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Chapter 1: You're in my seat.

Normal pov

Tenten's eyes fluttered open, the sun streaming through her window bathed her in light. Her brown hair sprawled beneath her head, a change from her normal hair style, which was (were?) two buns on the top of her head.

She laid there for a while before groaning and slipping off the bed. Today was the first day at her new school.

Her parents had died last week, and her aunt told her to wait to go back to school, her aunt had also insisted on Tenten coming to live with her.

Tenten finally got to the bathroom, groaning as she did so, and after getting dressed, brushing her teeth and hair, and putting said hair in the two buns she normally had on top of her head, she made her way down stairs, eating her breakfast, she left for what she hopped to be a good day of school.

Tenten made her way to the school without incident, meaning she actually managed to not get lost; she looked around the schoolyard and noticed an odd group.


Tenten's pov

I stepped into the school yard and saw what any other student would see, clicks, there were the really popular people, who seemed to be surrounding a blond girl, their leader, besides them, there were the jocks, geeks, posers, emos (a/n they're the same thing, different clothes), there was also skate-borders, slackers, drug dealers, sluts, and that's when I noticed the blond popular girl walk over to them, I didn't care though, not really, any way there were tomboys, like myself; punks and loners, yup this was high school.

But one group caught my eye; it had to be the weirdest group of people I had ever seen together.

There were three girls, one had short pink hair, a pink shirt and jeans on, she was most likely one of the popular girls.

There was a blond, who had her hair in four separate pony tails, which were spiked, she had a red tank top, with fishnet underneath, and black jeans on, she screamed punk.

The last girl had bluish-black hair, it was short except for the beginning and end of her bangs, she had on knee length shorts, and a long sleeved blue shirt, she had a slight blush on her cheeks when she

talked, and was looking her fingers that lightly touched when she talked, she was one of those quiet girls that no one would have noticed if she wasn't there.

There were six boys, the first one had brown hair, which looked like the top of a pineapple, he was a slacker, he had jeans and a T-shirt on, and the thing that identified him most was his bored expression and his drooping eyes.

The second boy had red hair and a tattoo on his forehead, he was wearing a red shirt and baggy pant, and black eyeliner, 'Wait eyeliner, holy crap is he gay?', I thought and then, 'damn it', my stupid thought ruined my cool observation, and now I'll have to ask him.

The third boy was standing right next to the gay red head; this one had blond hair, which was naturally spiky because, it looked like it hadn't been touched with a brush in years. Well, that may be true, it was just really messy. He was what looked like an exuberant jock, he had a white muscle shirt on, and 'low riding' jeans. He was grinning wildly at something another male had said to him.

Next to the blond boy was another jock, his hair was spiky and messy as well, the only difference was that the boy had brown hair, he was wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, the odd thing about this one was he had a dog at his feet, but most schools that I had gone to banded animals. I shrugged it off.

The male next to dog boy was an emo; he wore black shorts and a blue shirt. He had bluish-black hair and was shaped like a chicken ass.

Then finally there leaning against the wall was the last male in the group, he had long black hair tied in a really low pony tail, he wore a white shirt that was tight against his body. He has shorts on, and his eyes are closed, or they look closed. All in all I think he's pretty hot , crap scratch that, forget it, back to observing, bad Tenten, hmmm, he's a loner like the gay red head (a/n I couldn't remember if I put that in earlier), a rich loner, a rich hot loner, damn it.


Neji's pov

I watched as a girl entered the schoolyard, she looked around, for what I assumed was the popular kids at our school, like most of the girls I had ever seen or met.

I saw her look toward Ino and her Akatsuki (a/n yup their the popular people in the story and Ino is part of them, though, they're way too cool, but just deal with it in this), give a slightly puzzled look as Ino walked over to her slut-etts (a/n I know that's not a word but it is now, oh, yeah Ino bashing, forgot to mention that), and then shrugged it off, but then she looked toward my group of friends.

I figured she would dismiss us like every other person, oh, but how wrong I was. She just kept staring and staring. Fan girl was my next thought, most likely after me or Sasuke, we are the richest kids in the school, so naturally they would want us, no our money, and that's why we hated them, but they seemed to ignore that fact.

But once again I was wrong. Sasuke and I were the last ones she noticed, and she quickly dismissed us as she walked through the front door. 'What the hell, no girl has ever noticed us last, nor dismissed us like that! Or, didn't know who we were?'This sparked my interest, but not enough to actually talk to her.


Normal pov

Tenten walked toward the front office. Walking inside she saw what she assumed to be the principal. She had blond hair, hazel eyes, big boobs, which were easily seen through the low cut shirt she wore, and looked as if she would kill you if you bothered her with something like a detention. The 'principal' looked up as Tenten entered.

"Right, what do you want?" growled out the lady, Tenten looked down at what she was 'busy' with, which was a little orange book.

"Well, I'm. a. New. Student. I. Need. My. Schedule. And. My. Books", Tenten explained to the principal like she was explaining it to a four year old.

"Talk normally, I'm not deaf or stupid", the principal said as she reached into her desk, "My name is Tsunade, I'm the principal", Tsunade produced a schedule, "Your first class is writing (a/n it's like l.a. in a way, only just writing), it's the third door on the left, just down the hall, your teacher is Umino Iruka, and sorry about earlier, one of your teachers, Hatake Kakashi, introduced me to this book to me. It's the first out of three, and it's really good", Tsunade said, and with that Tenten walked out, grabbing her books, and locker number, she made her way to writing, which brought her into a new world of trouble.


Sakura's pov

I walked with Neji to our first class, which was writing. It was one of the three classes I had with him.

He seemed deep in thought. Something was bothering him, we all could tell, he may have denied it with a shake of his head, but there was still something up.

We walked into the class, and to my surprise someone was sitting in Neji's seat, 'I thought everyone knew', this thought brought the realization that this girl was new.

"Crap", was all I could think to say as Neji walked toward the poor girl, I followed close behind, just to make sure he didn't kill her.


Tenten's pov

I walked into the writing class, only a few other students were in the class, people of little interest to me.

I saw a seat by the window, and made my way over to it, after settling in I then clued into the fact people were gawking at me, 'It's because I have boobs',was the first thought that ran through my head, I then laughed inside at myself, and my stupid thought, I shrugged it off as me being a new student.

More students began to come in, all gawking at me, so I began to ignore them and the noise they were making, well, until everything went silent.

I looked from the window and saw everybody looking from me to the door, I followed their gaze and saw the male that was leaning against the wall earlier, the one with long black hair in a low pony tail, he was walking toward me, the pink haired girl from earlier too, was right behind him, with a concerned look on her face. That's about the time I clued in on everything.

'Crap, not AGAIN!',I thought, which was followed by, ' I wish I had my bucket'.


Neji's pov

I walked into the classroom, Sakura behind me, and as the class turned to look, all fell quite.

That's when I was the new girl sitting in my seat, I stalked toward her barley aware of Sakura's whispered 'crap'.

As I stood in front of her, she looked up at me and blinked, the class behind me waited, breath held, and all looking on with expectancy.

"You're in my seat", I stated coldly, making the damn fan girls in the class coo, 'Damn annoying things ever created',I thought.

"I don't see your name on it", she stated nearly as coldly as I had, this made the class behind me gasp, this was not the answer they had expected, or I wanted.

"Well, I always sit in it, so move", my voice devoid of any emotion, again the girls, all but Sakura and the girl in front of me, swooned.

She blinked up at me, reminding me slightly of Naruto as she did so, she was silent, contemplating of how to get out of this so she wouldn't be harmed, and then she answered, "No", that answer wasn't the one I expected, again.

My eyes narrowed, or the best they could with my eyes just being plain white. Her deep chocolate brown eyes continued to stare up at me.

It was time for a new method, I decided as Iruka, our teacher, walked in. I picked the girl up and moved her to the seat beside my own, and sat down.


"But sh-", I started but couldn't finish.

"DON'T INTERRUPT ME! Now I want you to be her guide around the school." Iruka said as he calmed down. I was about to protest, when I heard the girl groan.

Everyone stared at the girl in total shock, well mostly the girls. Even I was taken by surprise by it. I looked at her, and now as I actually got a good look at her, she was cute. She had brown hair, that was up in two buns on the top of her head, her bangs parted to the side, so you could see her forehead, which unlike Sakura's, was a normal size. Her lashes were a dark contrast to her ivory skin, her full pink lips parted slightly as she let out another small groan.

"Well, you're still showing her around Neji.", Iruka's voice broke through my trance that I had been caught in while I was staring at her.

The next thing I felt my face heat up, I was blushing, I was freaking BLUSHING! I couldn't think of anything to say so I 'Hned' and turned away as class began.


Sakura's pov

After seeing Neji's blush, I couldn't stop from introducing myself and letting a light giggle go.

"Please introduce yourself" Iruka said to the new girl. From the corner of my eye, I saw Neji shift to attention. I myself was interested to learn her name, but for different reasons.

"Tenten" was what she said, and sat down again. I giggled at everyone's faces, and then broke into a grin. I liked her.

"Um..."started Iruka, but he was interrupted by Tenten, who seemed to already know what he was going to ask.

"And that is all that you need to know, so you don't get a last name", Tenten said, and the class began.

I talked to her for the whole class, explaining what we were learning, she seemed to understand it, and so we talked about meaningless things.

We were still talking when the bell rang, telling us to change classes.

"What class do you have next?" I was wondering how far Neji was going to detour.

"Umm... math, you?", she asked Neji, who once again was lost in his thoughts, I wondered why she wanted to know, and never being one to let things go I asked.

"Why do want to know?", I hoped she wasn't secretly one of those fan girls, that everyone seemed to hate.

"Oh, well, if he has a different class, and it's nowhere near the math room I don't want him to go out of his way." she explained, I was shocked by her answer and so was Neji, although it kind of sounded like she was trying to rid herself of him.

"I have math also" was Neji's monotone answer, and he fell into his thoughts again.


Normal pov

As Tenten and Neji walked into the math class, there was only one other person in the room, the blond girl with four spiked pony tales, the one Tenten had seen earlier.

She shot Neji a questioning look, eyebrow raised, as she glanced at Tenten. Meanwhile, Tenten was looking for a seat she liked, spotting one that fit her tastes, she walked over to it and sat.

"Tenten, you're in my seat again." Neji stated coldly to the now laughing girl.

"Sorry Neji", Tenten managed to get out between her laughing, "I think we have the same taste in seats" and she continued to laugh.

Neji just looked at her as she moved to the one in front. He looked emotionless, but on the inside he was laughing at the bun headed girl's antics.

Temari just looked between Neji and Tenten, to say she was confused would be an understatement. It was weird because, to Temari's knowledge, Neji avoided all contact with girls, besides, herself, his cousin, and Sakura, so this was odd.


Temari's pov

When Neji walked in with what I assumed to be a new girl, I didn't quite know what was going on. Neji and Sasuke made it a priority to avoid the female population, with exceptions like myself, Sakura, and Neji's cousin Hinata. Watching the interaction between them confused me to no end! First of all Neji actually talked to the girl, and she laughed, not the least bit concerned with the dead pan voice he used.

"Umm...", I started, but Neji answered my question before I got to ask it, for all he knows it could have been about a pickle, a pumpkin, or Poppy seed muffins.

"She's a new student, she was in mine and Sakura's writing class this morning,", I gave him another look, and he continued, "she sat in my seat, and refused to move,", this I was shocked at, "and so I picked her up and moved her.", I started to laugh, "And then Iruka yelled at me and told me to be her guide around the school, until she's comfortable.", I laughed even harder at this, but he wasn't done, "I was about to protest, until she groaned, which shocked everybody, and so here we are.", I started to laugh so hard I nearly cried, this Tenten reminded me of an old friend of mine.

"She's different", I said, then laughed and walked over to my seat and waited for class to begin.


Tenten's pov

When I saw the girl with the four spiky pony tails give Neji a look, I decided to leave them. I sat in one of the seats by the window and stared out of it, until Neji told me that I was sitting in his seat yet again, I laughed and moved to the desk in front of it.

I continued to stare out the window, dimly aware of Neji explaining why he was stuck showing me around. I was also dimly aware of the girl laughing at his misfortune; she reminded me of my old best friend who had left when we were still young.

The teacher walked in shortly after the blond girl had taken her seat, he was reading the same orange book I had seen Tsunade reading in her office, he was the teacher Hatake Kakashi, I assumed. He looked up to see if he had the class' attention, the class had entered while I was staring out the window, he looked over to where Neji was and he was slightly shocked to see me.

"Temari, who's the non-squealing girl?", the teacher asked the girl that was earlier talking to Neji.

"Well Kakashi-sensei, my name is Tenten, and I'm not a fan girl of anyone", I answered before the girl now known as Temari.

"Right, how did you know my name?" he asked, apparently he didn't think his students knew his name.

"Well, I saw Tsunade reading the same book in her office, and said that one of my teachers, you, introduced her to it, she said it was quite enjoyable" I said with a smirk.

Kakashi nodded and began his class, during which I learned something interesting, Temari, the very punk, blond friend of Neji, was also a math geek.


Temari's pov

During class, I didn't really get the chance to talk to Tenten, but she seems like the type we would all like.

We had one more class before lunch, and I have no doubt that she would be joining us for lunch, by invitation of Neji or Sakura. My next class was health, right beside the religion room. I would have the chance to talk to Sakura about Tenten.


Normal pov

"Neji, what do you have next?" Tenten asked as they walked out of the class.

"Religion", he said, and after a while, "you?"

"Same" Tenten said, and then something occurred to her, "Hey can I see your schedule?", she asked, and once Neji handed her it she started laughing.

"Hm, what's wrong?", he asked slightly startled by her laughter.

"We have the same classes", she explained.

"Hn", he said, trying to resume his aloof self, "Wait what!", he then asked after what she had said sunk in, so much for being aloof.

"Yeah see", Tenten said, holding up the two schedules, so that he could see the same schedule twice.



Neji's pov

After the schedule incident our walk to the religion room was silent, I had more of a chance to study her. I was surprised that she didn't want the popularity; there were a lot of guys who went for girls like her. Yes everything was silent and peaceful, until someone with pink hair came into our sight.

"SAKURA!" yelled the bun headed Tenten beside me, and then she was gone. I then did something I would've never done before, I ran after the girl, as not to lose her in the crowd.

When I caught up with them, they were talking about, well I'm not sure, but I think it had something to do with Sakura wearing too much pink.

After talking with Sakura for half of the time it takes to get to the religion room, I thought she had forgotten about me, but what surprised me was the fact that I was a little hurt because of it.

"Hey Neji, Neejjii, whoo who", Tenten called me back down to earth as she waved her hands in front of me.

"Hn", I said, telling her that I was listening.

"Where's the religion room?" she asked, smiling at me, apparently she understood my 'Hn'.

I pointed to the end of the hall, she turned and looked, then turned back, and smiled, which led me to blushing ever so slightly, and I mean you would have to have a magnifying glass to see it.

"Thanks Neji", she saluted me, and then she tripped.

I saw her close her eyes awaiting the impact of the ground, which never came, as my arms moved on their own, wrapping around her waist. She was surprisingly light as I held her.

Slowly she opened her eyes, her eyes now that I was so close weren't just chocolate brown, they were a deep dark and mysterious abyss that I found myself lost in. It seemed like forever as I pulled her up, but in reality it was mere seconds.

"Hehehe", she nervously laughed, "Sorry", she scratched behind her neck in a sheepish way, "I'm a bit of a klutz", she smiled at her own foolishness, "Thanks, that ground looked like it would've really hurt" now I noticed it, she was blushing.

The rest of the way to the religion room was silent giving me time to think about the girl by my side, one thought that came back continuously, was how she was going to keep up in fight class.


Tenten's pov

After the incident in the hallway nothing was said until we got into the religion room. In said room there was only one other person , the pineapple head guy, 'Ooo, I wanna touch his hair!', and with that I walked over to the, now noticed, sleeping man. Sitting on the seat in front of him, I lifted my hand and the top of the spiky part.

"HOLY SHIT THERE'S NO GEL! THAT IS SO COOL!"I jumped up and screamed, making Neji looked at me strangely as I pointed to the now waking pineapple head.

"Who are you?" asked the now barley awake male, "Why did you touch my hair?"

"Oh, the name's Tenten, and because I wanted to know if you had gel in your hair, hence what I screamed." I said grinning like an idiot, "What's your name pineapple head?"

"Troublesome", I heard him mutter under his breath, "my name is Nara Shikamaru, and my hair does have gel, it just doesn't feel like it, it's called Manga putty (a/n putty?, its real, I don't own it), made by the Ashio corp" (a/n not really, just made the company up), said the pineapple I now knew as Shikamaru, I should have remembered that one.

That's the time the teacher walked in ahead of the class, which when he saw me wasn't such a good thing.

The man had glasses on with some kind of hat covering his head, and as he walked toward Neji. Shikamaru and I could tell by the way Neji shifted a little closer, that this man was a pervert.

"Well hello, what's here, a new student, I'm Ebisu your religion teacher, what's your name" Ebisu said, and just the sound of his voice made me want to hit the guy.

"Yes, I am a new student, my name's Tenten", reminding myself not to punch this guy, even if I couldn't get expelled for it.

"Well, Tenten it's a pleasure to meet you", his hand reached out for what I assumed was a hand shake, until he grabbed my boob and said, "There's one way you can get a hundred" and now I was pissed off.

I lifted my hand, took his off of where it was currently resting, grabbed his shoulders and kneed him in the groin, I then upper-cutted him, followed by a round house kick.

"Well, now it looks like any girl who took you up on your offer are going to have to do it the old fashioned way, cause your going to be out of commission for a long time", after I said this, I turned and he limped off to his desk at the front.

I didn't realize Sakura, Temari, the rest of the religion class, that was supposed to come in, or for that matter Tsunade, all gathered at the door, all I did was take a seat behind Shika-pineapple head.


Neji's pov

I moved closer to Tenten as Ebisu our religion teacher came over to introduce himself to her, she noticed my little movement and was on the defensive.

I could recite what he was going to say, he's done it so many times before, in front of me. He introduced himself, explaining that he was their religion teacher, then he asked her for her name, she gave it, and he then went to 'shake hands' with her, and grabbed her chest.

It was weird I had the sudden urge to kick the shit out of this man, and the only other time I felt that urge was when he pulled that on my cousin Hinata.

At first I thought she was considering on taking up his offer, which I then realized wasn't what she was going to do. The minute his hand came in to contact with her chest, she tensed up, she was angry.

She then kicked his ass, kneeing him in the groin, then punched him and the kicked him on to his ass, but what she said to him after was the best, they were indeed going to have to actually do the work, he was getting fired, Tsunade was standing at the door she had seen the whole thing.

I went to sit in my seat behind Shikamaru, but it was taken, by Tenten, I was a little hesitant to tell her, what man wouldn't be after watching that.

"Achem, Tenten", I started, but I didn't get to finish, because she looked up at me and smiled, I felt as if the wind had been knocked out of me.

"Again, huh?" she asked, and all I did, all I could do, was nod, I wasn't sure if I could speak, and even if I could, I didn't trust myself to. She got up and moved to the seat next to mine.

The class began, and not once did Ebisu look over to where we were sitting, I was proud that she wasn't someone who relies on others to take care of things.

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