30 Sure-Fire Ways to Annoy the Heck Out of Vlad Masters

1: Dial his phone, then beat him to it. Sit there talking to nobody for a looong time, and don't let him get the phone. Then, whenever he leaves the room, laugh and say loudly, where he can hear you: "No, sorry, Vlad just left... Really? That's too bad. I'll talk to you later, Maddie!" Then hang up as he breaks down the door trying to get to the phone.

2: Tell him his ponytail is girly.

3: Ask him about the sissy-girly bow around his neck.

4: Convince him to put his hair down. When he does, scream "Ohmygawd Riku!! 3" and pounce him.

5: Whenever he enters a room, sing in a high-pitched, squeeky voice, "Lonely... I'm s-lonely. I have nobody... to call my own!"

6: Insist that his ghost half is a vampire who comes to life when he sleeps. Just for emphasis, draw some bite-marks on your neck and blame him.

7: Whenever he says something, say "that's what she said," whether it makes since or not. It'll drive him crazy.

8: Make a point of emphasizing that Maddie and Jack make the CUTEST couple.

9: Ask him why he impersonates Sean Connery when he talks.

10: Ask his age.

11: Tell him he needs to mix up his wardrobe a little.

12: Insist over and over that he try online dating.

13: Tell him that your football team kicks the Packers' butts.

14: Buy him a shirt for his birthday that reads "I Love Fruitloops."

15: Pester him about his interest in Valerie. When he gets angry, insist that she's too young or him.

16: Do the same for Danny.

17: Make fun of the "Plasmius Maximus." (that name is just too funny)

18: Tell him that he's just a bad closet Dracula wannabe.

19: Reprogram his holo-Maddie to look like Jack. Be sure to leave the same dialogue and voice attributes.

20: Insist he drop his pride and come up with his own battle cry because you know he's dying to.

21: Whenever he starts talking lovey-dovey about Maddie, point at him and shout "Homewrecker!!"

22: When he's battling Danny, whenever he opens his mouth to throw an insult, make a loud HONK sound.

23: Ask him why he gets a sick satisfaction out of beating up children.

24: Break out the puppets at an embarassing time and give him the talk.

25: Ask him if plastic surgery hurts.

26: Write him a letter from a secret admirer asking him to meet them in a dark, secluded place. Send an identical letter to Danny.

27: Ask him if he's ever considered therapy.

28: Look at him suddenly and scream "What's that glowing zit doing on your face?!"

29: Re-decorate his entrance hall with Danny Phantom fan-gear. Invite Danny over.

30: Whenever he's petting Maddie (the cat), roll your eyes and tell him that he should work on his Dr. Evil impression.