Title: Stars Hollow Voles

Author: Lady S

E-Mail: laysewalton@yahoo.com

Summary: An accident forces many people to rethink many things.

Rating: I'm gonna go high and say PG-13.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.

Author's Notes: This took me about two weeks to write, and it has not been beta'd so forgive the mistakes. It was written before the Season Premier, edited after it to change a few mistakes and finished before the episode on 10/16. SO... it is my version of how she came to realize Max wasn't it.

This is only my second GG FanFic, though it's my 38th FanFic all together. My first GG FanFic was "What was I Thinking?" which a lot of people didn't understand I guess. The two are not related in anyway, except for maybe Luke's hatred of hospitals.

But Anywho... I hope you enjoy this one and please remember to review. I love to know what people think. Flame me if you must, but I ignore them so it's really not worth it. I love constructive criticism as it helps me to improve my writing. Tell me what you think!

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Lady S