ok soo let some me give some background on her. Kayler -you'll figure out who that is soon- died when she was 12. shes never gotten over it. she blames herself for it -you'll figure that out soon as well...but not in this chapter-. she has lived in forks her whole life but no one knows about it cuz she was homeschooled but ran away and stayed hidden almost right after Kayler died. you'll find all this out later in the story but i figured i'd be nice anyway -which is rare- and give you the background of her. and she doesn't get a name till the next chapter. This whole story is based on a dream i had so the girl in this is based on me. shuting up now...

All she could do was run. Fear stripped her of her will to think. She didn't have to open her eyes to know where she was going.

A blood curdling scream escaped her numb throat. Flesh tore from her left arm as a black dart ripped through the side of it. She stumbled and landed in front of the old oak where it all started. She knew she had to get up but her legs wouldn't obey her mind.

Suddenly, a warm, soft hand rested on her shoulder. She looked up, already knowing who it was.

"Come on. Just a little further." his melodic voice carried through that soft, annoying smile that she always use to love.

She shook her head as tears began to venture down her cut cheeks. She just wanted to go home. No. She just wanted to go back in time to that one horrible day and stay in bed. At least he would still be with her.

" I know it hurts but trust me. You only have a little bit of time," when she shook her head, he decided to use force.

Grabbing her shoulders, he lifted her to her feet and slapped her hard across her already cut cheek.

"You can't have me back! Not the way you want! Not now, not ever! I can only be here to protect you but if you won't listen, what's the point!?"

He hated doing that to her. Hate the painful realization that turned her beautiful grey-blue eyes a dull, flat-out grey.

"Now run before I leave you for good!" it wasn't the threat that made her nod and start to run but the fear glazing his eyes.

This time, as she ran, a new surge of energy made her legs carry her almost as fast as she'd been that haunting day.

Suddenly the memory came back and as she broke out of the forest to come into a beautiful meadow, she collapsed.

"Kayler," she whispered his name in a plea as pain and anger gripped what was left of her heart and mind.

The memory seized her again and again, forcing her to watch that torturing incident over and over again in her mind. Whispers in the back of her head came with the painful images of her harmful work.

" Murderer," they chanted as blackness engulfed her and the memory played full out in her mind as if it was literally happening all over again.

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