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Kira sat in the comfortable living chair, studying her easel. If only she could remember it. . . She glanced behind the easel at the crib. 'Mitsuko,' Kira thought. 'what a beautiful baby you are,' she smiled at her small child. She began to hum a lullaby, lightly sketching the outline of a mother on the easel. A mother, holding her child to her breast, resting her head on what seemed her life had been made for. Kira had done the drawing before, in high school. She had originally drawn it for her boyfriend, and in the end he had burned it. But now, she wanted to recreate it for her second child, Mitsuko. Kira sighed and set down the pencil, picking up an eraser and roughly erasing all she had done. It was no good, she could never remember how it went. She stood up and walked over to the crib, lifting her child from the soft bed and cradling her against her breast. She continued humming her lullaby, hoping to sooth herself as much as the child. Mitsuko was small, even though she was already a year and three months old. Kira gently rocked Mitsuko back and forth. Mitsuko opened her eyes and yawned, blinking up at her mother with the same grey, inquisitive eyes her mother was looking at her with. "Are you hungry?" Kira asked.

"Yah!" Mitsuko giggled. Kira smiled at her.

"Let's go eat lunch then," Kira said, placing Mitsuko on the ground and taking her hand. They walked together into the kitchen of the apartment. She picked up her daughter again, setting her in the high chair. "Let's see what we have," she said, walking to the fridge and opening it. She had been trying to talk as much as she could, to get Mitsuko used to words. "Hmm, do you want some eggs?"

"Yah!" Came Mitsuko's bubbly voice.

"All right then," Kira took out three eggs she had hard-boiled the day before and placed them on the counter, taking out a knife. She quickly shelled them and began chopping them into small, bite-sized pieces. She scooped them up and placed them on a plate, grabbing a fork and bringing the plate back over to Mitsuko. Mitsuko cried out happily and grabbed a handful of eggs, cramming them in her mouth. Kira smiled and sat down next to her daughter in a chair. Just then the door to the apartment opened.

"We're home!" called Rei. Kira jumped up from her chair and hurried to the door, embracing him.

"Hey, hey!" called a voice around her thighs. Kira looked down to see her five year old son. He pulled on her skirt, his small fists wadding up the material.

"What did you do today, Renzo?" asked Kira. The little boy jumped up and down excitedly. His hair was long, he refused to get it cut, and more towards a reddish tinge, like his mother's, and his father's bright blue eyes.

"Daddy took me to see bikes!" cried Renzo happily.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah! And they were loud and stuff!" Renzo was five, and would be starting school next month in September. Renzo let go of his mother and began running around the apartment, pretending to ride a motorcycle. Kira sighed, rolling her eyes and turning to Rei, smiling.

"So how was the boys' day out?" she asked.

"Great," replied Rei. "he wanted to see where Daddy worked, so I showed him the track. He was pretty excited," Kira grinned. "and how did the ladies fend at home?" he asked, taking off his shoes at the front door and walking into the kitchen, Kira following him.

"Oh, I just tried that painting again," Kira replied.

"How'd it go?" asked Rei.

"Not so good. I can't get the mood right," Kira answered.

"It's ok," Rei kissed her o the cheek. "just keep trying, honey," Kira grinned up at him.

"Would you mind finishing feeding Mitsuko?"

"Hmm? No, why?"

"Oh, I just feel a bit nauseated," replied Kira. "and a bit dizzy,"

"Then go lie down, I can handle two kids," Rei kissed her on the forehead and gave her a nudge towards the bedroom. Kira rolled her eyes and smiled to herself as she lay down on the bed. Almost instantly she was asleep.

Back in the kitchen Rei was cleaning up Mitsuko. She had finished eating and was crying to be let out of the high chair. Renzo was entertaining himself well enough pretending to ride motorcycles. 'So this is what nine years of marriage is like,' Rei mused. It had been three weeks since their eight year anniversary, and it was still taking time to sink in. Rei was twenty-seven, and Kira was twenty-six. They had had Renzo when Kira was twenty-one, and Rei was twenty-two. So far things had been going fine, and the family intended to keep it that way.

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