Author's Note: Norm is my favorite character on Fairly Oddparents, and though the show is meant for kids, I've always believed that there's more to his story than a simple kids' show could communicate. Thus, many, many FOP fans choose to hate Norm as a villain. I've decided to tell HIS story.

Don't you think that it's a little bit wrong that a cool, good-looking, witty, intelligent guy like Norm has to spend his entire life as a slave for a million different fools who only think of themselves? In fact, he's never been free to use his magic to do anything for himself. It's slavery, no matter how you look at it. If I stuck you in a room and told you that you weren't allowed to move your arms and legs unless I told you that you could, it would be about the same deal.

This also sort of sets up for my story, "Wishes." If you aren't interested in the story, skip the very last paragraph.

Anyway, enough of my ranting! On with the story!

Norm's Story

Thousands of years of life, thousands of years of servitude. Thousands of years of the same monotonous cycle.

Fate was cruel, especially for a genie.

Once, just once, he'd almost made it out- come so close- only to fall back into despair upon having his freedom snatched away by no less than a human child and his frivolous fairies. They didn't understand, but how could they? They had not been made to live lives of subjugation as he had, nor had they been forced to wear the cold bonds which had always bound him to whatever fickle mortal chanced upon his lamp. No, they could never understand, for every day, they lived and took for granted the freedom he so desperately longed for and hopelessly grasped at.

And they called him cruel- a "dirty genie." Yet, who more cruel than they, who flaunted the liberation they had not earned, but had been born into? Was he as cruel as that? He, who had found a last shred of hope for freedom in the hands of two children and had snatched at it in desperation, reaching in vain for that which had always escaped him?

But they were, in a way, not completely wrong. He was cruel.

Mellenia of humiliating subjection had made him indifferent to the plight of man, for man was indifferent to his own plight.

Few men suffered the degradation of naming any fool his 'master,' as he had suffered over and over, and so they did not see or wish to see his own suffering and instead had turned a blind eye to his pain in their own selfishness.

And because of the cruelty he had been subject to, he had lost his own sense of kindness and had, in turn, become that cruelty which had always encompassed him.

Perhaps it was just the order of the world that the most powerful of beings should be subject to the weakest of men, as the limitless magics of the immortal genies were used only for the feeble whims of mortals, who could live no longer than a century. Perhaps it was the will of the fates that genies should never be allowed to put to use the emmense power they possessed. And perhaps, just perhaps, a genie's fate which seemed so set in stone could be altered.


It was all he had left to hope for, and what kept him alive through those ten years as Jorgen's urinal cake, where he had remained until some force had sent him toppling through the universe and into the hands of another mortal...