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Chapter 14

As I looked down onto the beautiful garden from the balcony of my new room in my new home, or should I say castle. I was still astounded by the many beauties and charms this grand castle had kept revealing to me and glad that the people in this place were also very pleasant to be around that I soon found myself truly smiling. Though I could still feel the great pain that was branded upon my heart when I truly turned my back on my one and only love.

Though I always carried this pain with me I would reassure myself by thinking the many wondrous things that this decision had brought. My family was now brought to higher and stronger statures in our society than it had once been, the kingdom of La Push was now certain that there would be a future for the Black line and rule, and the one thing that kept me going was to know that soon my dear Edward would forget me and marry a girl that was more suitable for him and would not bring so much torment into his life as I would if I had excepted his many propositions.

Soon I was disturbed from my thinking when I felt a gentle and warm hand upon my shoulder followed by a gentle kiss upon my cheek. I turned to see my doting husband smiling at me warmly and I smiled back to him. We stayed in comfortable silence for a moment as we both looked upon the garden that was below my room when Jacob finally said "My love, my father wishes to see the both of us. He says he wishes to discuss something with us in private." I looked up at Jacob and said "Of course let me just fix myself up and I will be down to see him with you."

Jacob nodded and left the room, and as soon as he left my new ladies in waiting came in to help me ready myself for the meeting with my husbands father, who I thought fondly of even though we have not known each other for much time. He had this very kind presence about him that drew you to him and let yourself open to him easily, but still he had an air to him that made you respect him deeply and utterly.

As I was being helped by my ladies in waiting into my fine wardrobe I noticed how much longer it took me to dress myself than it had before I became Jacobs wife. It seemed to me that I had to be even more presentable than I had before because I was representing the future of the Black line, now with the title Princess.

I was soon drawn out of my thoughts when I finally saw my reflection from the mirror which I could not get use to, even now that many months have passed since I have moved into this castle and have been dressing like this for even everyday wear. In the reflection I saw myself in this stunning dress of a gold and deep green that seemed to me, very elegant and becoming on my figure and the only item of jewelry I wore was the wedding present that my father-in-law had given my which was a necklace that use to be his late wife's, Jacobs mother that died when he was young. It was a very simple but elegant thing that was made of pearls and a gold cross.

I knew that I was over all suited to be in the company of the king himself when we finally finished up my hair that was up in a loose bun that was elegantly placed with some smaller curls coming out of it to frame my face. So I soon went to my husbands room and he too had dressed up to meet his father. When his eyes first feel on my he had his gentle smile upon his face but when his eyes laid upon the necklace that was upon my neck his eyes showed a mixture of pain and gratitude.

I soon thought that it was wrong of me to wear it for it must have brought painful memories to Jacob, so instinctively I placed my hand over it to try to cover it from his view and cased down my head to avoid that look that I knew was still in his eyes. I then felt his hand under my face lifting it up so he could see my eyes, as he did this the deep pain I always carried reminded me how my true love always use to do this gesture to me and soon I felt tears threaten to spill out of my eyes but I willed them to stay.

Though none of my tears did spill Jacob noticed how my eyes became glazed over with the excess tears filling them and said in a gentle voice "What troubles you my love?" I looked away embarrassed that he was starting to understand certain things about me that I wished he did not because it became harder to hide my true emotions from him like I once did. But I looked him straight in the eyes and said "Nothing, I am fine." He gave me this look that said he did not believe me for an instant. So I truthfully said "I was just reminded of something from my past." He then started to have a glazed over look as he took in my words and to take him away from that state that somehow frightened me I continued to say "Like you were also" I motioned to the cross upon my neck and continued to say "I should not have worn this, I am sorry."

His eyes regained focus and he soon said "No there is nothing to be sorry for it just surprised me at first to see it but I am fine now. It actually makes me happy to see you wear it with such pride, I am sure if mother was still alive she would have been very pleased." With that we both went to see the King.

As we entered the grand room, I felt a pang of pain surge my body as it always did as my eyes lay upon the grand piano that reminded me of my beloved. But soon I saw King Billy Black and his warm smile that he seemed to have given Jacob, but King Billy's was not only warm but it seemed that it held great wisdom that is only gained through the trials of time. His gaze also when straight to my neck as his sons had and also like his son he had a pained look and it reminded me of the look Edward had had when he was leaning against the church doors as I had said "I do."

I tried to push these thoughts of him from my head as the King began to say "I am very honored that you wear my late wife's favorite necklace" I nodded as I said "I am the one who is honored to be wearing such a lovely thing that is so full of memories." The King gave me another warm smile and then moved on to the matter at hand "I have called you both here to talk to you about what has been on my mind for some time now." he paused and motioned for me and Jacob to take a seat, witch we did and he continued to say. "Now that I have met your lovely wife Jacob and seen how she is deemed of such a position of the title Princess and how much I have seen that since you met her you have grown into a very mature prince and considering how my health has been depleting very rapidly I believe it is time I step down as King and let you take your rightful place that was destined for you since your birth." I turned to Jacob with astonishment as to where this conversation had led, and I saw that Jacob seemed proud that his father thought so much of him.

I began to think that it was very rare that a King stepped down from the thrown and gave it to his son because normally this didn't happen until the King had died. But it seemed that King Billy did not care for those customs and from what I know of him from this short time I've been here I believed he wanted to see his son as King before he died and make sure that his son knew the ropes.

Soon Jacob said "I would be honored father." Soon the room filled with joy to the new news and Jacobs father asked if I could sing for them in this joyous moment. Which I did and I pick a song that I had written a long time ago that described new beginnings, which seemed fitting for the circumstances. As I sang I began to think, if Jacob was to become a King then I would become a…Queen?

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