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"…Mr. Turner," L concludes.

"Wait," you say. "The victim?"

"Yes, it was indeed a suicide," L responds.

"But how? That's impossible and there wasn't even a suicide note."

"He most likely stood on a chair," L explains, "and I believe there was a suicide note at one time."

"Where did they go?" you ask.

"There is a 92 percent chance Mrs. Turner returned the chair to its original position in the dining room and a 94 percent chance she burned the suicide note in the fireplace."

It is all clear to you now. You voice your thoughts: "She wanted the insurance money, and she wouldn't have gotten it if anyone knew Mr. Turner had in fact killed himself."

"Correct," L confirms.

You tell Detective Ford about L's deductions and Mrs. Turner is arrested for insurance fraud. You just solved your second case.

A/N: There will be more L in case 3, but it may take me a while to post it as life has been and continues to be crazy.

Let's see how you did!

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