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Chapter 1

My name is Isabella Swan and I am a seventeen year old girl living in England under King Henry VIII's rule. My family is very wealth due to my fathers position as Duke. So I am destined to marry someone in the royal court to strengthen my families name.

I have been taught the role of a woman in society is to marry whoever a father decides and do so with no questions asked and once married to follow the commands of that husband. I feel that I have no say in my life and have asked myself many times if it should be called my life or the life of the men that control it.

Still I follow all of my orders and learn the few things that are available to a woman which is not much but I am lucky that I was born into this family or I would not be offered any education.

Today I will be going to a ball in the Kings castle and my father said that I should put on my best gown and make sure that I kept my temper under control and that I be polite.

I would do as I was told because I knew if I did not I would bring disgrace to the family. Though I would be polite but if for some reason my temper would rise I would use witty remakes than rude ones and then I would be seen as a clever girl instead of a unsuitable wife.

Once the maids were done helping me get gown I dismissed them and stared at myself in the mirror and was happy with what was reflected back. It was the best gown I owned and I had saved it for a special occasion and this was, for I wanted to look beautiful so I would appeal to the court men. My goal was to have many powerful men to court me and have my father pick the most suitable one for me.

The dress I wore was sure to make people envy me. It was made of cream colored flower embroidered silk on the sleeves with deep red silk tips the bodice and the underlay skirt was a elegant floral pastel green with the same cream embroidered over lay.

I only wished I had a necklace to as elegant as the dress to wear with it. I sighed and was going to go to my fathers library to seek his approval on my appearance when their was a knock on my door.

"May I come in daughter" it was my fathers voice and I politely said "Of course father."

As he entered my room he held his hands behind his back and I was curious to see what he was hiding but instead said "Hello father how are you today?"

"Very well my beautiful daughter."

I knew I should get use to these compliments for I was fair especially now that my normally long straight brown hair was half in a elegant lose bun while the bottom half of it was in loose curls that cascaded down my back I also had some smaller curls shaping the front of my face.

Still my fathers compliment made me blush. He laughed at my response and said "I have a surprise for my lovely daughter"

"Oh my loving father what is it?"

With that my father revealed what was hidden behind his back which was a velvet flat rectangle box. He placed it in my hands and said "open it." I did as I was told and gasped.

It was a diamond necklace and it was beautiful but I also knew it would be terribly expensive.

"Father I adore it but it is to expensive" I said honestly.

I heard some one else enter my room and smiled warmly when I saw that it was my mother.

"Now dear daughter would you not accept something your father has so lovingly gave you?" my mother said.

"No mother on the contrary I do but will it not harm us financially?"

"My dear daughter it has been in this family for many generations given to the eldest daughter or eldest sons wife and since you are our only daughter it now belongs to you." my father said with a smile.

With that my father took the box and took the necklace out and gave it to my mother so she may put it on me I willingly obliged and lifted my hair out of the way.

Once I saw my reflection again I could not help but smile I looked like royalty. I looked at my father and mother and they both nodded lovingly at me. With that I knew I was ready to bring honor to my family.

We all headed for the carriage that was waiting to take us to the palace. Once the carriage stopped in front of the palace my mother gave me one last piece of advice "Daughter this is not just a regular event today their will be more nobles, dukes and archdukes then there will ever be until next year so my beautiful daughter you have to catch the interest of as many as you can so you can prolong their visits here to court you." I just nodded knowing my mother was right.

With that we all exited the carriage. Like always when we entered the palace my mother and father would go in front of me while there names were announced to the crowd

"Charlie Swan Duke of Forks and his wife Renee Swan!" once this was said my parents descended the staircase. That was the signal for me to take the place my father and mother had just vacated so my name was announced.

I could feel my nerves getting the best of me but I soon reminded myself that I had to be confident. I stepped forward and suddenly the room went quiet except for the musicians playing a soft melody in the back ground. I could fell eyes on me but I looked straight forward avoiding their eyes. "Miss Isabella Swan daughter of the Duke of Forks!" once the man was done introducing me I descended the stair and began my only role as a daughter of a duke.

Hope everyone enjoyed it!! I know it was a little boring but I wanted the reader to know that she is not looking for love she is just looking for a suitable husband. Also a picture of the dress she wore is on my profile so check it out:)