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L and Light were miserably chained together in the dark and gloomy room of the head quarters. Of course, L didn't seem miserable—he never did. Nor did he openly seem happy, sad, or whatever.

Light was always angry. Not always. That would be silly. Light was either insanely angry or insanely happy. Either way, you knew Light's mental stability.

Porn searching—er, did I say that? No, no…researching—on the internet, L was growing tired of being smart enough to be able to solve the case, but his creator wouldn't let him. Light was pretending to sleep, but he was 'secretly' trying to seek the death of L. He actually really liked L. He thought that all of his quirks were sexy. (Hello, eating sweets all the time? How is that not attractive? Biting your thumb? That's a suggestive gesture, Dontcha know!)

L, for some reason, decided that he should be human for a change and check nearby people out. Light, being the only one around, was the victim of L's bulging, creepy stare. "You're hawt," L finally says.

"Oh, I already knew that," Light replied. "You're pretty shmexy, yourself."

"Well, I knew that, too. I was also ninety-eight percent positive that you thought so, too."

"And I'm one hundred percent sure that you pulled that estimated percent out of your ass,"

"You are, in fact, one hundred percent correct."

"Yeah, I know,"



"You're hawt,"

"I know,"

"Miraculously, I've discovered that I've always lusted for you since we first met. Wanna fulfill some fantasies that I always had that I never knew about?"

"Uh…hell, why not."

Then they made out.

And by some miracle, they had kids.

They killed criminals that were parents and adopted them.

The end.