She cringed. That was a lot of money at one time. At any time, really. "I am sorry, Ma'am, but it seems your card was declined." She sighed a breath of relief.

"That's alright, sir. I'll come back later." She promised. But she knew she wouldn't. She would never enter those golden glass doors ever again. It was too embarrassing to have your card declined in such an uppity place. But she welcomed that embarrassment; it meant she wouldn't have to pay such a hefty fee. She honestly had no idea as to why she had even come in the first place, let alone attempt to purchase a necklace. Especially that necklace. A twenty thousand pound purchase. Thank Merlin for the decline.

But honestly, why had she even tried to get that necklace? Because she felt down? A Breakup was a horrible-horrible- reason to spend such an ungodly amount of money. Stupid Ronald. Stupid cheating bastard. Stupid redheaded man. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Stupid her for not seeing it.

"Miss Granger, watch-"

BOOM! Three things happened at once. First, she crashed into something hard, most likely a man with lots of boxes-or books. Second, said man's packages fell violently to the ground with echoing thuds. Last, she tumbled onto those packages and pulled the man down with her. Very graceful.

"Damnit, Miss Granger! You insufferable know-it-all! Watch where the bloody hell you are going!"

"Pro-Professor Snape?" She looked up into the dark eyes of her brooding former teacher. Scratch that- her fuming, red faced, positively horrifying former teacher. She quickly remembered herself, and apologized.

"Watch where you are going next time, and an innocent bystander like me, won't be almost murdered walking down the bloody road!" He was yelling and causing a bigger scene than the collision itself. People were stopping and unabashedly gawking.

"S-Sorry, Professor." She managed to mumble. After she shakily stood- without the help of the gentlemen- she bent to help pick up the fallen packages.

"Leave it, Miss Granger. I would hate for your klutzy hands to further ruin my parcels." Her cheeks were on fire, and her temper was starting to flare.

"Well, forgive me, Professor. But it seems that I was not the only party member involved in the collision. After all, if you had been paying more attention, as well- this whole mess could have been avoided."

The small crowd looked back and forth from the steaming professor to the hands-on-hips young woman. The tension was tangible and they wanted to see a duel. Or more yelling. Or something.

"Very well, Miss Granger. I accept partial responsibility for this-"he paused. "mishap." Hermione was even surprised. Professor Snape give in so easily? And dare she think- even a partial apology? Impossible.

But seeing as there was nothing else exciting to be seen, the crowd dispersed.

"Yes, well. That's very- amiable of you, sir." She rubbed her arm where a slight bruise was beginning to form. She had fallen rather hard.

He noticed, and sighed. "Help me collect these packages, Miss Granger, and I shall give you some ointment for that."

It was still odd for her to see him thusly, but she bit her lip and helped him retrieve the odd number of bags and boxes. After handing them all to him, he shrank them and placed them inside his robes, so to avoid further catastrophe.

"Shall we?" He motioned to a pub just down the street.

"Actually, I need to go, sir. I have ointment at home, but thank you anyway. Have a nice day." She turned to go.

"One drink, Miss Granger." His voice had his normal no-nonsense tone. "I insist."

"Sir- I honestly need to go. I have a- I have an important meeting, sir, and I am already late."

"Then dinner." That shocked her more than the offer for a drink.


"It's the least you can do. After all, you did crash into me."

"I did not do-"

"Very well, then let it be an apology from me."

"Oh-"she was late, and needed to leave. And he was being infuriating. "Yes, fine."

"Good, I'll owl you."

"Yes, good day, sir!" With that she flew down the street, and around a corner. Where ever she was going, she was in a right hurry.

"Good day to you, Miss Granger."

Ok, this is part one of a two part chapter. Sorry if Sev is a tad bit out of character. I needed him to be just so they could have dinner. But it's not like he is a gooey-gushy-way-too-fake Severus. He is just him, with a little bit of a shine. Not that I don't love him, snarky and all that. : We'll see a lot more of him in the next chapter.

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