Alternate Pairing Drabbles by pari106

Disclaimer: None of the characters used herein belong to me.

Rated: PG

Warning: Spoilers for Season 2.

Drabble #1: Max's POV. Alec/Max. Set during the bar scene in "Two".

Drabble #2: Asha's POV. Logan/Asha. Set anytime in early Season 2.

Drabble #1:
Too Much Green-eyed Monster in the Cocktail

There's another one.

We've been at Crash maybe…twenty minutes? And already another tramp is trying to sink her claws into

That makes three so far.

What the hell do they see in him, anyhow? I mean, yeah, he's hot, but… And look at him! Showing off.
Asshole. What the hell does he want with a whore like that, anyways? I mean, besides…

And why does he have to laugh like that? Like she's just said something witty and profound? Why is he
so damned charming to everybody? Why is he so fucking…nice?

Why am I so jealous?

Drabble #2:
Case of the X

I usually don't have a problem with ex-girlfriends. Other women tend to back off when they realize I sleep
with my piece under my pillow. But Max isn't like "other women."

Other men I've cared about had trouble with long-term commitment. They couldn't fathom being faithful
to a woman who wasn't faithful to them. Couldn't understand fighting, even dying for a woman they can't
even touch. But Logan isn't like "other men."

Maybe I should just back off…but I'm not like other people either.

I usually don't have a problem with ex-girlfriends.

X-girlfriends are infinitely more tough.