Authors Note: I do not own Escaflowne. Inspired by the song "Goodbye to You" by Michelle Branch. This is my first attempt at writing anything so any creative crit. is welcome. RR please!

2 years, 4 months, 10 days, 5 hours, 35 minutes, and 22 seconds since I last saw his face, the last time I believed in anything at all. The last time I actually felt whole, the last time I felt love, the last time I felt like I had a soul to call my own. I am no longer allowing myself to be lovesick, to feel all alone. Van. I am sorry. It is time to let it all go. Goodbye to you.

Hitomi stared down at the page on her desk her pen hovering quietly over the period. She stood slowly, placing the pen gingerly down on the desk. It began to roll down the desk and landed with a soft thud on the floor. Her eyes moved down the desk following the path of the pen, it landed next to her tarot deck. She picked up the deck and wrapped it in her writing.

"Not this time." she said with a smile curving up against her lips, she turned on her heels and left her room.

She counted each step down the stairs, a habit she'd formed since she'd returned home to earth. Nearly three years ago Hitomi had been swept to Gaea where she was thrown into an epic war to save the planet. There she fell in love with a young boy king, Van. Van, Hitomi had let his memories and there love drag her into a spiral of love sickness for the last two years.

15 steps. Good. Mamoru ran down the stairs brushing past her and straight out the door, letting it close with a loud slam Her mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner and her father was reading his newspaper was, she grabbed her coat and slipped out the door unnoticed.

The sun was warm and lit up her honey colored hair, for a moment she wondered after him. Was it feeling the same warmth in Fanelia. Was he enjoying the day, was he married now... No, Hitomi this is it, no more. She shook her head and made her way to the train station. Her feet made a soft thump against the pavement with every step she took.

On the train Hitmoi let her mind drift into her memories. A place she was allowing her self to go once more Van.. His maroon eyes, and thick messy dark hair, that smirk on his face. It made Hitomi's heart melt, her common sense would fly out the window.

His arms wrapped around her tightly as he lifted her off the ground and of Zaibach the way his hair smelled the way he whispered, "I love you Hitomi..." it was all so surreal. He kissed her cheek then, still to young and scared to do anything else. She smiled at his awkwardness. She was lost, spinning out of control into a whirlwind of emotions...

The day she left Gaea. She told him she'd like to see Fanelia rebuilt with him, but they both new she could not stay. His arms wrapped tight around her again, taking in his smell for the last time. She was being pulled away to the Mystic Moon as they made empty promises to never loose each other and to never forget.

The train stopped and Hitomi brought her self back to reality, she stepped off the train and walked across the platform. The wind was blowing in softly from the ocean front, and the seagulls made there presence known with their voice. The sun was setting now and the sky looked as if it was on fire, which was mirrored in its waves. A soft song played in the distance as cars drove by on the street. Hitomi breathed in deeply and made her way to the beach.

Pulling off her shoes as she reached the sand she dropped them on the ground and stepped barefoot into the sand. She let the sand run through her toes, before she continued her journey. She stopped at the water as the waves rushed up over her feet up to her ankles. Hitomi pulled out her tarot deck and the page of words.

"I am ready to start over now. You hear me? Wherever you are? I am letting go now. I tried so hard to hold onto you, but you never held me back. I clung to a dream but I was just blinded to it all." Hitomi screamed at the top of her lungs. Tears began forming behind her eyes, she refused to cry, she fought them back with all her strength.

"I am done, you here me VAN! DONE!" her voice began to crack as she strained to become louder.

She dropped to her knees, voice barely of a whisper, "this is me saying goodbye. It hurts more then you could ever know, but I can't give in this time. I've got to fight for me now, not for us anymore. Us, is a battle that is futile, a war I cannot win alone and you stopped fighting."

Hitomi stood up and wrapped a rubber band tightly around the page of words and the tarot cards. She gripped them tightly in her hands and then chucked them as hard as she could out into the waves.

Her lips curled into another smile this one sadder then early, "...goodbye's time to start over, I have finally let you go..."

Hitmoi laid down on the ground and let the waves wash over her. She stared up into the clouds for a little while. The shapes did not form his face this time and the waves drown out the sound of his voice that had echoed in her ears for the last 2 years. She laughed a little to herself as she felt a little stupid for thinking she might get a response. Standing up she run the water out of her shirt and began walking back up the beach.

"TOMI! What on earth are you doing?" Yukari yelled waving down from the top of the beach.

Hitomi smiled and sprinted towards her friend, "YUKARI!"

Yukari held her arms up and squealed as Hitomi wrapped her up in a wet squishy hug.

"Sorry Yukari I was just finishing something."

Yukari arched and eyebrow and gave her friend a strange look, "okay...Hitomi are you sure you don't want to take about this," her arms waving at the beach.

Hitmoi smirked to herself as she slid her shoes on, "nope, nothing to talk about anymore."

Yukari shrugged her shoulders and began walking back to the street, she called over her shoulder, "So what are your plans for the rest of the day?"

"To start living..." Hitomi said a slow smile spreading across her face, as water droplets fell down her face.

Van sat up right in his bed, soaked in sweat the sheets clung to his skin. His breathing was heavy and labored. His eyes wandered around his room slowly adjusting to the dark. He felt as if he'd just had a nightmare, but could not recall anything. He reached for Hitomi's pendant that was sitting on the table next to the bed. It did not glow, not even faintly. He ran his thumb over it, chewing on his lip. He let his eyes move to the mystic moon. Sighing heavily he rose to his feet and moved outside onto the balcony the wind was blowing softly. He gripped the railing and leaned back, "I certainly think I am too late, but I have to try... at least one more time.." The wings sprouted from his back and he pushed off the ground and into the night sky.