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January – Part 1

Edwards POV

I peak into Bella's door and instantly get a boner.

She is dressed in underwear that doesn't cover most of her ass and a ripped up shirt that I'm sure was mine at one time. Standing on her bed, she stretches up towards the ceiling and smoothes over a picture from Christmas.

I quietly slip in, which is extremely easy to do since her music is blaring. I lean against the door and watch as she fixes another picture, takes a step back to check her work then does a spin and lands her on bed Indian style.

The moment she sees me the music clicks to the intro notes for our song.

As the intro plays I hum along with it. The wards flow from my throat and matches CJs almost perfectly.

Every time your eyes meet mine
It gives me chills up and down my spine
I can feel it through your fingertips
And I'm sensing that its mutual through your lips
First kiss by your front door
You're all I wanted and so much more
I promise you I that won't do wrong
If you just listen to my song
You're more than beautiful
And time is on your side
Days pass by
I wonder why
You're not by my side
I'm here without you
Sleepless nights
I try and try
To figure out why
I'm here without you
Every since the first day we met
First date we can never forget
Just walking through the city streets
Holding hands in the theater seats
Just you and me side by side
Two hearts ready to confide
I promise you that I won't do wrong
If you just listen to my song
You're more than beautiful
And time is on your side
Without you

She leans forward, taking a hold of my shirt and pulls until I'm kneeling over her.


Her seductive voice pushes me over the edge and I capture her lips with mine, working to free the shirt from her body.

Her hands slip under my shirt and I can't help but moan at the feel of it.

"Edward." A half moan, half growl punctuates my name as I sink my teeth into her neck.

Somehow she flips us and strips my pants off at the same time.


She tilts her head back, her hands pushing up my shirt and slowly swivels her hips against my erection. Which just keeps getting worse and worse.

Her head snaps forward and I can see the lust rolling in her eyes.

The growl slips from my mouth before I can stop it. She answers with her own girlish one as I roll, yanking off the skimpy underwear as I go.

"Take me Edward."

I almost falter. She never talks during sex. Usually it's all me.

Of course, with the seductive way she says it, with her back arching against me, I will gladly comply.

I snatch the condom from the bedside table, slip it on and push inside of her. Not surprisingly we don't need lubrication.

"Oh, Bella."

"Faster, Edward."

Smirking, I slow down and her lip curls up over her teeth.

She sits up too fast for me to realize what's happening and I land on my back as she starts ridding me.

The shock wears off after a few seconds and I start to enjoy this new pushy Bella. Her breasts bounce as she slides up and down with a speed that seems too fast to start out with.


She squeezes herself around me and it makes me head towards my release.

She throws her head back and a moan vibrates through her whole body.

"Oh, Edward. Mmmm… I'm close."

The fact that she's talking now doesn't faze me as I let the mood take me.

She slows down a little bit and I know she's getting tired so I flip her around and pound into her at the same speed she started out with.

Her moans get more pronounced as she heads towards her climax.

Her eyes pop open and I feel the familiar tightening in my lower stomach.

"Uh- I'm… Oh god."

I see her smile right before she violently cums, her nails digging in my back as her vagina tightens causing me to explode.

The violent tremors slowly subside as our ragged breathing returns to normal.

"Oh god Bella. What the hell was that?"

Her laughing is interrupted by quick catches of breath.

"I'm sorry. Something just snapped I guess."

Rolling my eyes I land next to her, slowly rubbing circles on her stomach.

She flips around, propping herself up on her forearm and stare at me.


She smiles, gives me a quick kiss then rolls out of my arms and stops right before she falls off the bed.

"I'm going to take a shower." Flipping up she tries to avoid the clothes sprawled on the floor but nearly falls.

"Careful." I go to get up but she flaps her hand back at me.

"I've got it."

As soon as the water comes on I jump from the bed, yank on my pants and head towards the kitchen.

"Did you tell her?"

I glance back as Emmett closes the door to Rosalie's room.

"Did you?"

His silence answers the question and I continue towards the kitchen where Jasper is sitting at the table, staring into his cup of coffee.

"Couldn't do it either?"

"Her being pregnant, it just, and now that…"

He finishes his jumbled thoughts by dropping his head to the table with a loud thud.

"Seems we owe mommy dearest a cop out."

I pull two Dews from the refrigerator, toss one to Emmett and take the other for myself.

"You know we can't back out. Not that they gave us a choice on the going anyways."

Emmett slides up on to the counter, downing half the bottle as I lean against the 'fridge and roll my eyes.

Rose appears at the door a moment later, locks eyes with Emmett then announces, "My parents are coming to meet you."

Emmett's head snaps back so fast I worry it's going to fly right off.


She glances at the clock, "Three hours. Dress nicely."

With that she turns on her heel and saunters from the kitchen.

"Shit." Emmett whispers before jumping off the counter and racing after her. "Rose!"

"You ever think they plan this-"

"Jasper?" Alice says, laying her hand on his shoulder.


"My parents are coming with Rose's."

I think if it were possible Jasper would have fainted right then. Instead he shuffles her towards her room.

I turn towards the cookie jar, shaped like a monkey, and take out one of the cookies Bella and I made the other day.


Without think I turn around and blurt out, "Are your parents coming to?"

Instant regret as I see her walls shoot up.

Oh, shit.

"Not unless they're zombies." She bolts from the room and I hear the front door bang against the wall.

A split second later I sprint after her and catch her just before she can start to run down the street.

"Bella, I'm so sorry. I spoke without thinking. But I have a lot on my mind with my mother making is go to this stupid 'man-up' island for the next three months. I'm just really sorry."

She goes dead still at my rant.

"Three months?" If I wasn't right next to her I wouldn't have heard a word.

"Did I mention I don't want to go?"

"Then, why?"

Her voice hitches and my heart aches.

"My mother is making us go. Something about man training. I'm not all the sure."

"Us?" She turns and I lose my train of thought for a moment at the tears streaming down her face.

Her eyes, usually a medium brown, seem almost golden.

"Who's 'us', Edward?"

"Emmett, Jasper, and I."

She gets this panicked look on her face and I can see her mind calculating something.

"Oh, thank God."

I feel her relax in my arms.

"You don't care that I'm leav-?"

"Oh! No, Edward. I do care. A lot actually. I'm just glad Jasper will be back before the baby's born."

I chuckle at the flush that's coating her cheeks.

She lightly presses her lips to mine and I feel my body instantly respond.

I'm about to take her right there but remember we're in the parking lot. We pull apart and she springs up from the ground, takes a step backwards and extends her hand.

"Three months?"

She pulls me up and I nod.

"Three months."

I turn around and she leaps onto my back.

"We should get ready before Alice and Rose's parents show up."

She snorts and I turn my head towards her.

"I think we should get ready to go to the rave tonight."

Laughing, I jog up the stairs, jousting her as much as possible.

"Getting nauseous back here, pack mule."

I barely make it into my apartment before collapsing onto the floor in laughter.

Bella rolls next to me, her higher pitched giggles mixing with mine and I try to kick the door shut.

After a few moments we sober up and manage to pull ourselves onto the couch.

"I wonder if Rose will put Emmett into a suit."

I look at her, my eyebrows lifting.

"Her parents are really formal."

"I've never seen Emmett in a suit. Unless you count his athletic stuff."

She laughs, lightly backhanding me on the chest.

"I mean ironed slacks, shoes the pinch, starched button up, shiny vest, conservative tie, tux jacket kinda suit."

Emmett is way over his head. Though he did say he would do anything for Rose. I guess that qualifies under 'anything'/

"Hey, Edward?"

She turns her head towards me and my chest feels like it's being sat on.

"What is it, love?"

She swings a leg over mine and pulls on my shirt until her ass is stationed on my thighs.

My little buddy twitches as she leans towards me, sexy slow and stops right before our noses touch.

Our eyes stay locked to her, like I'm under some sort of spell.


Her whisper sends electric signals through my body, perking up my little buddy.

I move forward to kiss her but she leans back, keeping the same distance as she does.

A whimper escapes before I can quench it and she fucking smirks!

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen."

I growl this time and she lightly kisses me. She tilts her head and leans next to my ear.

"Do you love me, Edward?"

"More than you know, Isabella Marie."

Her lips and teeth graze over my neck and I convulsively swallow.

"Then take me with you."

For a moment I'm completely stumped by her command.

Then it hits me.

I move her from my lap, stand up and move to the window.


"I can't, Bella."

Her feet land on the floor with a loud thud.

"Why are you doing this?!"

Before I can even answer she screams. "STOP IT!"

I turn around, about to ask her what the hell her problem is, but see she's holding her head, bent over and her eyes are closed.


Her body jerks and I rush to her, grabbing her wrists.

"Bella, honey, what's wrong?"


I sit there, stunned, and the door swings open.

"What are you-"

Bella falls forward with a choked sob and I catch her before her head hits the coffee table.

Emmett rushes down the hallway, hopefully to get Rose or Alice.

"Please, just leave me alone, please. Stop, please, you're hurting me."

I look at her eyes and see they are turned towards the ceiling but are unfocused.


Her lips take on a blue tint and I freak out. I lay her on the ground, sideways and make sure her airway is clear. I whip my phone out and hit 2.

"I already called him." Emmett announces as he and Rose rush into the apartment.

Rose gently takes Bella from me and strokes her hair.

"Isabella, come back to us honey."

Bella's' hands clench onto Roses forearms as I sit there, helpless.

"They're taunting me." Her voice sounds distant and hollow. "They won't stop."

A sob escapes her throat and I feel mine constrict.

"I know, sweetie. Just ignore them and they'll go away."

Emmett's hand lands on my shoulder, keeping me from falling over.

"Are they back?" Alice asks, kneeling next to Rose and lays a hand on Bella's arm.

"It seems more forcibly this time."

Bella lets out a whimper and I clench my hands onto my pants to keep from snatching her.

"Isabella Marie, you're not alone. Rosalie and I are here with you."

"They won't get you, Isabella. Alice and I won't let them."

Bella physically relaxes then goes limp a moment later.

Black dots appear in my vision and I quickly suck in a deep breath. Didn't realize I was holding my breath.

"What the hell just happened?" Emmett blurts out just as Rose and Alice look up.

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