Chapter 12: A Proposition

"Agh!!" screamed Plasmius in pain as a volt of energy shot through him.

"He has no recollection of the princess," concluded one of the cloaked figures, removing his long finger from Vlad's temple.

"Then release him. He will be of further use to us."

The figure pulled a glowing knife from his robes and sliced through the robes that bound Plasmius to the chair. He fell out of it, then raised his hands in anger, preparing to attack-

"Now, now, Plasmius," said the leader figure, "we have a proposition for you."

His hands glowed as he growled, "I propose you bite my-"

Two of the figures shot a goo-like substance from their fingertips, which wrapped themselves around Plasmius' hands and bound them in the air.

"Come now, hear us out." said the leader. "We also seek Princess Aibfinnia. Whenever you should stumble apon her..."

"Why do you seem to think I will?!" He was angry- very, very angry. If he could only break these bonds, he would...

"Are you familiar with the Painter?"

"Painter?" Vlad stopped struggling for a moment. They had mentioned the Painter earlier.

"She is a blind painter- an oracle, you might say- who paints different scenes from different points in time."

The other figure stepped in. "However, there is no way to distinguish whether she paints the past or the future."

"Because you have never yet encountered Princess Aibfinnia, it seems that in the future, you will do so."

"Give me one good reason I should find this princess for you!" snarled Plasmius, struggling against his restraints once more.

"Because we've seen into your mind."

Plasmius gasped. "You-"

"Yes," said another figure, "And what we've seen is most interesting. It seems you are searching for someone as well. Someone who hurt your Maddie, who as of now has undoubtedly been captured by the Knight."

"Help US find the princess, and we'll return the woman to you," concluded the leader, waving his hands and removing the bonds that held Plasmius.

Vlad rubbed his wrists, then, defeated, lowered his eyes and gave his answer. "Deal."


Author's Note: So you know who the Painter is now. The sentence after this is a SPOILER: The Painter will come into play later, so keep her in mind.