Chapter 3- Help From Kaede

"I see," Kaede nodded after Miroku and Sango explained the crisis. Kagome pulled at Sango's hair over and over, Inuyasha chewed on Miroku's robe and Shippo couldn't help but laugh at the scene.

"Well what shall we do Lady Kaede?" asked Miroku trying to shoo Inuyasha from his robe.

"I may be able to reverse the spell that was cast on them," Kaede explained looking through her herbs.

"You can do that?" Miroku asked amazed.

"Well can you do it quickly?" asked Sango as Kagome yanked playfully on her hair again.

"It may take some time to get it prepared, in the mean time I strongly suggest ye keep close watch on Kagome and Inuyasha," Kaede told them, preparing to make the concoction.

Inuyasha crawled over to Miroku's sandal and pulled it off with his teeth like a puppy. Inuyasha went around and headed for the hut door with his prize still in his mouth. Kagome giggled happily and crawled out of Sango's grasp to follow him.

"Uh guys," Shippo said as the two sneaked out of the hut.

The two noticed they were slowly making their way outside.

Miroku sighed as he and Sango got up and hurried after baby Inuyasha and Kagome.

"Why did you leave the door open," Sango asked picking up Kagome once they were outside.

"Me?" Miroku said, "you were the one behind me, why didn't you close it?"

Sango glared at him. Miroku quickly shut his mouth with a sigh as he stopped Inuyasha in his tracks and bent down to his level.

"Come on give Miroku his sandal back," he said trying to pull it from his mouth.

Inuyasha figured he was playing with him and kept his teeth tightly on the sandal, growling in the process.

Kagome giggled in Sango's arms making Sango smile a little, it was a cute sound after all.

Finally Miroku managed to get his sandal back. He examined it and noticed little bite marks on it. He shook his head and put it back on his foot. Inuyasha looked at him sadly, but then suddenly sniffed the air.

Shippo and Kirara came out of the hut and they heard Kaede mumble as she shut the door behind them so she could concentrate better.

Shippo was licking on a lollipop from Kagome's bag that Miroku and Sango brought back with them.

Inuyasha smiled in his direction and started crawling quickly to him. Shippo looked a little worried.

Inuyasha babbled, 'What am I doing, this isn't a time for sweets.'

'I think we're thinking more like babies, I hope Kaede hurries soon, or we won't know what anyone is saying including us,' babbled Kagome to him.

"They sound so cute when they do that," said Sango.

"Yeah, hard to believe it's really them," added Miroku.

Inuyasha got to Shippo and tried reaching for his sucker. Shippo held it closer to him, "It's mine," he whined.

"Shippo, can't you share?" asked Sango, more of a demand then question.

Shippo glared at Inuyasha before giving it to him. Inuyasha grasped the lollipop in his hands and began chewing on it desperately.

Kagome began to grunt, "What's the matter with her?" asked Sango.

"Hmm," Miroku looked from Inuyasha then Kagome. He raised Kagome's lip and noticed she was teething, "I think her gums are hurting her."

"That's probably why Inuyasha is chewing on everything," Sango concluded.

Shippo pulled out one of his fox magic toys and gave it to Sango, "Here, she can chew on this."

Sango gave the spinning top to Kagome and she began gumming it.

"Well that's one problem solved, but they still need diapers and food," Sango said then looked at Miroku as he got a sly look on his face. Sango looked disgusted, "No, I'm not going to do that," she could tell what he was thinking.

"Fine what are they going to eat," Miroku asked staring at her, waiting for her brilliant idea.

"Looks like we've got to buy some things," Sango replied.

"I guess so," Miroku agreed. This was going to be a royal pain.

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