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Chapter 13- Fly like a birdy.


Normal Pov

"I name thee Captain Tenten, and First mate Neji," Haku called out standing next to Tenten.

After Kakashi and Iruka were pulled in Haku had come out of his cabin that he shared with Zubaza, only to see Kakashi and Iruka tied up.

"Why is Neji first mate? He didn't do anything!" Some random fanboy asked.

"Exactly! He knew to let Tenten have her glory," Haku said he wasn't about to stick Tenten with a fanboy, "now everyone to your cabin, Tenten must get a hang on being the captain."

Tenten and Neji walked to the captain's courters. Tenten looked around and nodded.

"Uh, Ten what are you nodding at?" Neji asked after being ignored when he commented on the room.

" A little diddy In me head," Tenten answered using the pirate accent, and Neji sweatdropped, "oo, whats 'dat?" Tenten walked around the captains bed and over to where some crates were placed, presumably before the trip.

"What is it Ten?" Neji asked coming around to stand beside her. Suddenly he felt weird and couldn't prevent the slow grin that spread across his face as he continued to stare at the bun headed girl.

"I don't know, some kind of bracelet," Tenten slowly moved her hand and grasped the object.

The bracelet was a stone bird attached to a red string. It was delicately carved, and Tenten couldn't help but admire the workmanship.

Tenten turned toward Neji to show him the trinket and noticed that he was now closer than he had been before. She shifted and coughed slightly, a clear indication that she was uncomfortable with his nearness.

" 'Dats a pretty little birdy ya got dare," Neji said mimicking the accent both Tenten and Kakashi had.

"Uhhuh," Tenten responded and moved away from Neji relieved that he wasn't as close now, however Neji followed.

"So, Tenten. How's it going?" Neji asked dropping the accent and startling the girl because he was once again to close to her.

Out of nowhere strong arms wrapped around Tenten, who was to shocked to do anything other than wonder what had gotten into her friend. Tenten turned slightly to look at him, only to find him grinning at her. She imitated an eyebrow lift and stepped away from him.

"Oh, Tenni. So cruel" Neji whined and Tenten began to think that he had slipped some of Tsunade's Sake from beneath her nose.

"Right, Neji, I think that you should lay down," Tenten said softly calmly, "I believe you've smacked your head on something."


Normal Pov

"Mpf fpm pmfufm," Zabuza said, muffled as he sat on the bed that he and Haku shared.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU LOST IT?" Haku yelled, much like a wife berating her husband for the loss of something important, "Kimmimaru is going to kill me, along with Mr. Hyuuga. We just lost probably one of their most advanced projects!"

Zabuza looked a little uncomfortable himself. He had seen Tenten and Kimmimaru's father kill someone for less then what they had done. In reality all he had done was yell until they began to think their brain would melt and that their ears would bleed. Neither of the two males wanted to see Kimmimaru's rage full blown, and not upon themselves.

"If only we knew where we last had it," Haku whispered furiously.


Normal Pove

"Ow. Damn. Not again." Tenten cursed, that had been the third time she had stubbed her toe on the damnable crates left in the cabin. "Neji hold this"

Neji took the bracelet that Tenten had held on to as she tried to figure out what was wrong with him.

"Oi! Ne-kun. Get yer non exsistand arse over 'ere!" Tenten exclaimed, once again adapting the pirate accent.

In the crate was many, many Sake bottles. The entire crate was full of bottles upon bottles, and Tenten guessed the other crates contained just as much.

"'Ere ye 're," Tenten said as she handed Neji a bottle before taking out one for herself.

A few minutes later both Neji and Tenten were roaring drunk and dancing about the cabin. Due to being drunk and dizzy the two laid down on the deck before they ended up falling down.

"Hey Neji, have you ever wanted to fly?" Tenten asked light heartedly as she stared up at the stars.

"Sure have, Tenzanama," Neji answered just as light heartedly as he grinned lazily at the girl, while tapping her gently on the head.

"Hey Neji," Tenten whispered.


"I think that we should go back before someone comes out and finds the captain and her first mate just a tad bit drunk," Tenten whispered again and Neji nodded as an answer, and the both of them began to crawl to their cabin.

"Neji," No response, "Neji," still there was no response, "Neejii"

"What?" Neji yelled, his attempts to ignore the girl was futile.



Normal Pov

"Alright me hearties, we be playin' a game," Tenten called after everyone had assembled.

"Yay or Nay?" Neji asked coming to stand by his captain, and his question was met with a coarse of 'Yea's'

"Good, den I be believin' dat ye all be knowin' how to run de ship. So we be having a wee competition, 'o ever wins gets da day off whilst de losers pick up de slack"

"Dat be a worthy prize if I do say meself," Neji added in.

"So, ye all still say 'yea'?"Tenten asked picking up on the unease of her crew, but despite that she was met with loud hollers of 'Yea', "Now Mr. Neji will be dividing ye all into teams."

Neji stepped forward after nodding to Tenten in acknowledgement. He wrote quickly for a minute or two occasionally glancing up and surveying the crowd. Finally finished he posted the piece of paper on the deck wall, but the crew waited for their captain's word.

"Now me slaved crew divi yeselves up!" Tenten glanced at Kakashi and Iruka who had remained still while the rest of the crew rushed to the paper, "That includes ye too,"

It didn't take very long for the crew to split themselves up. They stood patiently for their captain to continue. The only two who weren't pleased with how things were happened to be the demoted captain and first mate.

"Now Mr. Neji 'as another sheet that be telling ye what ye'll be doing. 'Den Mr. Haku and Mr. Zabuza will be timing ya and be telling me 'o be da winner"

Neji posted the other sheet as Tenten walked back into her cabin. He held another copy in his hand for Haku, Zabuza, and himself.

"'Duh first task be goin' through de sail positions as fast as ye can. Now begin ye lazy clouts," Neji called and the crew rushed off.

Time passed because it has been known to do so, and in the passing time the list of tasks had been finished. Haku and Zabuza had their results and Neji was about to go grab the bun headed captain when a sudden thought intruded his mind.

"Can you speak with that covering your mouth?" Neji asked turning sharply to Zabuza and pointing at the cloth that covered his mouth. He was looking at Zabuza in much the same way Tenten had.

"mpfhmf mhp mfhp pmfh," Zabuza said and Haku giggled.

"He said not very well, and that you've been hanging around Tenten to much, " Haku elaborated at Neji's confused look.

With that Neji walked away and returned a few minutes later with Tenten.

"So what be duh results?" Tenten asked her hands placed firmly on her hips and her pirate accent strong.

"mpf mph mpfhpmpfh"

"Ah, very good Mr. Zabuza," Tenten said with a curt nod in the males direction, and then she turned to the crew, "'Duh winner is Sasuke's Team"

There was a lot of cheering from that particular team which then evolved into a random dance. The other groups however groaned in defeat before staring at the group with expressions that let everyone know that they thought that group of friends were quite odd.

Tenten ignored it all and looked toward her demoted teachers, an evil glint in her eye and a sadistic smile on her face, "Kakashi, Iruka, ye be scrubbing de decks."


Normal Pov

Days past and they passed quickly with the help of Tenten's games, which alternated on different parts of the ship.

Eventually the ten days of their field trip ended and all left the ship, most of them left reluctantly having had a lot of fun and not wanting to return the mundane task of attending school.

"Oh yeah. Ten you forgot your birdy," Neji called running up and placing the bracelet in her hand, his sudden remembrance was odd considering he had said bracelet for several days.

"Thank you Neji," Tenten said calmly and walked away calmer than anyone has ever seen her before.

"Hey Ten are you okay?" Neji asked running up behind Tenten again.

"I'm okay."

"Do you have a hang over again?"

"No." Neji left with that and walked back a bit to talk with the rest of their group.

"Hey look it's first mate Neji!" Temari cheered, "What's wrong with our dear captain?"

"I don't know. I haven't got a clue. She's acting strange-er than normal. In fact she doesn't seem to be acting strange at all. SHE'S ACTING NORMAL!" Neji said having started out talking calmly, which didn't last long. His yelling drew attention from everyone around, who were not use to Neji yelling.

"NARUTO DID IT!" Sakura yelled and threw Naruto in front of the staring mob and the eight teenagers left of the group took off running.

"What's wrong with you?" Tenten drawled looking at the group who had rushed up to her.

"We-just-avoided-a-major-mobbing-thanks-to-Naruto" Kiba rasped out and Tenten turned around and raised an eyebrow.

"Right, such a scary mob" Tenten commented sarcastically.

The 'mob' was walking around the cowering blonde boy, with little glances toward him. After glancing at him they would briefly scan the area trying to find what the boy could be cowering from.

Tenten slowly made her way toward Naruto. Grasping him by the arm she pulled him to his feet, in turn Naruto looked at Tenten as if she was a Kami in the flesh.

"Tenten thank you. Such a brave woman," Naruto said enthusiastically and clung to Tenten as she moved through the crowd back to their nervous looking group.

"Tenten, that was great!"Neji exclaimed just as enthusiastically as Naruto had, "You faced that mob sword flashing"

"I have no sword, and there is no mob," Tenten said dryly as she tried to pry Naruto off of her.

"Your just being modest Tenni," Sasuke said waving a hand in her direction.

"Uhhuh," Tenten said and walked away.

"Me thinks that Tenni is a little sick," Temari whispered.


Normal Pov (Next day at school)

"Alright, last week I assigned work. This being before the pirate ship, so hand it in," Iruka said brining the garbage can up from its place beside his desk to place it on top, he then stuck an 'in' sign on it.

"Iruka, that's the garbage," Sakura said innocently.

"He knows," Tenten drawled as Iruka grinned.

"Attention! There will be a talent show tomorrow, anyone is welcome to embarrass themselves," Tsunade's voice called over the intercom. After that brief interruption the students, reluctantly, dumped their papers into the garbage can.

"Okay, now you're dismissed," Iruka said waving them away.

"Uh, dude. The bell hasn't rang," A random person called out.

"Are you arguing with your teacher?" Iruka asked in an almost feminine way his hands firmly placed on his hips.

"No sir," the boy said and everyone rushed out of the room to their next class.

"Neji, after class I need you to go over my check book. I can't figure out why my bank is yelling at me. . . or why the police showed up at my door last night"

"Okay Mr.K!" Neji said happily and Tenten looked at the boy strangely.

The class continued with absolutely no work and was spent talking until the bell rang, signaling the students that it was time for lunch and everyone rushed out of the room.

"Here you go," Kakashi passed the check book and his memo book to Neji.

As Neji first flipped through the check book he noticed that a lot of checks were for Iruka, looking through the memo book he noticed that all of Iruka's check was labeled as sexual favors. Neji continued to flip through and noticed that every check was labeled as 'for sexual favors'. The participants included Iruka, Tsunade, Gai, and. . . 'Tenten!"

At that moment the bun headed girl walked into the room and looked from Neji's pissed off face to Kakashi's happy and carefree one. "Neji what's-" Tenten paused and looked at the book and noticed that the check that had been written to her was labeled for sexual favors, "Kakashi, you put everything as 'sexual favors' including for me and I'm a minor, if you fix that and inform the police the actual reason why you had written me a check then I'm sure they'll leave you alone." Tenten said calmly and motioned for Neji to follow her back to their friends.


Tenten's POV

I sat bored in the audience, missing the companions that entertained me. Had they been here I was sure waiting for the talent show would be more amusing. Instead I they had been gone for the entire day, the most I saw was a few glimpses.

I looked up when the lights dimmed dramatically and saw Iruka standing in the middle of the, 'stage', if that's what you could call it. He looked around the room, which wasn't very big, but he took his time studying it.

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages," Iruka started ignoring the fact that the ladies and gentlemen were also the children of all ages, "Welcome to the talent show! Which only a few of you wanted to do so there is a whole two acts!" He said enthusiastically grinning and the audience who wore a variety of expressions, "The first act is none other than our beloved Masked demonic Tsunade! And of course her lovely volunteer Kakashi!"

I really couldn't believe this, Tsunade actual participated in something and was exposing the odd little fetish she had. 'That explains why she's been wanting everyone to call her by her wrestling name' Tenten thought idly as she watched Kakahi thrown around and jumped on, flinching when it sounded like some of his bones had crushed.

The demonstration was soon over and Iruka rushed forward to Tsunade motioning for the paramedics to take the injured teacher away, "Give it up for the Masked Demonic Tsunade!" The audience cheered, "Now for our next act, nine fellow students!"

I looked to where Iruka was pointing and groaned as she saw her friends walk on stage, all of them cross-dressing.

Sasuke wore a long orange formal dress that was strapless and hung limply over his very male body. His hair was in its general chicken's ass shape, but the dress changed his look.

Following him was Gaara who was wearing a light pink sun dress that had flowers on it, the bright color of his eyes and hair made his eyes and make up stand out. Following the red head was Kiba who was wearing a feminine suit, which with his long shaggy hair made him look like a female.

After Kiba were Naruto, Shikamaru, and Neji. Naruto had a pink tu-tu and leotard on. Following Naruto was Shikamaru in a tube top and tight fitting jeans and behind him in a short skirt, tank top, fishnets, and knee high leather boots was Neji.

The girls came on after Temari wearing low riding jeans, a muscle shirt, a toque, and was riding a skate board, after her was Hinata who had baggy shorts on, a gym shirt and was dribbling a basketball. Sakura was the last to go on she wore a formal mens suit, a top hat, and swung a cane around lazily as she walked.

Once they were all on stage the group formed a line and linked arms, and in the best stoic face they could manage at the time began to do the cancan.

"cancan, can you do the cancan," the all sang, slightly off tune, as the kicked their left leg up followed by their right leg. From the cancan the dance slowly dissolved into the maharani and various other dances.


Normal pov (after the Talent show)

"Wow, guys that was amazing," Itachi said clapping enthusiastically, than he stilled suddenly his face turning into his normal stoic mask, "Right down to business, Pein is coming with us on our random trip around town which, incase I forgot to mention, is in five days," the last part was said with a very high pitched fangirl squeal as he jumped up and down excitedly.

"Itachi, I can't go on the random trip," Pein drawled, which caused Itachi to look at him with big moist puppy dog eyes and a quivering lip.


"'cause I don't feel like it," Pein drawled and walked away.

Tenten opened her mouth to speak and then closed it again, she once again opened her mouth only to close it a few minutes later. Giving up on trying to talk she walked away looking very confused.

"TENNI!" Neji yelled and threw himself at Tenten's legs and as she continued to walk, with quite a struggle, Neji was dragged with her.

"TENNI, DATTEBAYO!" Naruto yelled and threw himself at Neji's legs, and Tenten continued to walk. Each member of her group then attached themselves to her through a long chain of people, until she was unable to move any further.

Tenten signed and looked down at Neji, "What do you want Neji?" Tenten asked exasperated and Neji perked up.

"I wanna where you bracelet," Neji said looking up at Tenten with large white puppy eyes.

"Fine," Tenten said and took off the bracelet placing the bracelet into Neji's out reaching hands. Suddenly her eyes widened in realization, "Ooo, I gotta go!" with that Tenten took off running.

"Why are you lying there?" Iruka asked looking at the line of teenagers lying on the ground in a line holding tightly to each other's feet. Starting with Neji who was holding on to nothing, and ending with Itachi who had a firm grip on Sasuke.

"We were trying to prevent Tenten from leaving," Sakura said innocently while pointing at the empty place in front of Neji.

"Apparently it didn't work that well," Kakashi observed as he stood next to the writing teacher.

"Well, you know what? YOU'RE A WELL!" Temari yelled, than huffed and turned her head effectively shunning them.

"Tenten to the office, Tenten," Tenten's voice called over the intercom, and like a puppy Neji jumped up, panted a bit, and bark before he took off skipping.

"I'm hungry," Naruto said suddenly, "Hey is that Lee? Oh Kami he's not wearing spandex!"

"His hair is spiked!"


"Sasuke is right he has normal thin eyebrows WHATS WRONG WITH HIM!"



Normal Pov (Sasuke's house at night)

"How was your day children?" Naruto's mother asked in a cheerful tone.

"Good," Naruto, Tobi, Itachi, Sasuke and Kiba murmured.

"Right." Mr. Uchiha said suddenly looking serious, "Due to the economy, we're going to have to let one of you go."

"SASUKE!" Naruto volunteered, loudly.

"No! Naruto! HE'S TOO LOUD!" Sasuke yelled louder than Naruto.

This was yet another beginning to one of their famous brotherly fights. Obviously this argument, like all the rest, included a lot of name calling, yelling, wrestling, and hair pulling. This continue until both boys realized the most obvious answer they could come up with.

"ITACHI! TAKE ITACHI!" both the blond boy and chicken ass boy yelled.

"WHOA! NOT ME!" Itachi yelled as he pulled out Tenten's cookies.

"Actually we were thinking Madara," Mr. Uchiha said and sweat dropped at his three sons.

"Hey lets go braid our hair," Tobi suggested not paying attention to the fact that he was just offered up as a sacrifice.

:OKAY!" the other three boys yelled and followed their cousin into the living room, Kiba followed after silently.

After Itachi and Tobi's hair had been braided there was a knock at the door, and Itachi bounded up from his seat to answer it.

A few minutes later Neji walked in, tailed by Itachi who was bright eyed and bussy tailed as he gently stroked the Hyuuga's hair.

"Ooo, Neji. We braid your hair," the four boys said in chorus as Itachi led Neji into the middle of the living room and motioned for him to sit in front of the chair that Tobi was occupying.

"-to see a little bit clearer the rottenness and evil in me," Neji sang swaying his arms side to side above his head. He didn't notice Tenten walk in behind him, "My fingertips have memories I can't forget the curves of your body-"Tenten coughed here to get the boys attention. "Oh hey Tenten what are you doing here? Hehe."

"I wanted my bracelet back," Tenten paused as she looked at the wrist Neji was unconsciously rubbing, it was the one that held the object that she sought.

"Okay here," Neji said and held out the duck bracelet, but Tenten hesitated.

"Who were you singing about?" Tenten askd 'uncaringly' as she walked forward to reclaim her bracelet.

"No one, no one at all," Neji answered to quickly for anyone to believe, but Tenten dropped the subject and took the bracelet from Neji's out stretched hand.

"I'll be leaving now." Tenten drawled and walked away.

"Do you think she believed me?" Neji asked after they heard the door close, a sure sign that the girl had left.

The five other males sighed and shook their heads, however they continued to braid each other's hair like the little school girls they were about to dress up as.


Normal Pov (next day)

"Tenten!" Sakura yelled the minute she spotted the bun head, "I need you to read over this please."

"Fine," Tenten muttered and took the piece of paper that held an assignment from Iruka, "You didn't use any punctuation."

"So, it's good then?" Sakura didn't even let Tenten answer before she continued, "great."

"Tenten!" Kiba said enthusiastically, "what gender are you?"

"Female," Tenten droned, she was getting used to to everyone acting strange, even though she wasn't sure why.

"Ooo, Sasuke! What gender are you?" Kiba asked his boyfriend.

"I don't know!"


Normal pov (in class)

"Hey Zetzu, what gender are you?" Kiba asked the crazy plant boy.

"ASEXUAL!" Zetzu yelled and ran to his desk, which had mosquito netting around it and a CD player under his desk that was playing jungle sounds. The oddity of the desk would remain the same through each class throughout the day.

"Neji, what gender are you?" Kiba asked as Neji skipped into the room, followed by a calm Tenten.


"Neji be quite," the teacher drawled and Neji pouted in a very Tenten like way.

"Hey Teach, what's your gender?"

"I'm an it"

"Sorry I asked," Kiba muttered and sat down.

After that class continued peacefully, of course that was until Zetzu started yelling about a bug, which he then squished and got yelled at by Shino.

Tenten in the meantime tried to puzzle out what was wrong with the school. Her entire group of friends seemed to have lost their minds, jumping from one emotion to the next without cause. Her friends weren't the only ones to have gone haywire.

Rock Lee had stopped wearing green spandex and was acting as If he was interested in the opposite sex. Ino was acting nice and dressed appropriately, and Shino was less creepy then he had been. Tenten had even noticed the change in herself as she had stopped caring that Itachi had and was stealing her cookies.

"Ten common let's get some coffee," Neji said and pulled Tenten to her feet.

Two weeks ago the school actually brought out it's secret coffee machine, that wasn't so secret because everyone knew about it. However it seemed that people were losing their coffee addiction, apparently the caffeine wasn't doing it for them.

Naruto was standing around the coffee machine, an air of expectancy around him. He stoically watched as Neji and Tenten had walked up and taken some coffee.

Neji's eyes lit up as an unexpected rush of Caffeine hit his system. He began to bounce around and grabbed by the wrists accidently removing the bracelet in the process. She too started to bounce around as she experienced the same rush, they soon had joined the others who had already gotten their coffee and seemed to be handling no better.

"I win," Naruto said smugly and placed to cans on top of the coffee machine, one had been decaf which was what they school had been drinking for two weeks straight and the other was espresso which was what they had recently had. Going from Barely any caffeine to an extreme amount had left their bodies in an almost comatose as the drug worked its way through their systems. They would all be unable to prepare for what Naurto had planned next for the school.

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