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Then Ace rushed at Abigail, but she did a whirligig and kicked him backwards. He was knocked to the ground.

Then she took on Eyeball and lifted him up. He was in shock.

"Abby, have you been-?"

"Something like that," Abigail replied.

Then she dropped him. His landing was a little less painful than Ace's had been. Next were Jackie, Vince, Billy, Charlie and Fuzzy. They too were lifted up in the air (one at a time). Then, they also landed painfully on the sidewalk.

"Serves you right, Richie," she said to Eyeball.

Normally Eyeball would, according to him, "kill anybody who calls me by my real name."

But this time, he stared up at Abigail from where he lay. He didn't have much energy to get up and fight back against Abigail.

"Well, that's that," she said.

Chris, Teddy, Gordie and Vern looked at her in shock.

Then Teddy said,
"Abby, that was…"

"Unbelievable," Chris finished.

Abigail replied,

"I know. Let's keep moving."

With that they began walking again…

"Well done you!" said Teddy, clapping me on the back. I smiled.

"You sure showed them, Abigail!" said Vern.

"Thanks, guys," I replied.

"You're pretty tough, Abigail. If your writing career doesn't work out, you should join the Army," Teddy suggested.

"I don't know, Teddy. I think that's more your thing."

"Abigail, if they won't let you in, I'll just force them," said Teddy, smirking now.

"Then again," I replied, "it wouldn't be too bad for me to fight by your side."

Teddy nodded. He knew exactly what I was saying. It wouldn't be too bad for the both of us to fight together against the enemy.

You keep saying you've got something for me.
something you call love, but confess.
You've been messin' where you shouldn't have been a messin'
and now someone else is gettin' all your best.

These boots are made for walking,

and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots

are gonna walk all over you

--Nancy Sinatra, These Boots are Made for Walkin'

As we walked along the road, Teddy spoke up.

"Hey, Abigail, where do you think this adventure is gonna take us?"

I shrugged. "I don't know, Teddy. Maybe the Wild West or something. After all, adventure is written in the heart of a man, and there is something fierce in the heart of a man, too."

"Wow, Abigail," said Chris. "That's deep."

"Very deep," Vern agreed.

Cool! I thought.

Then we stopped. "Did anybody bring food?" asked Gordie. We sat down on the tracks. The boys pulled out what money they had, and Vern, of course, had only seven cents.

"I haven't found my pennies yet," he said.

"I remembered to bring some money too," I replied. I reached into my backpack and pulled out my black purse (which I had put into my backpack the night before), then opened it. I then opened a zippered compartment and pulled out three wads of dollar bills. The boys' eyes widened.

"Abigail, that's a lot of money. You must be rich or something," said Teddy.

"No, actually, I earned it from helping out the neighbors. They were rich, so they gave me just enough money," I explained. "There's exactly 25 dollars and 32 cents. I'm saving it, just in case, for something special."

"Cool," said Teddy.

I gathered up all my money, put back in my purse and got to my feet, as did the others. "Let's go," I said. We then began walking again.

Soon we came to the Castle Rock junkyard. Then, at precisely 3 o'clock. . . it happened.

Gordie leaped right over the fence. Then Milo Pressman ran up.

He hissed at Teddy,

"Sonny, I'm gonna beat you for teasing my dog like that."

"Oh yeah?" I replied. "I'd love to see you try to come over this fence and get me, you crouching tiger-slash-hidden dragon."

Silence suddenly fell on the junkyard. Milo turned and looked at me, an expression of shock on his face. He had obviously never been called that before.

"Don't you call me that, you little tin weasel peckerwood looney's daughter!" he replied.

Then Teddy looked at me. I had been grinning until then. But now I had narrowed my eyes. He put a hand on my shoulder. Chris put his hand on my other shoulder.

"What did you call me?" I asked. I had this really weird smirk on my face.

"I know who you are," said Milo, grinning. "You're Abigail Watson. Your dad's a looney – a looney up in the nut house in Togus. He took your ear and he put it to a stove and he burnt it off."

Here Teddy checked to see if that was true. He blinked. My ears looked healthy – not a burn anywhere. He smiled to himself. Apparently Milo didn't know what he was talking about.

"My father is a famous actor," I said in a voice the others had never seen me use before – especially Teddy.

"He's crazier than a nut house rat. No wonder you are the way you are, with a looney for a father," replied Milo.

"You call my father a crouching tiger, hidden dragon again, and you are legally and rightfully a dead man," I growled.

"What?" asked Milo.

"Come on, guys," I said, turning and heading down the road. "Let's go."

Ignoring Milo's rants, we headed down the road. Then Teddy spoke up.

"I can't believe it, Abigail. He taunted your dad the same way he did mine. Only you stood up to him much better than I did. You believed me about my dad, so I believe you about yours."

I smiled. "Thanks, Teddy. That means a lot to me."

Of course, Teddy meant what he said about his and my fathers.

I loved that about him – always believing me when I told the truth about something that wasn't my fault.

"You were brilliant, Abby," he said, grinning at me like a Cheshire cat.

I smiled in reply and expostulated,

"Thanks. I have to admit, I'm touched. That's really nice of you, Teddy."

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