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Together with you


June 2001,

" So this is it," Said Waya Yoshitaka while looking up to a signboard, " Is it just me or this place looks suspicious?" The building somehow reminded him of the building he saw in the movie he watched last night. A base of a secret underground slave trading organization, they're gonna capture us, lock us up and sell us in an auction. " I can't even read the board." he remarked dryly.

" I believe it's written in Korean, Waya." Isumi Shinichirou replied in his calm nature.

"Great, an international secret underground slave market." The boy muttered sarcastically.

" Com'on guys, Let's go!" Shindou Hikaru, the sole female in the group, urged.

Why am I here again? Waya asked himself in silence.

" Kawai-san guarantees that they have many good players here." The blonde supplied, trying to be persuasive.

That guy was the exact reason why the three of them were here, standing in front of this unfamiliar building in the middle of nowhere, a neighborhood he had never heard of.

It had been two months since his crush had suddenly vanished from the Go world. Then, without any explanation, she had returned to them with fiercer determination and stronger than ever. He had no idea what the hell had been going on, why she had skipped her match, what she had been doing during that time, what had made her come back again. He didn't know and thought he would never discover the whole truth. All he knew was that Touya Akira had been able to bring her back. And as much as he hated it, it seemed that he owed it to the 3-Dans. Seeing that the arrogant son of the Meijin seemed to genuinely care about the girl, Waya didn't hate him anymore. Yet, Akira's presence still annoyed him to no end.

After her return, Hikaru had had no problem in getting her rank raise up. She was a 2-Dans now, so was he. She even found herself a favorite Go Salon: the Dougenzaka, where Waya and Isumi had gone last week. She had introduced them to the kind Kawai, her personal taxi driver who drove her everywhere without charging her a single Yen. However, from Waya's perspective, Kawai was far fromkind. It was undeniable that he was good and very fond of the young girl, but he wasn't kind, at least not toward him. The said man was more like an overprotective grandfather, the kind that would often be seen in movies, the kind that would shot a guy with his rifle just because he had dared to steal a single glance at his granddaughter.

Waya looked at another member of his little gang. After spending nearly 3 months in China, Isumi had finally returned to Japan and joined the Nine Star Club again. As the Pro exam would begin next month, Waya had suggested that they should follow their so-called tradition. The older boy had agreed. They had visited many Go salons in Tokyo, challenging their best players with the condition that they wouldn't have to pay if they won. In return, they had promised to clean every single stone for them if they lost. When Hikaru had heard about it, she had jumped in to join them. They hadn't lost so far, not when there were two 2-Dans and an ex-first ranked insei in their team. Last week, they had gone to the Dougenzaka, after beating three of Hikaru's fans, she had asked if anyone had known where to find strong players. Unsurprisingly, it had been Kawai who had raised his hand up high, boasting that he knew every Go salon in Tokyo.

" Call it…..Professionalism." He had declared proudly, adjusting his cap.

" I'm thirsty," a little voice interrupted his thought, it was Hikaru, " You guys go ahead, I'm going to buy a can of Pepsi." She informed them before running toward a convenient store next to the building. Waya felt a soft pat on his shoulder. He turned around to see Isumi giving him his famous smile. Seeing it, he sighed and reluctantly entered the building.

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Original-this AU: In the original Manga, after failing the Pro exam, Isumi went to China around May 2001 and came back in July 2001 in time of the Pro Exam Preliminary. In this AU, he went there when Hikaru got her Go Pro certificate around Mar 2001 (if you don't remember, read "Be with you, always" again :) and came back around May 2001.

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