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The drive back to the Cullen's house was silent. Edward seemed a little pissed but not too much. He has finally realized that I'm never gonna tell the full story unless I have to. Just before we walked through the door, Edward whispered, "you have to explain this to them right away, got it," I nodded.

Jacob came to stand beside me when we got inside. By the smile he gave me, I knew I was forgiven for that little stunt I pulled a few days ago.

Edward stood beside Alice and Rosalie. He gave me a look that I knew easily. It told me I better start talking.

"The werewolves have a prophesy that comes within the legend of the vampire. This prophesy is of a being that is unexplainably evil but will do anything to stay good. This being is known as the Hilcohin. Basically, it's a demon that's good for its own reasons. The Hilcohin is meant to bring vampires and werewolves together to bring about the destruction of a great coven that has used its power for wrong. To sum all that up, I'm some super great evil being who's going to force you all to get along so we can kick some Volturi ass," after a long silence, I groaned, "please tell me you understand!"

The Cullens nodded, "so why do you still look confused?!"

Jasper stepped forward and said, "so let me get this straight. You are one hundred percent evil and you are willing to kill the people who made you like this at any cost and we have to get along with the werewolves just so you can get your revenge?"

He has got to be the stupidest vampire I've ever known, "GAH! It's so simple! Okay let me explain this a different way. Yes, I want revenge on the Volturi, but whether I did or not, you were going to have to fight them at some point in time cause they love wars. The only way you can beat them is with the help of the werewolves. Everyone still following," I didn't exactly give them time to respond before I went on, "I don't care, just try to keep up here. So even if I never existed, you would still have to ally with the werewolves to beat the Volturi. Right now, though, I'm giving you a reason to do it. Now, are you with me or not?"

All the werewolves stepped forward, saying one after another that they sure as hell are. Then I looked to the Cullens. They were all looking to each other as if this was such a hard decision to make. After about three minutes of exchanging looks, they finally turned and smiled to me.

"Of course we are."

I grinned at hearing this from Carisle. Now we just need a plan, but to make one that is definitely going to be successful, we're going to need Kayler. At making this decision, I close my eyes. Kayler, where are you. I need you. Can you become visible for everyone here?

There was a gust of wind in front of me that blew my hair back and smelled like pine trees. I opened my eyes as everyone else gasped and was greeted by Kayler's arms wrapping around me in a tight hug, "you know I can do just about anything if you ask me to."

I smiled. He pulled back and I held onto his arm.

"Everyone, this is Kayler." The Cullens, who knew all about him, were confused. Rosalie stepped forward, "but… he's dead."

Before I could answer, he stepped forward, "yes, I'm dead, but with how strong of a connection I had with Belisma, I became something that's known as a Guardian. When you have a strong friendship with a being that isn't human, usually when you die you become a Guardian for them. The Guardian keeps them safe from anything in the spirit realm and is usually the one to keep them going when they've totally lost hope."

I knew they didn't understand completely, even though they were nodding. So I made it less confusing, "he's a spirit meant to protect me thanks to how strong our friendship was."

Now understanding lit up in everyone's eyes and I knew we could move on.

"Alright, now we need a battle plan and that is why Kayler is here. He's been going back and forth between me and the Volturi. Before, it was so I knew if they had a lock on where I was. Now it is so that we know the perfect time to attack and how exactly we should do it."

"I'll get you guys something to eat while your planning," Esme said as she walked into the kitchen. The rest of us sat around in the living room discussing different ideas about the attack. In my heart, I knew this would work, but I also knew that some of us wouldn't be coming home. I just hoped they knew this too and were willing to take that risk by my side.

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