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At breakfast the next morning Kira announced Renzo needed a haircut. "It's getting so long," she said, fingering a lock. "maybe just to make it look a little less scruffy," Renzo ducked away from his mother's hand.

"It's fine!" he whined. Kira and Rei exchanged a look. It was always a battle to get Renzo to get a haircut.

"We won't get it cut too much, just a trim," Kira tried.

"But-" Renzo was unable to come up with an excuse so slumped back in his chair, glowering at his cereal. Kira sighed and looked at Rei, who had begun his war of getting Mitsuko to use a fork, and had nearly forgotten her own war.

"What time do you have to be at work today?" she asked him. Rei looked up at her, pausing in handing Mitsuko the fork.

"Uh, let's see, I think nine? Yeah, nine," he answered. "What time is it now?"

"Nearly eight thirty, you'd better get going," replied Kira. "What time are you going to be back?"

"I should be back around five, no worries," Rei said as he kissed her on the forehead, running out of the apartment just afterwards with a hurried goodbye over his shoulder. Kira smiled as she heard the door close after her husband. She then turned her attention to her children. "Renzo! Finish your breakfast! Mitsuko, please use a fork! Renzo, for Kami's sake sit up!"


Kira managed to get her children fed and dressed by 9:10. "I need to do some shopping, and then we can go get your hair cut, ok?" she said to Renzo as she picked up Mitsuko.

"I dun want to," Renzo mumbled. Kira sighed.

"Come on, I need to take you with me," she said. Renzo pouted but consented to walk with his mother out of the apartment.

"Bye bye!" Mitsuko called as Kira locked the apartment behind herself. She smiled, glad to know Mitsuko was talking more.

It took them ten minutes to walk to the grocery store. Kira had Mitsuko balanced on her right hip and Renzo by her side. "Let's see, we need seaweed, rice, more diapers for Mitsuko. . ."


The shopping went well, they got everything they needed in an hour and fifteen minutes, and were soon back at their apartment to drop the bags off. "Now remember, like it or not you have to get a haircut," Kira said to Renzo. The boy sulked and mumbled under his breath, but allowed himself to be led out of the apartment and outside. Kira balanced Mitsuko on her right hip and held Renzo's hand in her left.

It was about a ten minute walk to Harumi's Beauty Salon. The place wasn't too busy that morning, they could tell because Harumi herself was taking names and cutting hair. The family walked up to the counter. "One child's haircut," Kira said. Harumi jumped and looked up from where she had been writing. She then laughed.

"You scared me, Kira," she said, placing a hand on her heart. "Renzo's getting a haircut, then?" she asked.

"Yes," Kira said, smiling at her friend. Harumi came around the little desk and took Renzo's hand.

"Come on, this way," she said, leading the family over to an empty chair. She sat a booster seat in it, and motioned for Renzo to climb up in it. Renzo shook his head.

"Come on, Renzo," Kira urged. "it won't hurt," Muttering, Renzo climbed into the chair.

"So how have you been?" Harumi asked as she put a sheet around Renzo's neck.

"Oh not bad. We'd just like it trimmed a little, just so make it less scruffy," Kira explained.

"Will do," Harumi said as she got out a pair of scissors. "do you feel all right? You look a bit sickly," Kira shook herself from her daze and smiled at Harumi.

"I'm just a bit tired, and maybe a little bit of a cold. Nothing I can't handle," she replied. Harumi nodded, evidently not believing her. "Anyway, do you remember that painting Kurasawa stole from me in high school?" Kira said, changing the subject.

"Yeah? What about it?"

"I'm trying to recreate it for Mitsuko,"

"Really? That's pretty nice. Did I get your ear there, sport?" Harumi asked Renzo as she cut past his ear.

"No," Renzo replied hesitantly. Harumi looked back up to see Kira looking pale.

"Hold Mitsuko," Kira said, shoving her baby into Harumi's arms and running to the back of the salon and out of sight.

"Kira?" Harumi called after her. Kira reappeared in a minute or so. "Kira, what happened?" Harumi asked worriedly.

"I threw up," she replied.

"You should go home and get some rest," Harumi said, putting a hand to Kira's forehead.

"I feel a bit dizzy," Kira admitted.

"I'll bring the kids home when I get a break, ok? You should really get some rest," Harumi walked Kira to the door and saw her off. Neither of the women spoke it, but they were both thinking it. The sings of pregnancy.


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