"Maybe, 'cause she is psychic, Gary, ever thought of that

"Maybe, 'cause she is psychic, Gary, ever thought of that?" Tina asked.

"Yeah, if there were such a thing as psychics," Gary mumbled under his breath. Tina turned her head and looked at him with a stern look. "Sorry, sweetie. What I meant to say is there is no way that Holly could know…you have nothing to worry about. Just go meet with her and everything will be fine...you'll see," Gary said as a way to calm Tina's nerves.

"But I thought this was us time. You said yourself to tell her you can't. Oh, Gary, what should I do?" Tina whined.

"Yes, I did say that. And I love you Tina. But I know how much Holly means to you and how worried you are that she might find out…and the only way to prove to you that she doesn't know is for you to go and meet with her," Gary said with a wise tone.

"Okay, Gary. You're right. I'll go and meet with her. Love you," Tina said as she stood. Gary stood and pulled her in to a close hug and kissed her.

"I love you too," Gary said in the midst of kissing her.

Not long after Tina and Gary had parted their separate ways, Gary back to the bakery and Tina to go and wait to meet Holly on the benches outside the bakery, did a very excited Holly show up.

"TINA!" Holly exuberantly shouted as she approached the bench on which Tina was sitting on.

"What?" Tina said suddenly awoken from her daze, which oddly was aimed into the bakery at Gary, which was undetected by Holly. "Oh, hey! What's all the excitement about?" Tina asked half-heartedly.

"Why are you so glum?" Holly asked, finally realizing Tina was not herself.

"What? Nothing…I was not staring. I am not in love," Tina said frantically.

"WHAT?" Holly asked with confusion written all over her face, " In love? With who? Staring at whom? Tina, what is going on? I never said anything about that, I asked why you were so glum," Holly said as she looked at Tina, as if she were looking for clues to this new found mystery.

"Um…Hm.," Tina said as she stalled for time.

"What is going on Tina? Spill the beans!" Holly asked as the excitement in her voice rose.

"Okay, you can't tell people that you know," Tina said in a hushed tone and turning away from Gary's sight line.

"Tell people what?? Tina, you know me, I won't tell anyone," Holly said.

"See Holly, that is the thing, I do know you…. you are kind of a blabbermouth," Tina said in her nicest tone.

"You know what Tina, just tell me," Holly said with a slight tone of annoyance in her voice.

"Okay, Gary and I…um, have been seeing each other, in secret. We are in love, but we didn't want to tell you," Tina said

"TINA! That's great!! Now, you and Gary and Vince and I can go on double dates. Except Vince and I aren't dating anymore…we are getting married," Holly practically screeched.

"Holly, you can't tell anyone, not even Vince," Tina said confidently.

"Why not? Tina, Vince and I are getting married, he is my soul mate, I tell him everything," Holly said with a slight wine in her voice.

"I mean no one, Holly, no one," Tina said with a look of guilt in her face. "I should have never told her. Now everyone is going to know. This was Gary and I's secret. Gary is going to be so disappointed," Tina thought to herself.

"VINCE!" Holly squealed.

"Hol!" Vince said back as he walked towards the pair.

"Boo! Want to go get some coffee? Then we can talk of the new apartment!!" Holly asked.

"Of course I would love to get coffee with you, Hol. Which reminds me," as he pulled out a set of keys, "we got it! We can move in whenever we want," Vince said with a huge smile on his face.

"Vince! Oh, my gosh! I love you!" Holly said as she gratefully took the keys.

"I love you too, Hol," Vince said lovingly.

The pair walked into the bakery, leaving Tina sitting at the small round table outside the bakery.

"Tina?" Gary curiously asked as he walked out of the bakery doors. He had just gotten off of his shift.

"Hey," Tina said with guilt dripping from her words.

"Are you alright?" Gary asked.

"I told her, Gary, I told her that we were in love and secretly seeing each other," Tina said.

"What?" Gary asked with tension rising in his voice.

" What two colors? We need two that go together for the wedding," Holly asked as her brain contemplated ideas for their wedding.

"Neon yellow and green," Vince said without a hint of humor.

"Vince, I am being serious here," Holly said pleadingly.

"Holly, I don't care about the colors, I just want to know the date that you will be my wife. I have waited so long for this and I just want that day to come. I don't care what it looks like, whether it is puke green and yellow, I will only be looking at you. I love you, Holly, and I will remember the day that you become my wife forever," Vince said lovingly as he took Holly's hands in his and looked her in the eyes. "I love you, Holly. I will cherish the day you are my wife, no matter the color of our wedding."

"Oh, Vince. I love you too. I can't wait for the day I can call you my husband too. But what will everyone think if we have a puke green and yellow wedding?" Holly said with a loving look and slight humor in her voice.

"Oh, Holly. I just need to know the date, the colors are completely your choice," Vince said as he leaned across the table and kissed Holly.

"So, you don't mind it being puke green and hm, purple?" Holly asked.

"Of course not, 'cause I am marrying the woman of my dreams," Vince said like a true gentlemen. "But I have to admit, I think the guests might be turning a shade of puke green if those were the colors," Vince said as a sly Gary and Tina walked by the pair hand in hand, but at their sides.