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Grown up
She just turned 16
Stuck in the moment
Dead at the scene
And it's on tonight
This is the life that you wanted, right?
So turn off all the lights
Dressed up just like a movie star
At all the parties they'll know who you are
Wouldn't it be great, to be fashionably late?
So why don't you wait, till you're sedated

I sing into my hair brush as the song, Dance Hall Drug by Boys Like Girls, plays on my iPod.

I hear a giggles as I am in the middle of the song. I swing around, throwing my hair brush in the process, at Rose and Alice standing in the door frame.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" I yell as I jump off the bed and chase them into the living room where I stop dead in my tracks.

Three of the most AMAZINGLY GEORGOUS looking guys are casually draped over our couch.

I look down at my boxers with the character Cheese from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and my black lace and blush furiously. I'm sure my hair is a mess since I was in the middle of combing it after taking a shower.

"Bella, these are our next door neighbors. Emmett and Edward Cullen and Jasper Hale." Alice says gesturing from left to right as I check them out.

Emmett is a HUGE guy, built out insanely. A brown leather jacket, matching his brown buzzed hair, hugs his bulging arms as faded jeans contour to his legs.

Edward has a swimmers body, slight and covered in tight black jeans and a Sweeny Todd hoodie. His shaggy bronze hair threatens to cover his almond shaped eyes.

Jasper is a normal build, his dark, creased jeans wanting to cling to his legs, and his blue polo straining against his muscled arms.

"H-hello." I stammered, cursing myself for my embarrassment causing me to sound like a blundering idiot. "Excuse me." I back out of the room, shooting a glare at Rose and Alice as I do.

I run back to my room and quickly dress in skinny jeans and a Fosters hoodie, finish brushing my hair, my long bangs sweeping across my forehead.

As I go back to the living room I hear laughing. I silently plead that they aren't laughing about earlier. I step into the door way and slam right into a rock solid body.

"I'm sorry, I didn't -" My mouth hangs open with my unfinished sentence when my eyes meet Edwards bright green ones.

He chuckles as he brushes my bangs out of my eyes. "It's okay. I was sent to get you, but here you are."

What? He was sent to get me? By who? Why can't I say anything back?

"Breathe, Bella." He says and I suck in a deep breath. The heat rushes up to my cheeks as I look down.

"Well, I'm here now so we can go into the living room." I walk around him and enter the living room just as every ones eyes snap to me and a roar of laughter erupts in the room.

I roll my eyes as I go to sit in a chair.

"Hey Bella?" Edwards's velvet voice asks from behind me. My knees turn to jelly and I flop into the chair, none to gracefully.

"Yes, Eddie?" I glance up and see him flinch. Emmett and Jasper start to chuckle. A glare from Edward silences them.

"Just call me Edward." He gives me a crooked smile. "Do you want to come with me tonight to a rave? It'll be totally awesome if you'd come."

I glance as Alice and Rose, seeing if they knew about this.

"Not my scene." Rose says as Alice nods in agreement.

"So, I guess we're alone in this huh?" I smile seductively at him, though it feels like a grimace.

"Yeap. I believe it's called a date." He whispers as he sits down on the arm of my chair.

A cross between a gasp and a sqeek come out of my mouth. The heat instantly rises in my cheeks and I put my head in my hands.

"Yeah, that'd be great." I mumble and his hand rubs circles in my back.

"Good, now we won't feel so bad when we go out on our double date." Rose says and my head snaps up.


"Ummhmm. Why you were getting dressed Emmett, Jasper, Rose and I made plans to go see a movie and eat out." Alice explains, her glance sliding over to Jasper when she says his name.

"Oh I see. I'm glad then that we aren't going with you guys. That sounds like a snore fest!" Edward and I start laughing but the others just give us a confused half-smile. I'm sure they were contemplating admiting us.

"Come on Emmet, Edward. We have to finish unpacking." Jasper says rising gracefully from the couch and nodding to Rose then Alice, giving her a blinding smile.

"Oh, alright." Emmett says leaning forward to kiss Roses forehead. "See you later."

I glance at Edward and he smiles crookedly again, making my pulse race faster. What the hell is wrong with me? I don't even know the guy!

He leans over and squeezes me to him before letting me go and exiting with his room mates.

The door closes behind them and I launch myself at Alice and Rose. Shrieks fill the air as we tumble to the ground. I grab two throw pillows and proceede to beat the aganist Alice and Roses shoulders.

"Isabella Swan stop!" Rose yells and I drop the pillows back onto the couch and remove my knees from their stomachs.

"How DARE you do that to me!" I yell as Alice sits up, rubbing her shoulder. Rose just lays there, looking at the ceiling. "I was in my underwear for gods sake!"

"Oh, give it a rest. They all thought it was cute." Rose rolls and pops up into a standing postion. "You didn't see the way Edward was eyeing you?"

I groan and flop back onto the floor. "My Cheese underwear and lace bra. Great. Just great! I must have looked to slutty." I roll to my side, pull my arm back and punch the couch.

"BELLA! Don't harm the fruniture." Alice says as she gets up and walks to the kitchen. "I'm making salad and pasta."

"Leave the meat out of it until I get my plate." I call and Alice grunts.

I stand up and hug Rose. "I'm sorry for beating you." I look up into her eyes, giving her my best puppy dog face.

He laughs and hugs me back. "That's okay. We all know the risks when it come to you and your violence."

I shurg as we go to help Alice.