisted of a three-way punch.

The Movies, Evening

The four are at the movies, waiting for the movie to begin. Vince and Holly are sitting close and Gary is passionately kissing Tina. Holly is looking on with disgust, while Vince is completely oblivious to it. Vince is staring at Holly with love and compassion. He thinks to himself, I have finally gotten her, now how do I make her mine forever? If only I could make myself tell her I love her. "Vince?" Holly asked questioningly, noticing that he is staring at her again.

"Yeah, Holls? Vince said calmly.

"Oh, you were doing you cute little staring thing again," Holly said.

Vince got down on his knee and said "Holly, I love you…will you marry me?"Holly gave him a confused and happy face, and thought to herself; we have been dating for a year, I love him, should I do it?

"I love you too Vince, and yes I will marry you," Holly said her words dripping with love for Vince. Gary and Tina realize that something major has happened and break apart. They see Vince down on one knee and suddenly realize what has happened. They look at each other with looks of pure amazement.