A story by Songstone

Songstone: My first KakuHidan thingy. 8D I had so much fun with this. XD

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Accents were something that Kakuzu knew he and Hidan would have once they had begun to learn the English language. He would keep his German accent, and Hidan would have his Russian drawl.

He had never really given much thought to what the white-haired man would actually sound like, however. Hidan still had trouble pronouncing certain things in English.

Namely, the sound a 'W' makes.

Kakuzu would never admit it, but he found the way that Hidan switched the 'W' sound with a 'V' sound to be quite endearing. He often asked certain questions (in English) that he knew would confuse his boyfriend just so he could hear him say 'what.'

"Vhat?" Hidan would say, and every time it made Kakuzu snigger quietly.

"I said, do you have anything planned for dinner tonight?" Kakuzu repeated, his English accent nearly flawless. He continued to tap away at his computer, barely glancing over his shoulder to see if Hidan was nodding or shaking his head.

"Oh." The younger man simply said. The brunette kept his ears strained for the question... "No, not really. You know I hate to fucking cook." Here we go... "Vhy do you ask?"

Kakuzu swallowed a snort and then shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe we'll go out to eat tonight." He suggested.

The noise Hidan had been making while he was putting a few stray books back onto the shelf stopped. A pair of pink eyes were suddenly focused on the back of Kakuzu's skull, and the white-haired man tilted his head. "Go out? You vant to go buy dinner? Villingly?" He asked, unbelieving.

Villingly? That was new. Nonetheless, it made Kakuzu smirk secretly to himself. That one was nearly as amusing as the time he'd gotten Hidan to say 'cool whip.'

'Cool vhip,' if he quoted his lover correctly.

"It can't hurt to indulge every now and again." Kakuzu simply said, shutting down his computer and standing up, stretching. "Hidan...Come take a shower with me." He quite suddenly requested.

A pale brow was quirked. "Vhy?"

"Because I said so, now move your ass." All calmness was gone from the brunette's voice, being replaced by an irritable urgency for his lover to get cleaned up.

Also, they would be able to spare a few minutes in case something else came up whilst in the shower...

Hidan gave a heavy sigh and then unceremoniously dropped all of the books he had been organizing. "Fine." He snapped, following Kakuzu up the stairs quickly. "Vhere do you vant to eat?" He asked a couple of minutes later while he was unbuttoning his shirt.

Kakuzu, who was busily adjusting the water temperature for their bath, let a chuckle slip as he glanced back towards his lover. "Vherever you vant." He said, stepping into the shower before Hidan could figure out he was being mocked.

Songstone: If you're wondering why Kakuzu is German and Hidan is Russian, it's because this setting is from a story I had started to write AGES ago. I still plan to finish a few chapters, but for now, oneshots for the setting can't hurt. XD PLEASE tell me what you think. Reviews are fuel for the authors. 8D